Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Idiot apprentice opinion unversal credit

In short I was written off 20 years ago, on depression,   the government hasn't even done  enough to help people like me back to work. 
How do I know this? well let me see did a level 3 vocational course accredited  at local university way back 
Back than employment support allowance  was still going through parliament in  its early stages 
 And extended essay  question its title 
ESA  and its impact/affect on a person with mental health disability getting back to work

In short the entire problem of proving discrimination at interviews or at work is left on you 
being more educated doesn't help its used as an excuse if you apply for menial jobs

So that was time back  so what going on now?
so now under more stricter regulation  welfare system that is copying exactly how Germany did to bring back economic uhh turn around.

So UC claimant are left hanging  stalled  by saying in the process on  the system on UC phone line or as they call it  
"Full Service Telephony" 
Phone complaints Will call you back never hear from them again
to written complaints  

But there are successful tribunals  ? of course  there are or else we would be marching on the streets but would we be ? 

After poll tax -which is now known as council tax  no one ever did

Looks like it take two  Or 3 election Where the same party remains by which time majority  of people for or next generation simply do not remember / know what it was like under their rule.... Than they get voted in again.

As for the flaws  in the UC IT system

Read more on Universal Credit IT /computer system- just google the following 

 By current or the strongest 
Above articles written  ending of 2015 

we are running up to an UK election  you are not going to find up to date info on how crap  UC is. The last of the latest articles will be fall of  2016. Which gives one some idea as to how long ago  election was being considered in comparison to when it was announced 

Main stream media is not  touching it
Social media other  how emotional ripped we are that's about it. Let me remind you that where government get public consensus from

Try put up links up people  'well meaning person' complain about dates, facts and opinion
Am quite fussy about what I share and avoid politics 

And looking back no idea what the well meaning person was kicking of about  one could hardly find what I posted on 29 of April Neway.

So as  I was saying added to that bonus of age discrimination   YEP the grand 40 which add up my odds of finding work.  
2 years work experience that just about many job adverts ask for. And burden proving discrimination at interviews /  work is on me /employee.

 I have Just come  out of 37.5 hour apprenticeship (that does not pay  minimum wage ) in February that has left me in quite a state. 
That am on a sick note that the job center didn't even send it off,
 so I posted one of many multiple the copies I had of it,
That I  only found out, end of March as I didn't get any payment, as UC works in arrears.
  Rang in last Friday twice. April payment had not even been processed.
The first time I called uc phone line operator in the morning  told me will send confirm text and payment into account 3 hours approx after that. 

Come late afternoon no text so rang them again surprise surprise.  Still not processed an bit late in day to sort  on the system today now.
 So payment now to be made they said today/Wednesday .

Check online via online banking nothing. Went to bank just to be sure nothing

Rang again  said tomorrow /Thursday  as it's been a bank holiday weekend.

The above was my experience,  itty bitty research,  and opinion.

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