Friday, 22 December 2017

My encounter with my own Jaw/ TMJ

My encounter with my own jaw

How many newbies have there natural teeth?
Which teeth seem to be in pain and yes crying for help ?
Is kundalini energy passage blocked here ?

Where shall I begin, with the ruddy apprenticeship, It was due to lack of not brushing my teeth that the condition of teeth deteriorated
The team allocated got a lot sweet and chocolates

Other than that stop oil mouth pulling bad move to say the least,

Come October of this year excruciating pain, I was like omg What is this, yep no empathy with those who have previously experience it.
Why don't you just go start using herbal tooth cleansers instead
What can I say the vanity of ignorance

Having said will avoid dentist at all cost.

It was last molar related to stress, and the other two related to lymph nodes and heart zone ,
All connected on vibrational level to drama of my life unfolding around me as physical health issues, nothing I previously tried worked
Yep updated my knowledge.
So what worked

Step 1
1) It required three oil mouth pulling, per day in consecutive order just for it to ease up , or fast track detox With drop or prepared carrier oil with essential oils for the above mentioned connected with teeth and body part

Ideally sunflower ,added benefits of pulling out radiation , in the modern age mobiles far cheaper use than coconut oil/ olive oil

In my case added bit avocado (has natural affinity for the lymph )no more than 1/3 in ratio to sunflower oil,
Step 2

2 ) keeping mouth full of well chewed banana in mouth Before allowing it to go down to be digested … why ?
Read carefully / well the next bit
there is substance in banana that has beneficial effect of subluxation of the teeth somat to do connection of bones and gums . You will have to eat an entire banana like that , and you will feel relief as well as improvements

I have heard of the Chinese saying chew /salivate your food 20 times and yes chew /salivate your drinking liquids just so your body can digest it well.

I am not sure wether there has been a change in  my vibrational level, but to my surprise was able feel energetic level of food .

in short to experience energy level of any wholesome food it must be retained in mouth long enough you must experiment it if chewing better/ well allows you feel and benefit from the energy level than do so, but second half of this is to allow your mouth to absorb.

Certain things that will help in terms of tooth pain  more infected tooth the use myrrh,& frankincense resin, cloves etc

But if it's connected to stress relate issues Than food like oats will help

A) Grapefruit flower Essence
B ) And diamond Essence (( if you have even itty bitty piece in jewellery ring /pendant for god sake Wear it / create gem elixir from it / buy it on line )

A & B have an affinity skull jaw bone stress yes allows unruly kundalini energy to flow smoothly and not be blocked

If. None of the above help dismay me (obviously do What's right by you) by going to dentist :p

Laters fazmax

ps any slacking off on herbal/ chillax tea or eating oats/ supplements  of vitamin B 's  and the back teeth pain be back

Saturday, 29 July 2017

The clock struck 12 and regeneration began

Non of us were given a good standard  education on how human body  works 

  • Systematically, 

  • on cellular level  

  • and the current education system doesn't even look or acknowledge vibrational bodies

 (and I got just B in science :p)

Tissue salt  12 or otherwise known as silicon dioxide   Was never thought in school

Take out the dioxide and you left with  silicon (Silica)

Nick named 

  ultra detox tissue salt  but  real super power is missed out or forgotten 


Silica is a vital mineral that is almost completely over looked by mainstream nutritionists.

It diminishes from our bodies as we age,  so finding good quantity  and quality that isn't bulked up mini tablet form is good start.

And it edible form # "diatomaceous earth" # look into it  /research it- digest the information well.

& the following pdf Check out the link below/  copy paste :

So in summary terms: 

Help  creation of strong bones, calcium without is useless for maintenance of strong bones teeth and skin 

 In conjunction with  tissue salt 2 which is calcium phosphate

1. Phosphate of lime might worth while looking up in crystal therapy.

2. tissue salt 2  Rich herbs comfrey, chamomile, alfalfa, borage leaves , and oats  

For further reading refer  to ‘Tissue salts for healthy Living by Margret Robert’
these two  blog notes

In line with previous blog not and Special note to newbies


This important mineral for vital to getting rid  heat and wind Qi  especially congestion around the head  which not only blocks natural meridian / chakra flow  such blockages can further aggravate  newbie conditions.

refer to this blog note:

diatomaceous earth  (food grade)  ( available on line  to buy) can be used as face mask and taken internally  but  never use in your hair products  why?  if you suffer even  slightest from stress the first physical signs will be hair loss, and newbie head are is undoubtedly congested which prevents  nutrition   getting there silicon will consider it dead weight  and get rid of it/ detox it.

Indian head massage will  not only circulation going  make sure nutritional  circulation takes place.

Look up DIY natural beauty uses for it i.e. YouTube and Pinterest beauty blog notes

Helps cellular elasticity which is very important for every cell in body for the ability of intake of nutrient  and detox of cells

The following is copy and pasted  hence in speech marks  from above pdf link

"Silicon is present in important quantity in most of organic tissues, bony tissues, and connective tissues. In the human body, it is in higher concentration (7g) than Iron (Fe) ,Copper (Cu). It potentialise the action of Zinc (Zn) and Copper (Cu) and allows the fixing of Calcium (Ca)."

"the proper function of skin, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Silica supplements are taken regularly by millions of people to strengthen and improve their bones, connective tissue, hair, and skin.

Silica adds 'strength and flexibility'. "

" It's also important to know that silica supports blood vessel health, making it extremely important in supporting heart health."

"There are many reasons for silica supplementation, including:

1. Silica Inhibits the ageing process in tissues

2. Silica helps maintain bone density and strength by facilitating deposits of calcium and minerals into the bone matrix. Strengthens weak connective tissue and improves its structure and function

3. Silica is vital for articular cartilage development.? It has an solidifying action(in the ossification processor? of bony reminéralisation, and a flexibility and elasticity action on tendons, joints and skin.

4. Silica supports the  inner lining of arterial tissue and increases the elasticity of blood vessels. Increases the elasticity and firmness of blood vessels, making them less likely to develop atherosclerosis - when silicon rejuvenates connective tissue, atherosclerotic swelling vanishes

5. Silica can help maintain a youthful skin tone and increase collagen levels.

6. Silica helps hair grow thicker and stronger and nails grow faster and harder.

7. Silica stimulates the immune system to fight off disease-causing invaders–bacteria; viruses; toxins,since it is essential to the triggering process of manufacture of the antigens and antibodies.

8. Silica stimulates cell metabolism and cell formation, has mild disinfecting properties, and is an anti-inflammatory."

"Expected Results

Facilitates deposits of calcium and minerals into the bone matrix Aids in remineralizing the skeletal structure

Aids in articular cartilage development

Helps to strengthen connective tissue

Supports the structure and increases the elasticity of blood vessels

Helps to retain moisture in tissue right under the skin which can help prevent wrinkles Helps promote healthy hair, skin & nails"

That should be more than enough to get your head around

Additional blog notes  to fuller picture

Laters fazmax

additional further blog note reading

and good related one's to read

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Aluminium foil pillow & herbal pillow

Best cost effective way to use aluminium foil therapy,
 two pillows cases natural material ie cotton, silk , bamboo etc (& your pillow)

a)Cut piece of foil the size of one side  of your pillow (only)

b)Layer foil on the  pillow matt side foil facing upwards (cooling effect) , shiny towards downward pillow

c)Put pillowcase one carefully  over it.

d)Than pillow case two my (my 2nd one is  silk material) it help muffle the  sound from aluminium  foil.

Sleep well

Ps Also look up micheal gienger book "crystal power, crystal healing the complete hand book ".  and look up aluminium  in there .

1-4 days use pillow size  after that hand size aluminium foil is sufficient


Herbal pillow
Used the a zip Cotten pillow 1/4 Or 1/3. Full of your chosen herb in addition to bulk it up optional use hemp seed,flaxseeds. Brown rice etc

And any herbs  from chillax tea blog note:

and  this blog note too:

Zip it up play around to fit perfect position on you your pillow usually middle of the pillow
Than put your pillow case over it. 

Experience update of herbal pillow

The herbal pillow had finally decongestant/ opening  of the head to get the head circulation going.

Hence rushing through to feed brain and releasing pain from  malnourished brain cells

so some newbies may need to make /
Have to make salt pillow which should be made from the following:
Magnesium flakes
Eposom salt
Himalayan salt

Needed energetic level minerals  to swiftly deal with it.

in addition you may need to take herbs that vitalise the blood and reduce congestion in which case  research into following herbs

  • horse chestnut seed
  • stoneroot
  • Red root
  • Yarrow herb
  • Sheperd purse herb 
  • Partridge berry herb
  • butcher broom root
  • cypress tip
  • witch hazel leaf 9 this
  • has affinity  for the three chakras above the head]
  • redgrape vine leaf
  • madder root
  • octillobark
 cross check herb on  contraindication and availability on purchasing
these herbs can also be added  to herbal pillow

Sweet dreams

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sounds Good with Crystals

What you need

Pondering on why the book crystal volume 2 by Gurudas
[Look author up on Amazon/ google it]  for those with no idea who I am taking about]
as to why there was  a section on music
I was well disappointed when it  hardly covered additional crystal gems and there properties.
The section itself  talked about like on sounds  and crystal
the closes thing I found
on YouTube were the following

the section which  included expansive talk on aquatic animal sounds mammal, obviously dolphins, whales  others possibilities could be hippopotamus...?

Point being the crystal/gems sound vibration has therapeutic qualities.

Apart from crystal gong bowls

Some sounds instrument created back in  the 18th century but were dismissed since frugality or more specifically lead glass immediate results beneficial but not long because of lead.

So why have section on it?

 And what Orgone energy cleanser
Depending on how vibrationally affected you are by your living , working environment  it is very important to correct this key factor for holistic health anyone still having doubt here should consider again what feng shui / vaastu is at the end of  day and apply it.

Mobiles phone waves (others ie  anything that uses electricity ? ) are proven fact in affecting the human brainwaves and not in the positive manner either.
(could this be altered by mobile manufacturers?)

All this electro-magnetic waves around us ,  in how it affect human body , mind  and Maybe even the genes.

Yet what is over looked that it also affect sound waves and how the hit your eardrums or it would have naturally hit your ear drums without interference hence reducing sound therapy "quality" and "it's healing affects"

I know this from having sound therapy (crystal gong bowl) once  and listening to a live orchestra.

The vibrational difference   is immense  from listening at home on speakers or head phones.

In addition  bought #orgone# devices , and now realised should have bought asap , no newbie should be with out them. noticed a difference in my environmental space energy right away

Although I all manner soothing music , I notice a difference in my sound energy right away  after placing orgone devices around my room /personal space... Which was well cool.

Initially just put / stuck on crystals onto speaker
 I used first aid waterproofs plaster (didn't want any sticky residue on speaker by using sticky tape and than glue tack , to stick small to tumble size crystal on to that stay in place place not falling off.)

Had very calming chill out effect

Due to over active mind or body that is going through diet or fasting detox I needed further improvisation

So used #crystal# the similar in size to headphones or smaller and smoother edges and stuck that on, depending on hair length might get away with glue tack stick it on, if longer  will have place cyrstal on head wrap waterproof plaster

Note you may need to lower volume sound.

Affect full body (deep?) relaxation and mind,
Some affect you may note will be dependant upon
a) type of crystal
b) how tense your body muscles are/facial  muscles are

 since this a a new improvisation not tried out many crystal

naturally blue coloured crystal are a good start!
as the colur blue has affinity with throat chakra  which includes the ears -

i.e. blue kyanite, blue lace agate, blue topaz etc

Could use or try out for bigger crystal  with them larger headphones
such roundish agates
Yep Next list to get.

Those who're familiar with crystal are probably thinking  wicked ...endless possibilities  crystal  therapy and music variety

Those who are just into   Music will be curious an expansion in the music quality

The skeptics  it ain't that expensive to test out you don't even need to buy orgone devices for the headphone version.

Natural audio nature sound  will  be more healing

laters fazmax

suggested further blog notes

further random recommended reading

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Re Familiarise Your-selves with the Periodic Table & Human Body

This blog  note is about completing the original  crystal blog note
which you will find in blog archive  December 2013 called

"Crystal Buddies"


or copy and paste below link to find it :

mmm...  has it really been that long

Any ways

I will not be focusing and expanding on individuals crystal,
and there metaphysical properties 
 as there is plenty of that online and in books

The focus here is on zooming into what newbies require 

There are Tissue Salts that have minerals
that are foundational makeup of human body
and human cell function
All  12 are vital for normal cell function.

But  again a side note one of them
I believe the first usually
No. 1 calcium fluoride is incorrect 

Flouride  the more  health conscious
will know that it is toxic /toxin 
so how did it  get there.
into how Tissue salts are known 
 to be the make up of human body ... 
 Yep ponder upon this.  
[Yep Homework for you.. just adorable aint it]
So instead look at flourine  or 
 in easy crystal  gemstone language flourite  
or  Chinese  gun powder tea
which also has naturally occurring flourine   

Flourine is very important for the function of the thyroid and pineal glands

also look into Phosphorus ...and
conclude what ever it is you want to conclude

some links Phosphorus

There are also trace minerals

that are also important for human bodily  functions 

Look into Himalayan pink salt  and it trace elements 

Regardless of taking them
in as food
or nutritionally absorbed supplements  
or even directly in some cases as herbal tea 

newbies must be made that it may not getting to where it is needed
in physical , let alone etheric and vibrational bodies
which are your emotional and intellectual bodies

Which for newbie holistic health is key to stability.

good site to look into for whole host of minerals
and how the human body uses them :

in regards to  crystal Refer back 'booklist'

which is blog note [look it up in blog  archives]

"read and cross reference information"

and look up:

Crystal Power, Crystal Healing:
The Complete Handbook by Michael Gienger,

He has ordered some commonly occurring elements
 in crystals in relation t
o the how the human holistic bodies
respond to them
physical , emotional  intellectual and spiritual properties 
 if you are borrowing book from library
make sure to photo copy them pages 

The second guideline 

Potassium  night  
calcium day  
magnesium 24 hours 

Refer to "cellular awakening" book by  Barbara Wren 

These are vital for brain nervous system function
Take note of there abbreviated periodic table name
Take note of key words from Michael Gienger crystal book on crystal mentioned there.

Now you are equipped to look at other crystal books/ online info
Look up same word or terms 
And other words that mean similar thing 

other key books of interest already mentioned in
crystal buddies  blog note

Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing: v.1: Vol 1 by "Gurudas",

Compare  and contrast your crystal metaphysical  properties
And what your personal needs are. 

Refer and to apply colour therapy when choosing crystal
refer back to earlier blog notes crystal buddies  and an EFT one

You will be more intuitively choose the right crystal for you
And you must like everything about your chosen crystal
in it appearance too. More so if your choosing online,  
and  does it's feel  'right' if  choosing it in store.

you may eventually get your  you own copy
of crystal volume 1 by Gurudas 
[as actual book eBook not available yet]

Eventually  the pdf that you can find online
 is like that saying
'the book was so much better than the movie'
but good enough for quick reference on mobile devices

For those not familiar or skeptical refer to my first blog on crystal  and how why it works.
 yep crystal buddies

Laters fazmax

further random recommended blog note reading

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Quick Diary Update

As life been busy ... yawn away
 which i still think are the effects from  the vibes of   online subscription site that i paid one off payment for the year
call it transpersonal psychology :P
in short i have done such good job on my  emotional and intellectual  Being.

That i have done such an excellent job of being disqualified
From Employment Support Allowance [ESA]
And Disability Allowance –
Which is now called Personal Independent Allowance
Not sure if i should pat myself on the back
on that... or think shit what am gona do

side note before i continue
i did i an extended essay at university level
“On Mental Health And Employment”
Although i did exceptionally well on it
It also had a negative effect.

At the time short  version summary 2007 ESA was a Parliamentary Bill
The negative were:
 stronger realisation  than before  of what discrimination I would have to face from potential employers  from direct experience from previous employees  that may have had
 And there capacity to work  or  simply not being well informed  in all round sense of the word what we newbies actually are and have to offer  to the world community at large.
I was a timid teenager when i was diagnosd mid 90’s
And it  has been 18+ years since.
On my own initiative did do two work related courses one which I am referring to and other of course computing.
However I learnt it was of no advantage to be ‘over qualified’
Or obtain a degree as jobs requiring less, employers could simply say ‘you are over qualified’ for the job.
As the burden of proof  was entirely upon the newbie to prove discrimination took place
Never did any course again after that. At the time going round in circles without work experience to back you up.

Other than brush up on computer skills they were however done through social worker  type  people –
to keep one busy and active.
My only regret while on ESA and DLA was not being
Asked/sent or taken my own initiative
to see a career advisor 
by far so much better than from what i remember from my teenage years.
I have also unwittingly[did i?] barred myself  from any advantage  on how welfare system works  since the new benefit that i am on,  only came  in my local zone this Easter
Can you imagine my surprise doing the form for job seeker and send  you  universal credit.. i sat there thinking
“ I say what in God name is this” in American southern slang

Regardless never took any advantage  of this knowledge myself  
Example some time early 2000 stop filling in DLA form
Well embarrassing questions
Example 2 2003:
While hospitalised according to hospital shrink should appeal DLA since i do qualify I also realised one of nurses decided upon herself  to help me fill  the form wasn’t fit to do so. Realistion even more,  after doing that course.
How ever refused , saw no reason to have more income than British pensioners some of who were struggling on it.
However in “ ‘Rocky’  round  3” at the wards was allocated very good social worker; yea  got DLA

that was the summary version of that.
As for this year gone had taken up responsibility of looking  after my niece  between 12pm -2pm while my sister was at work
And some very difficult circumstances at home nought to do with aging parents  but a difficult sibling  [voldermot]
Creating an online course as in  course criteria , doing audio and pdf from scratch had to much of and over active mind effect as well [ harder to fall asleep for which to counterbalance added zinc oxide powder to candle burner method... not good long term    consider why ? big hint its Addressed.
 Neway Although i live in family home , its not much different to living in bedroom  bedsit[becuz of voldermot sibling.]

Until,  how should i put it?  ‘get my act together’

Some positive news apprenticeship are  now open to all ages  instead of 25 and under and i have applied for some.

For moment reserving opinion  on Universal Credit and job work coaches since i have never been to them before.

All very new to me

How ever i am finding i have an ‘over active mind’ hence harder to switch off and go to sleep at night.
And have had to double my efforts on how i apply holistic therapies. So much for patting myself on the back .
Since these are my new  daily current circumstances.
I naturally expect to adjust  in month or 35 days
As this is  about the same time it takes to mentally break bad habits or create good habits
To be on the safe  side did book in with local GP  doctor just to keep an eye on things

Other than that been pretty up beat and positive

Neway meant to leave a task list/ blog posts to do when am set and settled  in routine etc.
1)Hormone Address two- there are many types of hormones  all with different function  in the human body how many as lay people , Level 3 qualications  as Newbies  can you name ?
Should i leave a bleep at the end this time at the end this time :p
2) continue with incomplete post namely  application
Of crystal  therapy and dreamtime ... might be best address my own sleeping issues first or naturally falling asleep first again [under new circumstance ]before some insight into dream analysis.

3] minor updates 
a)Like looking into orgone energy/organite  devices this really is just crystal energy  which serves as input output
which is defo To be added blog post’ ‘pitfall of the occult’
and yet to create blog post  Detox for Newbies
b)sound therapy  and crystal therapy combined this really is key right in resolving my sleep issues
method old style headphones easily
{available in Pound shops [ by more than one for back up]}
gemstone mini bag {go to your local museum for that}
and glue tack [don’t matter between blue/ white]
and  and water proof plaster[ yep first aid kit ]

mmm ... lets see how well you guys do.
4) how Detox for Newbies [yes organite ]
5) Only after looking at academic  Psychology books
that are edition 2015 + more Psychology side of things .

6/7:) will go in both my two blogs
And idea/teaser of what this will be :
If I was education minister  {with an iron grip [:p]}
The new model of work force  will  be learning or updating skills to keep up with a competitive market
16 -21 year never take on full time  employment that does not provide academic qualification  as well.
How to approach education online  [formal  and informal ]and online safety
bit late for career ladder  but this is the digital world
within good[?]  writing I do as I please.

Laters Fazila

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Music to Chinese body clock

The following classical music tracks 
 can be looked up on YouTube,
any typos by me
no doubt  search selection will point you in the right direction

Music by sebastian bach      7pm-9pm: circulation  - : Yin

Pines of rome by Respighi
Malher's symphony resurrection  No2.    9pm -11pm : triple warmer: Yang
Wagner the ring

Capricco Espagnol by Rimsky-Korsakov  11pm-1am: Gallbladder: Yang

Sonata in B by Bach:-
Flute.                                             1am -3 am: Liver Meridian: Yin
Sonata in A & E  by Bach      

Mozart                          3am -5am: Lung Meridian: Yin

Concerto  for 2 mandolins in G Major
By vivaldi.                                                 5am -7am: Large Intestine Meridian : Yang

Concerto 2 violin  in D minor by Vivaldi
Concerto in D Major by Mercadante.     7am- 9am: Stomach Meridian: Yang

Music by Telemann:-
In suite A minor for flute                   9am- 11am: Spleen/Pancreas 
Meridian: Yin
Trumpet concerto in D

Applalachain Spring by Aaron Copeland
Waltzes.                                                       11am-1pm: Heart 
Meridian: Yin
Baroque styles

Pathetique symphony No. 6 in B minor
Op  74 by Tchaikovsky.                           1pm-3pm:Small Intestine 
Meridian: Yang
Peer Gynt Suite No.1 by Edward Grieg

Shererazade by Rimsky-Korsakov
Sonato in E Major for lute.                      3pm-5pm: Bladder 
Meridian: Yang 
Basso by Bach

Beethovan                                              5pm-7pm: Kidney Meridian: Yin

specified tracks within the allotted time  with overtime at best 5-7 minutes  will chillaxing
run pass the allotted time  and it  will be annoying

notes for healing music
further knowledge of five Chinese elements and 'corresponding nature sound' the following are just suggestions
water - ocean waves, raindrops ...
fire- fire place
air - wind ,chimes
wood -forest sounds
earth- singing bowls .... etc

  may be fun to tweak about it
for the right musical  blend for you
may have download/ purchase the track to  this / on free or paid apps

and refer to blog note:

if you haven't read it yet

laters fuzz/fazmax

PS information   Chinese body clock  and ideal music is from  the  following  book
Chinese Power Animals  Archetypes of Transformation
by Pamela Leigh Powers