Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Idiot Apprentice Guide

Have not bothered  with grammar  / spelling so will have to excuse that for the time being

Guide lines for parents or guardians  of young apprentices/  or the newbie lot like myself.

Make sure the contract is correct  especially in large organisations, blunders can still be made.
such as missing  probationary period. study your contract like you would English literature and its implied meaning, even dumb ones.

Clear concise job description and you are given photocopy it  like you would English literature and its implied meaning, even dumb ones.

to make  it prerequisite   to join the trade union, at the beginning.
rather than automatically put into company pension scheme

Research into which qualification are transferable
Remember to not only to check for  which certificates are required  English,  Maths which  are obvious and asked for. But don't over look  if you have level 2 g.c.s.e  D/E in computing/ information system . Even if you have later on got level 3 in computing if not recognised  might not be transferable......

To look up all 60 units unit 6, 11, and 28, at probationary period/

Request to take home any hand out given to read at home and never sign on it on the spot at the end of the day when they have just manage to fit  you in. you have the right to go home and read the hand out, and than choose to sign or not too.

The tutors/ allocated mentor  in college are neutral party, who have a contract with whatever organisation you are employed by and when things go pear shape are not of any practical help.

A 37.5 hour week+   where annual leave  maybe on a rota may mean very hard to get face to face advice even if you are owed loads of annual leave.

To keep personal diary of your working day.  on which you note down  body language, facial expression. this may take some time, as some people will be very good at keeping a professional demeanour. it is also important to note 'inaction' as well as how it makes you feel. including that of your allocated mentor.

As there is very little practical help out there for an apprentice - just make sure to take away all identifiable personal info  taken out.  of colleges/ organisation   remember the data protection  act as well.

than start writing truth stranger than fiction. account  and we will call it 'writing therapy' be as eloquent as ye like, but consistent. your personal work  diary will be well useful here.

and get cheap mug from pound land it will undoubtedly go missing.

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