Thursday, 23 February 2017

Idiot Apprentice Guide part 2

I  may indeed have been the first to be told to sign apparently the correct apprentice  job contract( as one signed with manager did not basically have the probationary period& fix 1 year )  

so the correct one doesn't tell me how I go about resigning, yet went on in great detail how they can get rid of me.

In short if I didn't demo gross incompetency  I would been enslaved to them for an apprentice wage 😆😋

Not only did they not send  it in the post,  so they emailed it to me at work.
when I looked at  it on the excellent features of windows 10 word  on the work computer (at home although laptop installed windows 10 Microsoft windows  is windows 3) , 

So it read,  in "read only format"  

document  contract created day of get rid of you meeting 5/1/17
modified Date: get rid of you meeting 5/1/17
Date last printed year:  xx/xx/ 2012 

Document title: Apprentice Contract February 2016

I kid you not.

So i asked for standard apprentice contract template, 
still I wanted to be sure the terms and conditions were the same as those that started with me.

HR refused on grounds mine was unique to me 
My what a privilege 

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