Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Idiot apprentice opinion unversal credit

In short I was written off 20 years ago, on depression,   the government hasn't even done  enough to help people like me back to work. 
How do I know this? well let me see did a level 3 vocational course accredited  at local university way back 
Back than employment support allowance  was still going through parliament in  its early stages 
 And extended essay  question its title 
ESA  and its impact/affect on a person with mental health disability getting back to work

In short the entire problem of proving discrimination at interviews or at work is left on you 
being more educated doesn't help its used as an excuse if you apply for menial jobs

So that was time back  so what going on now?
so now under more stricter regulation  welfare system that is copying exactly how Germany did to bring back economic uhh turn around.

So UC claimant are left hanging  stalled  by saying in the process on  the system on UC phone line or as they call it  
"Full Service Telephony" 
Phone complaints Will call you back never hear from them again
to written complaints  

But there are successful tribunals  ? of course  there are or else we would be marching on the streets but would we be ? 

After poll tax -which is now known as council tax  no one ever did

Looks like it take two  Or 3 election Where the same party remains by which time majority  of people for or next generation simply do not remember / know what it was like under their rule.... Than they get voted in again.

As for the flaws  in the UC IT system

Read more on Universal Credit IT /computer system- just google the following 

 By current or the strongest 
Above articles written  ending of 2015 

we are running up to an UK election  you are not going to find up to date info on how crap  UC is. The last of the latest articles will be fall of  2016. Which gives one some idea as to how long ago  election was being considered in comparison to when it was announced 

Main stream media is not  touching it
Social media other  how emotional ripped we are that's about it. Let me remind you that where government get public consensus from

Try put up links up people  'well meaning person' complain about dates, facts and opinion
Am quite fussy about what I share and avoid politics 

And looking back no idea what the well meaning person was kicking of about  one could hardly find what I posted on 29 of April Neway.

So as  I was saying added to that bonus of age discrimination   YEP the grand 40 which add up my odds of finding work.  
2 years work experience that just about many job adverts ask for. And burden proving discrimination at interviews /  work is on me /employee.

 I have Just come  out of 37.5 hour apprenticeship (that does not pay  minimum wage ) in February that has left me in quite a state. 
That am on a sick note that the job center didn't even send it off,
 so I posted one of many multiple the copies I had of it,
That I  only found out, end of March as I didn't get any payment, as UC works in arrears.
  Rang in last Friday twice. April payment had not even been processed.
The first time I called uc phone line operator in the morning  told me will send confirm text and payment into account 3 hours approx after that. 

Come late afternoon no text so rang them again surprise surprise.  Still not processed an bit late in day to sort  on the system today now.
 So payment now to be made they said today/Wednesday .

Check online via online banking nothing. Went to bank just to be sure nothing

Rang again  said tomorrow /Thursday  as it's been a bank holiday weekend.

The above was my experience,  itty bitty research,  and opinion.

Friday, 28 April 2017

the idiot apprentice to response back to Regent College

Dear  regent college,
In response to what I call complaints and you call  queries

As taught in class paternity leave is "two weeks"  which was well & truly finished by than.

He did not speak to me on 4th January, after class, like he said he would and /but continued talking to another student , so I waited, and only than  got the response, "between you and organisation /nhs" and that was it.

So I am all ears as to "when?"  he conveyed the following to me:

"and felt it would be most appropriate to ensure all issues were resolved with your employer before meeting again. "

And  following to

...but did offer you the opportunity to speak with him during the next college session. "

Guess he fail to mention , how that was done,    what he said, to  what he said he would do.

As for the following :
"Marcus felt that it would be appropriate to allow time to complete the performance management and develop skills before observations took place. This would be a suitable action to take in these circumstances, therefore I conclude training was provided as appropriate for your needs."

The training provided by the the performance management and develop skills didn't take place till February.
By not doing "any observation " you fail to get to the truth of the matter ... Typically convenient 

Regardless of it,  Regent college was the  "the official training provider..."  And during such an important time which would make or break the continuation of the apprenticeship, failure to provide  training from the college itself  as contracted / naturally expected is failure on  the part of Regent College. 
"So Marcus did fail to provide any training in key aspects of the apprenticeship role. "

The following :
"As Marcus did offer support from the college in relation to pastoral care"

In 37.5 hour working week  I do believe the college is close, in the weekends and term time holiday
So when was it  expected or good time  to access pastoral care?

The following : 

“Are you happy for me to remain as your assessor?” This would be considered an appropriate action to take with any candidate where it is felt it may aid progress."

My question to you is "Aid progress for who?"
 Under circumstances it can be taken both ways  meaning  Marcus was looking out for himself and regent college is still telling me, he wasnt washing his hands of me.

is not the responsibility of assessors to provide specific human resources advice with regard to performance management issues."

Than the education of all  apprentices / indeed all students is incomplete, we are not being correctly educated by the the education system  on the negatives of the working world 

As for the following:

"To act as a representative for you in relation to performance management processes."

Let me correct you there,  it is something he offered,  
A)didn't ask him to.
B)he did not follow through on it.
C) Nor did i follow him up /chase him up on it.  I only ask for his advice on how to approach managers or as you put it performance management processes.

As for :
"I trust that this information will answer the queries you have raised. " 

I hope  I have clarified matters  on your response to my complaints and not queries.

As for : 
I do however, wish you the very best for your future studies/career.

I do not need any sentiments from regent college, my opinion of the college to date is still the same as it was 20 years ago

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Aluminium foil pillow

Best cost effective way to use aluminium foil therapy,
 two pillows cases natural material ie cotton, silk , bamboo etc (& your pillow)

a)Cut piece of foil the size of one side  of your pillow (only)

b)Layer foil on the  pillow matt side foil facing upwards (cooling effect) , shiny towards downward pillow

c)Put pillowcase one carefully  over it.

d)Than pillow case two my (my 2nd one is  silk material) it help muffle the  sound from aluminium  foil.

Sleep well

Ps Also look up micheal gienger book "crystal power, crystal healing the complete hand book ".  and look up aluminium  in there .

1-4 days use pillow size  after that hand size aluminium foil is sufficient

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Idiot Apprentice part 3

I am no education inspector, but in relation to the title will now mark and give feed back to training provider, on this occasion named the college by its previous name YEP that's how old I am... 

So Wygeston Collegiate  mentor allocated asked for feed back last week 

Who's name will be spelt as "MarkUs"

End of business study class, I said am going quick visit to the loo, he said going to get paper. He came back with another tutor.

Scanned on his mobile phone my , information system certificate, the  grade D I tend towards ignoring,  its existent.

I don't consider myself a remarkable student, but definitely re-Mark-able.

So I tried to give the feed back of the first idiot apprentice blog post, a bit confused with the diary bit, and ensuring  joining the trade union they were like that's  optional ... But considering my predicament would have been a ruddy good thing.

 The "MarkUs"  still wanted his feed back, to which I apologised saying I am not calm enough give one. I am not about to give heads up on covering your tracks.

And on the spot was given ultimatum that I decide there and than to complete the college course, if I say no now the option will not be open. 

To get out of there quickly  said YEP again,  am expected tomorrow in class.

But did not neglect to get the name of person/email address  to make a complaint too.

so the feedback :
The MarkUs spent more time being Danny boy with thy  managers. In fact might be better to get feedback from them.

When I asked MarkUs to attend  5/1/17  the get rid of you meeting 
His response "he cannot not attend as a neutral party between my self and employer/organisation."

I naturally walked off, as he was with another student... Like what was there to hang about for?

Everyone advice talk to your tutor /mentor

So My last meeting in work place with MarkUs, In the workplace canteen, 
Tried to riddle out of being my mentor. 
Finally what appears to be the crust of apprentice role offered telephone training... This particular unit does say 20 hours guided training. Like this sh/could have been done way back in November.
Planted the idea of resigning or mentioned it the second time

I asked for the marks of previous units completed  instead sat there with laptop nit picking my course work in front of me,  so I had to remind him that I did email him, I had lost laptop mouse so was unable edit or grammar spell check, what can I say old school .... What MarkUs did there I would term that as undermining me.

Questions me on why I did unit 11 Am like i didn't choose unit 11 you did plus managers did.  At that point I was frustrated, cold,  put off with the meeting. And in true style in line with what thy  mangers    Been saying and MarkUs parroted "my body language, tone did not match that of a professional ..." Well duh that's what I came to learn.

During this conversation I was  asked if I was happy here.  By the time MarkUs asked the fourth time I pointed out that you've  already ask me three times  and now my reply will be "no comment."  To which he reacted and said I am being un professional ... Darn sure best response to everything is no comment

When filling in personal question  form at the college place 
asked at the  any physical /mental disabilities I wish to declare  

I ticked the box prefer not to say , started telling me I should have said yes 
Thought back really what pastoral support could college have given  in 37.5 hour working week; where college is attended once  every two weeks?

Any further comments from me ? Hell yes
Beside  this neutral party gave excellent support to thy managers.  For example I was on sick leave, informed MarkUs although I wasn't there. He still came in to see thy managers, 
At the last meeting met thy manager 9.15am my meeting with him 10.00 am,  so I waited for MarkUs at main reception, didn't show up till 10.30am.

Beside when I asked how I should approach managers on blatant error on my performance review ... Not very helpful. 

Any further comments from me?

... Uhh no comment

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Idiot Apprentice Guide part 2

I  may indeed have been the first to be told to sign apparently the correct apprentice  job contract( as one signed with manager did not basically have the probationary period& fix 1 year )  

so the correct one doesn't tell me how I go about resigning, yet went on in great detail how they can get rid of me.

In short if I didn't demo gross incompetency  I would been enslaved to them for an apprentice wage 😆😋

Not only did they not send  it in the post,  so they emailed it to me at work.
when I looked at  it on the excellent features of windows 10 word  on the work computer (at home although laptop installed windows 10 Microsoft windows  is windows 3) , 

So it read,  in "read only format"  

document  contract created day of get rid of you meeting 5/1/17
modified Date: get rid of you meeting 5/1/17
Date last printed year:  xx/xx/ 2012 

Document title: Apprentice Contract February 2016

I kid you not.

So i asked for standard apprentice contract template, 
still I wanted to be sure the terms and conditions were the same as those that started with me.

HR refused on grounds mine was unique to me 
My what a privilege 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Idiot Apprentice Guide

Have not bothered  with grammar  / spelling so will have to excuse that for the time being

Guide lines for parents or guardians  of young apprentices/  or the newbie lot like myself.

Make sure the contract is correct  especially in large organisations, blunders can still be made.
such as missing  probationary period. study your contract like you would English literature and its implied meaning, even dumb ones.

Clear concise job description and you are given photocopy it  like you would English literature and its implied meaning, even dumb ones.

to make  it prerequisite   to join the trade union, at the beginning.
rather than automatically put into company pension scheme

Research into which qualification are transferable
Remember to not only to check for  which certificates are required  English,  Maths which  are obvious and asked for. But don't over look  if you have level 2 g.c.s.e  D/E in computing/ information system . Even if you have later on got level 3 in computing if not recognised  might not be transferable......

To look up all 60 units unit 6, 11, and 28, at probationary period/

Request to take home any hand out given to read at home and never sign on it on the spot at the end of the day when they have just manage to fit  you in. you have the right to go home and read the hand out, and than choose to sign or not too.

The tutors/ allocated mentor  in college are neutral party, who have a contract with whatever organisation you are employed by and when things go pear shape are not of any practical help.

A 37.5 hour week+   where annual leave  maybe on a rota may mean very hard to get face to face advice even if you are owed loads of annual leave.

To keep personal diary of your working day.  on which you note down  body language, facial expression. this may take some time, as some people will be very good at keeping a professional demeanour. it is also important to note 'inaction' as well as how it makes you feel. including that of your allocated mentor.

As there is very little practical help out there for an apprentice - just make sure to take away all identifiable personal info  taken out.  of colleges/ organisation   remember the data protection  act as well.

than start writing truth stranger than fiction. account  and we will call it 'writing therapy' be as eloquent as ye like, but consistent. your personal work  diary will be well useful here.

and get cheap mug from pound land it will undoubtedly go missing.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sounds Good with Crystals

What you need

Pondering on why the book crystal volume 2 by Gurudas
[Look author up on Amazon/ google it]  for those with no idea who I am taking about]
as to why there was  a section on music
I was well disappointed when it  hardly covered additional crystal gems and there properties.
The section itself  talked about like on sounds  and crystal
the closes thing I found
on YouTube were the following

the section which  included expansive talk on aquatic animal sounds mammal, obviously dolphins, whales  others possibilities could be hippopotamus...?

Point being the crystal/gems sound vibration has therapeutic qualities.

Apart from crystal gong bowls

Some sounds instrument created back in  the 18th century but were dismissed since frugality or more specifically lead glass immediate results beneficial but not long because of lead.

So why have section on it?

 And what Orgone energy cleanser
Depending on how vibrationally affected you are by your living , working environment  it is very important to correct this key factor for holistic health anyone still having doubt here should consider again what feng shui / vaastu is at the end of  day and apply it.

Mobiles phone waves (others ie  anything that uses electricity ? ) are proven fact in affecting the human brainwaves and not in the positive manner either.
(could this be altered by mobile manufacturers?)

All this electro-magnetic waves around us ,  in how it affect human body , mind  and Maybe even the genes.

Yet what is over looked that it also affect sound waves and how the hit your eardrums or it would have naturally hit your ear drums without interference hence reducing sound therapy "quality" and "it's healing affects"

I know this from having sound therapy (crystal gong bowl) once  and listening to a live orchestra.

The vibrational difference   is immense  from listening at home on speakers or head phones.

In addition  bought orgone devices , and now realised should have bought asap , no newbie should be with out them. noticed a difference in my environmental space energy right away

Although I all manner soothing music , I notice a difference in my sound energy right away  after placing orgone devices around my room /personal space... Which was well cool.

Initially just put / stuck on crystals onto speaker
 I used first aid waterproofs plaster (didn't want any sticky residue on speaker by using sticky tape and than glue tack , to stick small to tumble size crystal on to that stay in place place not falling off.)

Had very calming chill out effect

Due to over active mind or body that is going through diet or fasting detox I needed further improvisation

So used crystal the similar in size to headphones or smaller and smoother edges and stuck that on, depending on hair length might get away with glue tack stick it on, if longer  will have place cyrstal on head wrap waterproof plaster

Note you may need to lower volume sound.

Affect full body (deep?) relaxation and mind,
Some affect you may note will be dependant upon
a) type of crystal
b) how tense your body muscles are/facial  muscles are

 since this a a new improvisation not tried out many crystal

naturally blue coloured crystal are a good start!
as the colur blue has affinity with throat chakra  which includes the ears -

i.e. blue kyanite, blue lace agate, blue topaz etc

Could use or try out for bigger crystal  with them larger headphones
such roundish agates
Yep Next list to get.

Those who're familiar with crystal are probably thinking  wicked ...endless possibilities  crystal  therapy and music variety

Those who are just into   Music will be curious an expansion in the music quality

The skeptics  it ain't that expensive to test out you don't even need to buy orgone devices for the headphone version.

Natural audio nature sound  will  be more healing

laters fazmax