Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bubble bath time or is it footsie

Recommended reading
Water magic, healing bath recipes  for the spirit and soul
By Mary Muryn

Additional knowledge  from Gurudas
Books: from gem elixirs  and vibrational healing  vol.1 as well as Gurudas book on flower remedies
there are also few recipes   athe back of the cellular awakening by Barbara Wren 
not mention the vast  knowledge of herbs  and aromatherapy that will greatly assist  furthering unique recipes to you.

Bit over due this one
as its one of my favourites
Nothing more chillaxing than being submerged in water almost to be like a mermaid .. Not to much splash though

Skip or overlook most the ready to use over counter stuff- no matter how luxuriously expensive and deceptively scented to thy nose , that is so easy to bung into the bath tub 

Basics that are mentioned Mary Muryn  book such as bach flower remedies and homeopathic as well as crystals

The basic structure of what healing bath is laid bare  and extended knowledge. research and experience can be  improvised.

For those apparent  slackers this may sounds like work
You might be best off, to go straight into the pleasure and sexuality bath recipes , simply to get yourself[s] motivated  let me also remind you, it may be the opposite of having a cold shower.

You are looking to utilise not only the metaphysical properties  of water  but whatever you decide...  as I previously put it' as bung in the bath tub ',

to cleanse  aura,  clear away negativity and  help the elevate the vibrational bodies.

Am not going to go through the book  Mary Muryn book
Of enlightening recipies like I said recommended reading  
I will however add bit of my own extended experience, so that you skinny dip ahead on innovation 

First rule

 depend how much of scardy cat/ dog you are  or indeed time of day/ night... that is to bathe in absolute darkness yep no candle light. Right now don’t recall by memory theory or psychology behind it  but let your own experience  be the judge

Second rule 
Amazes me, neigh annoys me no end, how quickly some people come out of a bubble /healing bath... your not making the most it   minimum time span an hour Gurudas mentions two hours so  newbies work out your average. 

Herbal  blends, so has  anyone ever bought Chinese herb to chillax ? I.e. sleep tea, apart from very strong taste kinda got feeling you could have got more use out of each batch of tea
So this type of Chinese  herbal tea blend
 from  1 batch you should be able to  create a jug 1 litres worth
save two cups for drinking  as instructed
A]and rest to be used in healing bath [strained]
Or B] and  optional would be to blend the left over  mixture with the actual herbs used and  than strain.
[You don’t want to block the bath ]
I found this to work better than actually drinking the tea itself  it was  like the nutrients finally got to where they needed to go

Or create your own herbal tea  blend bath recap of chillax herbs :ginseng, nutmeg, ashwaghanda, chamomile, basil, coriander, lemon verbena, violet leaf, lemongrass, valerian, skullcap, passionflower”, lady slipper, wood betony, California poppy, black cohosh, hops, fennel, hawthorn, liquorice, juniper, linden blossom, elderflower, St johnwort etc

Some of you may already be putting crystals in your healing bath  or crystal essences 
 I  myself have only got round  to using the foot bath version of the  following [ this one preferably without sea salt ] 
remember earthing notes ? 
Look it up....
... so the plug with wire,  instead of  plugging into mat,  sheet  etc leave that bit that attaches to mat,  sheet  etc submerged 'that bit' in water with your chosen crystal[s] .
 keep in mind “only with the earthing plug”  as it only connect to earthing wire and safely non of the other two electrical wires [those two pins in earthing plug are plastic  hence will not conduct electricity] hence you leave the plug switch off.[ yep this not Aqua detox or variations of it }

So what’s my fuzzy wuzzy ditzy brain science  behind it or how it works
Part one
 crystals are naturally discharges and charges in the earth. So  by connecting the earth wire [element ] you are bringing it back to its natural power source  so will work natural optimum capacity safely

Part 2
 Every natural source of water  flows through in and around  the ground  I.e. earth element hence natural water itself is charged by earth,  hence increasing is therapeutic value

So does it work? depends upon newbie sensitivity level...
 In short yes.
 Unlike a normal footbath where you may after some time has passed add some more  warm water so your feet don’t go cold . You won’t need to with 'earthing +crystal  foot bath', you may however find as there isn’t that much water in a footbath, may need to change the water every 30-40 min  or so due to vibrational toxicity accumulated from you,  as this is still in experimental stage guess somat come back to an expand upon 

laters fuzzy

ps a Russian natural healer  whose famous name i forget  recommends bathing in  whole walnuts  water brew  in their shell
 saucepan with lid 
 6-8 walnuts still in their shell 
liter of water 

bring to boil,
 cover lid
lower  the heat to minimum  
allow to simmer 30 min
and bung it in the bath 

for greater understanding as to why it works on vibrational level look into bach flower remedies ...walnut , needles  to say if your allergic to nuts don't do this one  trial test bach walnut flower remedie    instead. ie hand water test  with 1-2 drops  

mmm... turned out to be very long note  and there i was stressing not enough to knit with.

laters fazmax

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