Friday, 28 April 2017

the idiot apprentice to response back to Regent College

Dear  regent college,
In response to what I call complaints and you call  queries

As taught in class paternity leave is "two weeks"  which was well & truly finished by than.

He did not speak to me on 4th January, after class, like he said he would and /but continued talking to another student , so I waited, and only than  got the response, "between you and organisation /nhs" and that was it.

So I am all ears as to "when?"  he conveyed the following to me:

"and felt it would be most appropriate to ensure all issues were resolved with your employer before meeting again. "

And  following to

...but did offer you the opportunity to speak with him during the next college session. "

Guess he fail to mention , how that was done,    what he said, to  what he said he would do.

As for the following :
"Marcus felt that it would be appropriate to allow time to complete the performance management and develop skills before observations took place. This would be a suitable action to take in these circumstances, therefore I conclude training was provided as appropriate for your needs."

The training provided by the the performance management and develop skills didn't take place till February.
By not doing "any observation " you fail to get to the truth of the matter ... Typically convenient 

Regardless of it,  Regent college was the  "the official training provider..."  And during such an important time which would make or break the continuation of the apprenticeship, failure to provide  training from the college itself  as contracted / naturally expected is failure on  the part of Regent College. 
"So Marcus did fail to provide any training in key aspects of the apprenticeship role. "

The following :
"As Marcus did offer support from the college in relation to pastoral care"

In 37.5 hour working week  I do believe the college is close, in the weekends and term time holiday
So when was it  expected or good time  to access pastoral care?

The following : 

“Are you happy for me to remain as your assessor?” This would be considered an appropriate action to take with any candidate where it is felt it may aid progress."

My question to you is "Aid progress for who?"
 Under circumstances it can be taken both ways  meaning  Marcus was looking out for himself and regent college is still telling me, he wasnt washing his hands of me.

is not the responsibility of assessors to provide specific human resources advice with regard to performance management issues."

Than the education of all  apprentices / indeed all students is incomplete, we are not being correctly educated by the the education system  on the negatives of the working world 

As for the following:

"To act as a representative for you in relation to performance management processes."

Let me correct you there,  it is something he offered,  
A)didn't ask him to.
B)he did not follow through on it.
C) Nor did i follow him up /chase him up on it.  I only ask for his advice on how to approach managers or as you put it performance management processes.

As for :
"I trust that this information will answer the queries you have raised. " 

I hope  I have clarified matters  on your response to my complaints and not queries.

As for : 
I do however, wish you the very best for your future studies/career.

I do not need any sentiments from regent college, my opinion of the college to date is still the same as it was 20 years ago

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