Monday, 10 November 2014

Work hard , Play Hard... Relax Equally As Well

I' ve already given the basic outline of the candle burner method

note called: "oil candle burner  with a /combo flower remedies
 but repeating it to hone in the importance  as well bit more in  detail
bit what you need a candle burner with a large dish
to which you have added H2O / herbal water, to which  to pinch of anyone of the following ; sea salt/ magnesium flakes / seaweed powder/ clay powder/ magnesium sulphur may be added 
up 5 drops of essential oils of your choice
for soley relaxation purposes
geranium, ginger, refer to previous note : does it smell ok or a bit whiffy [ thinks that what called it ]
2 drops of the 5 drops essential oil would good idea if they had affinity for the lungs.

i.e. ceder-wood  eucalyptus,  pine etc  

flower essences or[or in  nut shell ]few flower seeds/ other  seeds will indeed do the job;  in short happy experimenting, what your after is the essence of the substance. [ remember we are working with the vibrational bodies  my current favourite is dahlia seeds, has a very relaxing affect on the 2nd sacral chakra

  1. a drop/2 comfrey oil [is a powerful tonic for the nervous system allows  from  nerve ending , balances  left and right brain] 
  2. a drop/2 grapefruit seed extract [an oil]  or test out grapefruit seed before buying extract bottle [primarily adjust and aligns  cranial plates , releases tensions stored in in the temples , head and jawbones
  3. and a piece itty bitty pieces of  Dandelion coffee / or it flower essense [ for tremendous relaxation 
  4. a drop/2skullcap, passionflower, veverian. is available in extract form usually in mix[or leave a bit from your nitetime herbal tea mixture  to use as replacement water 
  5. a drop/2 St John wort infusion/extract  this may be helpful for those who find themseleves in nightmare zone  when in deep sleep
  6.  a substitute for flower remedies   is kali mur  Tissue Salt No. 5, not quite the same level but next best thing although EU laws messing up here 
  7. a drop/2  or pinch of virgin coconut oil

for further in depth info on comfrey , dandelion  and grapefruit if you refer to Gurudas book on flower remedies as noted  for distressing muscles  and grapefruit  the head area.
[it would be easier to copy and paste the whole thing]

from my own experience  flower remedies bottle usually have a life span 2 and 1/2 months approximately  once you've opened the bottle that is.the above alternatives seed version given  should be more longer lasting 

as they are crucial in making the difference , 

especially for those tempted to try out recreational   what ever.
it is not your physical nervous system that is out of sync but most likely your other vibrational bodies are.
telling you at this stage to say try to meditate / even being told just pray[unless you come across extremely disciplined individual,  wouldn't even waste my time , would probably join you in sticking up the finger ]

With the oil candle burner method  you can be quite versatile  you can add just about anything including small crystals into the water dish [just don't use one that has too many nooks and crannies [ hard to clean]  or actually dissolves :/ or use crystal essences  diamond is wicked especially during the lunar days Aries and Taurus.[combined with grapefruit is exceptional] A jaw dropping experience 

you will/ may  experience your chakra/ meridian and loosening of them  as in you will feel the tension release 

relaxtion music  that just close enough to having a sound therapy session  
"the EFT  technique"  
1] a good five rounds[minimum ]  of it will be sufficient
than try classical music  [preferably without the news and adverts]

2]or 'a drop' of wintergreen essential oil,   in the oil candle  burner

than try classical music  [preferably without the news and adverts]

or EFT techniques a good five rounds[minimum ]  deeper level of relaxation with the above  oil candle  burner method 

enjoy bliss

laters fazmax

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Zodiac Diet 'to be or not to be'

The die…{to}try fads  
Thought I’d jump in on this one, might as well, 
finally jumping on the bandwagon 

Its been running around my head   like pinky and the brain
Than I thought hell why not 

Still wondering why a new age lot,  are not atleast talking  about it  
Than I thought am a new age lot  I can do this 
Present this with a bit of  embellishment

refer back 'art of timeliness' note. and the one month ahead thing 
That also reminds me good news UK medical establishment  
[whatever they call themselves officially acknowledged  the body organ daily bio logical clock]

So lets begin:

zodiac lunar signs  
Each sign of the zodiac has an affinity  for a particular food type/taste  which is well stated in  the 
“moon time” book by Johanna  Paungger and Thomas Poppe. 

a) With the type of food/taste in correlation with a specific part of  plant anatomy
b) the type of food/ taste is also most easily digested   in  zodiac month or related lunar zodiac days 

Protein fruits 

More emphasis fruit [smoothies maybe?] especially for those who have no patience to chew well, when ever I read protein I automatically think meat or them high in protein seeds 
zodiac sign :- Aries Leo Sagittarius

Salt..y tasting root

 sounds like a chippy day to me
zodiac sign :-Taurus  Virgo Capricorn

fat flower 

need somat weighty for the air signs?
I sat hear pondering with pinky and the brain doing orbits 
around my head
why or what is in common with fat and flower
Than I thought leave it simple both have  an affinity to hold/ absorb  light [refer back to cellular awakening book] and if any one wants to try out atkins diet maybe these following zodiac months are best to test it out or in reverse avoid fatty food 

updated :essential fatty acids are essentialto the body's ability to produce oxygen . if the cells are closed they will not recieve oxygen, so what causes  cell to close  'stress'
 yep sounds like catch 22 [ also refer to"how well lubricated is your nut " note]
zodiac sign :- Gemini Libra Aquarius

Carbo…hydrate[starchy?]  leaf- 

sponge like aint it though, good days to drink up 
zodiac sign :- Cancer  Scorpio Pisces’s 

The above  can be probably organised nutritionist better

Easiest way to put the above info into practise , 
or to begin somewhere …

Be clear on 
Protein , carbohydrate, fat, salty
Look at the usual ratio given for correct plate  portion Apply  or adjust plate portion by increasing / decreasing  lunar zodiac food taste /type of the day , to enhance absorption / to decrease it 

Confused ????
Excellent that what all diet fads are :P

Seriously though with thorough analysis and application  and prepared menu plans  should work a treat

And what was said in the ‘nutritional  deficit’ note 
For greater application when creating life enhancing menus,

laters fuzzy

side note: be like the french, take an hour just eat breakfast, its one custom i do adhere to :) they so got royalties of the day so right