Sunday, 7 December 2014

The seven emotion and ‘bhuddic realm’ meditation

Short intro to  bhuddic  permanent atom
Planes of existence , for those newbies who have delved  into mind spirit section, you will have come to an understanding that your real self  is incredibly cramped in to physical vehicle

 Meaning what  we currently understand for the purposes of  this particular meditation the emotion or astral body  is the micro version  of its expanded version
 Without doing your head in  technical details esoteric map of the universe

Which from study of it  time back  is where your consciously expanded astral version  exist or chill out, I only recently tested  these affirmations as wasn’t getting  anywhere  where the natural  energies  of the emotion a re usually to be found / or accumulate within body vibratory esoteric map

You only require the extra use of the word “bhuddic realm “ in your affirmations
 As you mentally go through each of the following emotions , in terms of releasing pent up / obstructed energies
the key sentence :

 I now release  from …. “Emotion “…. from the bhuddic realm
The seven emotion (from internal medicine classic)

How you choose to describe the emotion  is at your discretion by  altering the word to stronger or milder term

Anger -wood energy:- I
injures liver and yin energy- which controls blood, bile and other fluids associated with the liver; permits over yang energy to flare up  causes  headache, dizziness, blurred vision and mental confusion, frequent outburst; damages liver hence more prone to anger- a self perpatuing cycle of destructive emotional energy.

Affirmation :
I now release  from …. “Anger“…. from the bhuddic realm
Repeat  5 time , body awareness release of where anger is being stored  within your body and gently uncoiling  to relax state

blocks energy and  injures the lungs; impairs the circulation by inhibiting breath. Which lowers resistance by weakening body shield of protective energy {refer to aura section]
The large intestine tend to be affected first which leads to constipation, ulcerative  colitis
The stomach, spleen pancreas  also gets  affected which deprives the entire body system nutrios/nervous energy.

Affirmation :
I now release  from …. “Anxiety“…. from the bhuddic realm
Repeat  5 time , body awareness release of where Anxiety is being stored  within your body and gently uncoiling  to relax state

meaning obsessive mental fixation on a specific problem which constantly pre-occupies the mind[ {excessive} - workaholic]- injures spleen  and pancreas energy

Affirmation :
I now release  from …. “Concentration/ or be more specific “…. from the bhuddic realm
Repeat  5 time , body awareness release of where  Concentration/ or be more specific is being stored  within your body and gently uncoiling  to relax state

injures heart and lungs  and the triple burner , grief causes vital energy to dissipate  rapidly

Affirmation :
I now release  from …. “Grief“…. from the bhuddic realm
Repeat  5 time , body awareness release of where Anxiety is being stored  within your body and gently uncoiling  to relax state

Fear -
damages kidney energy if it is already weak  i.e. prone to chronic fear and paranoia can cause renal {eye} and permanent kidney damage
Solution foods and herbal tonic which boost water  energy.

Affirmation :
I now release  from …. “Anxiety“…. from the bhuddic realm
Repeat  5 time , body awareness release of where Grief is being stored  within your body and gently uncoiling  to relax state

Fright -
a shock to the system  alarms the spirit and causes energy to scatter- primarily injures the heart if it persist and becomes chronic fear

Affirmation :
I now release  from …. ““Fright…. from the bhuddic realm
Repeat  5 time , body awareness release of where Fright is being stored  within your body and gently uncoiling  to relax state

Excessive joy and laughing-
injures the heart and scatters the spirit; slows down the heart energy-: the body loses function over vital organs

Affirmation :
I now release  from …. “Excessive joy and laughing“…. from the bhuddic realm
Repeat  5 time , body awareness release of where  Excessive joy and laughing is being stored  within your body   and gently uncoiling  to relax state

What you will learn to observe  is where the stuck  emotion reside within your body vibration  the text book version where it is held is not the  law.
This meditation  will / should also to apply other alternative tool methods with bit more precision i.e. EFT

Monday, 10 November 2014

Work hard , Play Hard... Relax Equally As Well

I' ve already given the basic outline of the candle burner method

note called: "oil candle burner  with a /combo flower remedies
 but repeating it to hone in the importance  as well bit more in  detail
bit what you need a candle burner with a large dish
to which you have added H2O / herbal water, to which  to pinch of anyone of the following ; sea salt/ magnesium flakes / seaweed powder/ clay powder/ magnesium sulphur may be added 
up 5 drops of essential oils of your choice
for soley relaxation purposes
geranium, ginger, refer to previous note : does it smell ok or a bit whiffy [ thinks that what called it ]
2 drops of the 5 drops essential oil would good idea if they had affinity for the lungs.

i.e. ceder-wood  eucalyptus,  pine etc  

flower essences or[or in  nut shell ]few flower seeds/ other  seeds will indeed do the job;  in short happy experimenting, what your after is the essence of the substance. [ remember we are working with the vibrational bodies  my current favourite is dahlia seeds, has a very relaxing affect on the 2nd sacral chakra

  1. a drop/2 comfrey oil [is a powerful tonic for the nervous system allows  from  nerve ending , balances  left and right brain] 
  2. a drop/2 grapefruit seed extract [an oil]  or test out grapefruit seed before buying extract bottle [primarily adjust and aligns  cranial plates , releases tensions stored in in the temples , head and jawbones
  3. and a piece itty bitty pieces of  Dandelion coffee / or it flower essense [ for tremendous relaxation 
  4. a drop/2skullcap, passionflower, veverian. is available in extract form usually in mix[or leave a bit from your nitetime herbal tea mixture  to use as replacement water 
  5. a drop/2 St John wort infusion/extract  this may be helpful for those who find themseleves in nightmare zone  when in deep sleep
  6.  a substitute for flower remedies   is kali mur  Tissue Salt No. 5, not quite the same level but next best thing although EU laws messing up here 
  7. a drop/2  or pinch of virgin coconut oil

for further in depth info on comfrey , dandelion  and grapefruit if you refer to Gurudas book on flower remedies as noted  for distressing muscles  and grapefruit  the head area.
[it would be easier to copy and paste the whole thing]

from my own experience  flower remedies bottle usually have a life span 2 and 1/2 months approximately  once you've opened the bottle that is.the above alternatives seed version given  should be more longer lasting 

as they are crucial in making the difference , 

especially for those tempted to try out recreational   what ever.
it is not your physical nervous system that is out of sync but most likely your other vibrational bodies are.
telling you at this stage to say try to meditate / even being told just pray[unless you come across extremely disciplined individual,  wouldn't even waste my time , would probably join you in sticking up the finger ]

With the oil candle burner method  you can be quite versatile  you can add just about anything including small crystals into the water dish [just don't use one that has too many nooks and crannies [ hard to clean]  or actually dissolves :/ or use crystal essences  diamond is wicked especially during the lunar days Aries and Taurus.[combined with grapefruit is exceptional] A jaw dropping experience 

you will/ may  experience your chakra/ meridian and loosening of them  as in you will feel the tension release 

relaxtion music  that just close enough to having a sound therapy session  
"the EFT  technique"  
1] a good five rounds[minimum ]  of it will be sufficient
than try classical music  [preferably without the news and adverts]

2]or 'a drop' of wintergreen essential oil,   in the oil candle  burner

than try classical music  [preferably without the news and adverts]

or EFT techniques a good five rounds[minimum ]  deeper level of relaxation with the above  oil candle  burner method 

enjoy bliss

laters fazmax

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Zodiac Diet 'to be or not to be'

The die…{to}try fads  
Thought I’d jump in on this one, might as well, 
finally jumping on the bandwagon 

Its been running around my head   like pinky and the brain
Than I thought hell why not 

Still wondering why a new age lot,  are not atleast talking  about it  
Than I thought am a new age lot  I can do this 
Present this with a bit of  embellishment

refer back 'art of timeliness' note. and the one month ahead thing 
That also reminds me good news UK medical establishment  
[whatever they call themselves officially acknowledged  the body organ daily bio logical clock]

So lets begin:

zodiac lunar signs  
Each sign of the zodiac has an affinity  for a particular food type/taste  which is well stated in  the 
“moon time” book by Johanna  Paungger and Thomas Poppe. 

a) With the type of food/taste in correlation with a specific part of  plant anatomy
b) the type of food/ taste is also most easily digested   in  zodiac month or related lunar zodiac days 

Protein fruits 

More emphasis fruit [smoothies maybe?] especially for those who have no patience to chew well, when ever I read protein I automatically think meat or them high in protein seeds 
zodiac sign :- Aries Leo Sagittarius

Salt..y tasting root

 sounds like a chippy day to me
zodiac sign :-Taurus  Virgo Capricorn

fat flower 

need somat weighty for the air signs?
I sat hear pondering with pinky and the brain doing orbits 
around my head
why or what is in common with fat and flower
Than I thought leave it simple both have  an affinity to hold/ absorb  light [refer back to cellular awakening book] and if any one wants to try out atkins diet maybe these following zodiac months are best to test it out or in reverse avoid fatty food 

updated :essential fatty acids are essentialto the body's ability to produce oxygen . if the cells are closed they will not recieve oxygen, so what causes  cell to close  'stress'
 yep sounds like catch 22 [ also refer to"how well lubricated is your nut " note]
zodiac sign :- Gemini Libra Aquarius

Carbo…hydrate[starchy?]  leaf- 

sponge like aint it though, good days to drink up 
zodiac sign :- Cancer  Scorpio Pisces’s 

The above  can be probably organised nutritionist better

Easiest way to put the above info into practise , 
or to begin somewhere …

Be clear on 
Protein , carbohydrate, fat, salty
Look at the usual ratio given for correct plate  portion Apply  or adjust plate portion by increasing / decreasing  lunar zodiac food taste /type of the day , to enhance absorption / to decrease it 

Confused ????
Excellent that what all diet fads are :P

Seriously though with thorough analysis and application  and prepared menu plans  should work a treat

And what was said in the ‘nutritional  deficit’ note 
For greater application when creating life enhancing menus,

laters fuzzy

side note: be like the french, take an hour just eat breakfast, its one custom i do adhere to :) they so got royalties of the day so right   

Friday, 17 October 2014

Who am I?

Well we can cross off Jackie Chan from the list ( unless of course your parents named you ... Just that) When one experiences the newbie state [the first time]  
you may find your self Loosing more than one many "identities" 
you have always known your self to be Respect from people who you yourself respected 
on some level and cared for And their change of behaviors towards one self Change in others attitudes, usually result from 
following life changes in life:
Surviving break down in relationships Surviving in emotional crisis Transition from college to work place to retirement Transitions from ill health and back wellness no longer living up to the perceived perceptions of you. These people Who are family, friends even authority figures  
on some Level valued your opinions,  
may have done completely entire U turn in this…
can be quite self defeating. whose opinion either boosted your self confidence 
and re affirmed your identities This state of shock ! 
Can be, for some of you , 
like having the rugged being pulled from under you Learning to fail is an art, 
[To treat this awesome failure as a stage and not end of road] Side mutterings: -
if I messed about letters of my real name 
'fail' is word that come up
should I take that as universal sign, 
and than take it to heart  
and than be miserable? 
hell no
so how I do reshuffle the letters 
to humour and boost self esteem ? 
I look across full spectrum of languages and take nothing but the best
In my quest along these lines found that first two letters ‘fa’ [can’t remember how] in Chinese language means ‘heart‘. and that was just the beginning Interpretation of failure ‘the right way‘ is going to an 'important skill' to learn and re-adapt many times over,
avoid generalising from a single incident in any arena of life As newbies , 
man we can be masters at highlighting failures, 
but.. yes and yes there is always a butt ( somewhere). Learning from this type of perceived failure can 
indeed be a revelation To navigate successfully 
through this ‘testing period of lost identities .’ It is probably long over due and the first time,
that you explore more consciously "self acceptance" you will need to redefine "self acceptance" Towards Yourself that is not reliant on others:
feelings , words or behavior. 
that you may have been using as a measuring tape 
thus defining your self Regardless
Keep your relationships with others 'in good shape', your newbie state was equal shock to family and friends.
They too needed time to adjust,
and time; to time to be reminded/ indeed reprimanded 
(tactfully to more forcefully ) on perceived / actual misconducts
and in reversal being too touchy .. ouch One of few times I have endeavored to talk about it
to a sibling of mine, not sure quite how it happen ,
always come back to how it was for the sibling … 
well that was tough for me listen to... repeatedly 
Wish for /pause /mute button sometimes Let go of confirmations from others and instead focus on you Create your own barometer of standards, to assess your self by. Some newbies: stick to religion as glue 
others sod it , others still think they heard God 
{uhh Best to drown that one in rock music} the fourth makes me raise an eye brow to covert to something, [Than again I do come in the 'sod it' category] However The power of faith that is grounded, that practically empowers one from within; oneself.. can only be good Entirely your call. It often pays to give attention to / reclaim 
and reflect upon 
not only on achievements of the past , 
no matter how great and small, 
but also upon physical, emotional , mental  
and the [more sensitive newbies] psychic boundaries 
that not only need to be defined but maintained, 
refer back note: art of timeliness ...
and understand and calculate biorhythms Cycles
physical, emotional , mental peaks 
[some sites / app may include psychic which is usually 40 days ]
And go forward with these as your initiating platform.

as for who you are... allow sweet time to play its role  
to even create what you will be made off.
and that does not mean burning candle at both ends.

laters fuzzy

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Finding Incentive... Persevere

Some newbies like my self may come in the category of too much time on their hands, which is entirely up to you, to do, what you see fit.

That easily be squandered in over sleeping , my favorite
mind level blowing  hours in playing computer games
guilty as charged did play bejewelled 6-8 hours straight,
think my mouse been um over worked,  so is not as satisfying as it use to be.

Some of you, do more or less may begin a project

and initiate quite well ,
but may  find or loose motivation to complete  or follow through,
so never *get back*, the taste of satisfaction of things done well.

Which indeed at times question one capabilities
And relaying false perception of yourself.

How to counter balance? 

you really do need to re-educate  or
take second glance and what it is knew / were taught than and
know;  now how to  re-apply

the following  underlined excerpt taken from

Success your way why you’re meant to  by g. Richard  shell,

[refer to other pre…innovative writing blog
 on note “stepping up motivation” for image of the book,
don’t roll over yourselves with the other book image that’s there]

Making yourself accountable- social accountability

Friends and family,
or good start evaluation how day spent  and than allocating time
that is constructive to than  after to do  more chilled out activities

Connect with role models

this might be bit hard harsh as some / few of our famous outshining counterparts
over dose or top themselves L
Am one of them people who don’t read obituaries
Did Winston Churchill in English class, yep put me off for life,
do recall  the distinguished pompous gentleman  did pendulum swing thingy
to determine what to revise for his history exam
and  lo and behold that’s exactly what came up in the exam.
That was either well impressive?
Do you think the family staff  were spying on him?

Neway Looking back now,  was that a good thing or bad thing.
don’t like story yarns; prefer bullet point information.

Create motivational rituals

to create a consistent habit:

a) before you begin[ making sure everything is in place - before you begin] ,

b) during [music] or after  the completion of the task
    by promising yourself a treat/ or somat enjoyable / relaxing or fun

c) Compete with yourself - this does not mean self punishing,
    but more along reward penalty plan similar ie
    by promising yourself a treat/ or somat enjoyable /
    relaxing or fun  but being more restrictive or challenging - within reason

Prove someone wrong

alright right this one makes me laugh at the moment ,
 one individual dude whose  blog I do read with reckless abandonment  goes on and on on he how proved some female college in ancient his history wrong… I wonder how many times he done her over in thy mind
yep there are times even I cant be bothered being clear and clean minded

Channel your strongest emotions

your basic instincts and drives- channel them appropriately
 for short periods “only”. if this natural mode you go into ‘cool’
or else for time being skip it for now.

It is; as it should be, entirely your responsibility to regulate  yourself
from being a complete slob  to the other end of the scale overly productive.
The in between's  are for,  you to decide  and persevere  in


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Stages of Newbie Development

The following information is offered as a guide line assessment level were you might have been  progressing towards. 

Before your star got blighted  (specific type [s] of newbie’s will understand that differently) regardless of causes  and condition that brought one to be a newbie 

Side Note: does have new age theme running through it so like I said, in first few blog notes if does not hold true, disregard.

Developmental focus combine emotional body and  higher mind  via energy of sacral chakra. 

Newest hatch lings 

[aren’t them feety cute]

[sos nobody there to welcome ya, so ta speak]

The sign of  two fish commonly known as Pisces representing  two feet! to walk  the earth path solidly 

That means you should be firmly rooted to the  earth or alternative health circles known as grounding . 

This grounding is in itself  connection to Magnetic {female energy} potency of planet earth herself [in  contrast to electrical potency {male energy} consider that your nervous system  etc
The symbol of Pisces also resembles; the  Tao  symbol of dualistic nature 

At this stage one lot of newbies  unexpected Psychic sensitivity has probably freaked you out no end.
The  second lot  of newbies the unexpected Psychic sensitivity were fascinated no end and  the lure of the path flowed through > 
one pointed effort- towards aspirant 
evolutionary  to probationary path… carry on, how you see fit 

Either way  The Transformative cycle begun, that if your not heavily sedated/ [or should be using medicated here :P]

the desire to transmute  and sacrifice habitual way of confirmative being , initial energetic surge  producing the current stage of 
research, problem solving with an imaginative approach

Eventually escape  through Samadhi can be termed as dark night of the soul where the head versus heart  and a very active imagination - the shrink have field day...  we aim to please.

To become an observer of one self, disciplinary  cautious approach, laying foundation of secure development 

Stability and steady ground effort, getting to the bottom of things absorbing, learning, taking away … and moving on; as the soul- is  not restless but awakened 

‘Un mastered’  -emotion , heart, root, throat to develop sacral- making it happen via meditation ?

Kindergarten, how  was your  first day?

Governing and directing energies  which use the mind , the emotional nature  and the physical body. digesting all vibrational experiences

harmonising  the internal and external fluxes  that arises conflict  authenticating individualisation and creating beauty and unity in social setting 

An effort that should merited one, how well are you scoring ? pointed effort- those inclined have the potential to be an aspirant

Requires three way observations you, the  other  the mediator to perceive things correctly, does weigh well with head and  heart? 
cautious approach contemplation of  inspired  thought, firmer foundation towards  security, sense of self 

getting to the bottom of things absorbing, learning, taking away … and moving on, is being applied tested and assorted 
The emotion , heart, root, throat to develop sacral- are well on the way to graded development 
Awaiting the moment of truth

Beginning of Developmental focus combine emotional body and  higher mind  via energy  of sacral chakra. 

Learning to live above the diaphragm focuses on: 

concrete knowledge and science  forming embryonic understanding of causes and conditions

The bridge is almost built to  fully pledged  heart so keep your balance 

Specialised Camping with king of the jungle

Right up to this point all about me me me. The Orientation toward the soul and effects upon the personality. 
Time to change gears 
Individual [micro] consciousness  to world/ community  [macro] consciousness - developing  dedicational; detached  compassion the initial circulatory  energy producing the current Aquarius Age
The culmination of set forth earlier ‘ground getting to the bottom of things absorbing, learning, taking away … and moving on’ 
To steady and stable and capable and a cautious approach to adaptive  contemplated inspired  thought
with touch of wisdom  visionary kind.

 Return to home base crab

psychic nature and form to achieved through the medium of conflict directly and indirectly, 
focused intent  and purpose will.
breathing  awareness stillness, 
composure, contemplated inspired  thought, 
An astute observer 
mass movement toward liberty release and light initiation; overcoming materialism; To be or not be, 
personal fulfilment versus more public acclaim

Natural teachers, guide and teachers, researching current  problem [s] solving with an imaginative approach
Potential visionary element to adaptive leadership, head versus heart
making it happen

I take it you took the bull by the head ?

Tuh tuh an authority !

the desire to transmute  and sacrifice by 
Working  in the densest , most concrete  expression  of the natural/urban  world  [repetitiously]. Expand innate art  to fashion that  which is beautiful and useful sees what needs to happen, and how to bring the pieces together to form more coherent picture, to role model new ideas/ ideals, high standards and goals

Natural teachers, guide and teachers, research, problem solving with an imaginative approach; developed’ sacral listen to your gut
Project/ing  -throat development 

Justice served/r 

Enders and beginners, purpose an visioned goal; the point of balance on triple relationship:

intuition to inspiration, 
intellect to intuition 
Instinct to intellect

Uhh should be in seclude monastery or cave you hermit you. 

Most newbie most likely still camping still

Later fuzzy.

suggested random blog note:

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sound Inclusion

It appears over all western oriented societies lack  this particular healing tool and has only recently got in touch with it again. Via  the hippe movement > mind , body spirit  movement

Like the link between science and art,  that has obscured over time, so has that of Euro languages; via its root Latin language

Therapeutic  use of sound is central healing tool;

Sound is *ether*
All element  and *senses* can harmonise  and control via ether

Sound control is conscious Ether  which is based on gross sounds:

  • Space consist of subtle form  sound > through meaning
  • Speech is the very power of the mind > elements which  effect sense, organ  and function of the mind.

Sound moves through heart and mind, which is why songs associated with positive memories / or up beat lyrics can  quite literally uplift us.

By changing the *energetic structure of the mind* which *dissolves* the problem.

Abstract  > sustains intelligence " nurture "[bhuddi]

sound vibration  of deepest feelings and intuition make up the inner mood or conscious " Nurture"; conditioning [chitta]

Each emotion creates a sound in the ether
The more intense the emotion
The stronger the sound
Which either enforces or releases energetic vibration

All conditioning  through  word/ sound is kinda mantra

Our spoken words also carry  an emotional force, that are Recorded in the memories of whom they are addressed too, hurts, fears etc is *undigested sound* that has been misunderstood or interpreted;

For example impact of same words to a child>  too teenager >
Too mature adult can  be interpreted differently.

In its most basic format  this sound  is than  left as vibratory scar, that cannot not be assimilated into the *vibratory body fields.* and cannot is linked to wrong movement *within vibratory body*

That remains  apart and produces “distorted  perception” to “wrong action”

Mantra [word] or sound  breaks up this embedded stagnation

Some newbie conditions are re-enforced by* negative sound /word conditioning*   occurs  through the medium of  communication and listening,  these deep impact can be felt deeply even when not intended.

Mantra is  sensory tool via meaning and feeling
It also affects the very nature  of mind and is part of the mind as well /itself
Mantra draw up *energies* and *ideas* latent in psyche.

Mantra repeated regularly  turn into tools  for psychotherapy  transformation
Mantra is an instrument of the mind which enhances/changes vibratory  pattern of conscious; Mantras are asnas for the  mind

Our words carry  an emotional force
Through mantra can; one can Master an emotion
Exercise our emotion.

*Sattvi mantra* >dissolves ego and promote self awareness

By changing the *energetic structure of the mind* which *dissolves* the problem.

Mantra creates an energy that can neutralise  the scars left from  our forgotten … memory archives,  that are still embedded within us .

And creates  a more powerful memory for/ or overriding the scar

Breath and mantra application

the use of  breath control known as  pranyama brings one entire being into greater alignment  which sustains the proper {energy} circulation in the vibratory bodies.

Mantra according to eastern thought is  simple words with the emphasis on the vowels which are accorded spiritual meanings; or focuses on a particular chakra or meridian that only by practice by praying, chanting, repetition can be felt  within the human dimensional field

Danger alert  mantra
Too focus on *success*  words are termed as  “disturbed  mantra” . This type of  disturbance is linked to wrong movement within vibratory body. Which leads to ignorance  and agitation.

The roots of healing sound for those fluent in western /Euro. Its imprecise  knowledge of  old folk lore, cryptology /from appears knowledge of the enlightened  group

But what unable to associate or is it not from different faith. Sounds like a spooky word, sure its safe ?

So  where do you  begin ?

Since newbie conditions are well documented in western speaking world. Hard to apply mantra? ; Not so, many of you are fluent in English language
You will need to look into next closes root language to Latin, that would be  Hebrew letters,
Where this knowledge has been kept alive and in use.

Refer to book / image.>>>

Quick letter analysis , as well word formation [combined letters]

Yep will take a bit of study and practise.

Purpose :

Create own mantra
Create in alignment  meditation audio
Create in alignment  affirmation / mantra

In addition 

When affirming meditating…  focus in, on a particular  vibrational field
I.e. emotion, etheric , astral etc to sense how it, is flowing

Some cheats :

Ready made Body awareness meditation , usually focus on the physical body, instead at the beginning of track make your  intent to  focus I.e. emotional body and note the difference!

s/he that makes the effort to  read
than lean to write
the path forms itself. 

laters fuzzy

 p.s.: refer to "musical notes"  as well  the notes that refer throat chakra notes

side note: internet connection not that brilliant at moment. was hoping to get through some i tunes u psychology lectures on the emotion was gona incorporate what learnt ,neway  can't believe prefer listening 1.5   audio speed yep its a first for me

and almost  forgot

those those with disposition any faith/ religion  can obviously use the name of  respective deity saint etc

i find combing an experience in itself . by all means stick to what your comfortable[ with some of you are very devout  and that is good too. :)

update :

search key word "mantra list" but doesn't give depth of meaning ,
 so look up Ayurveda and the Mind: The Healing of Consciousness by David Frawley, 
better insight into meaning and functions, [not available as an  ebook] 
you could find the mantra pdf under same author, however found a bit much to relate too.

Ayurveda and the Mind: The Healing of Consciousness 
chapter 14 the healing power of mantra
  key pages in that chapter "page 232-235" gives the best to points
 meaning and it  functions as well as pronunciation 

... om; let be a storm... o.k. that was lame

play around with how you pronounce it /say it 
English  unlike Chinese  or Arabic does not use the full vocal cords 
say any of above mantra  slowly  and emphasis on vowels as well 
as changing the vowels sound slightly you'll know when said correctly
most  of you you should getaway;  with no need to say out verbally..eventually.
stick to no more than 2-3 in a row;   for example:
hum, om, som

laters  fuzzy

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Shake Loose the Chains

So where was i ?

As  i mentioned one set of books the  other set, am gona  talk about
i did indeed  spend, good part of ten years just 
glazing  over it, 
doesn't exist, blanking it ,  

a friend [who is no longer is my good  graces]  got in touch,  after  many years,   tried in vain, to point me in that direction, for a whole year.

the universe so to speak, took drastic measures  and had to bring in the opposite gender in


it literally took dude  for me to look into it. 
and why i hear [you  ask out of boredom :P] was that? 

 i had  "an action  replay , played out on me",

 i realised, i have tendency   to  go quite, the only  other time,  somat of similar nature,
  but slightly different played out on me
i had to think back, between the two incidents;
only one thing in  common, that stood out was being lied too. 

so what was the over all :
purpose and function of this of this heart aching drama, simply came down to, not knowing the info in those books and better choice in  female pals 
better swot /& look into this  and see where this branch is heading /headed 

so what where these books , no it wasn't witch craft and wizardry, which is a true shame would have called upon  the forces of voodoo or exorcism  :P

so these unnameable materialistic books on the bookshelf were :development psychology - business  NLP,   etc 
[ feel like renaming "neural lying please", yea did come up with somat better than that, right now don't recall it... now editing ;nope still dont recall it ]

 i really should apply the teaching of the late shakuntala devi   and others quick mind fit  into practice; than thought don't care to have a memory of an elephant.
  it is; at times good to forget.

neway in the most un -humblest view or in short manipulative psychology, knowing this kinda material [+being creative ] disallows giving others the benefit of the doubt just that much harder , you may indeed find loads of things in your face, that usually slipped by.
Will you exemplify tolerance or show them the mirror of karma ? 

yep can be tough

o.k. in positive light 

if one half of the books that  i took great joy in reading - deals with the 
*emotion via understanding chakras - mastery over the energy bodies* 

than these books that i'd been blanking, this whole time,  deal with the
* mental body aspect achieving in the concrete manner / mind over matter.*

live and learn the hard way, looks like there's me,
i was plodding / meandering along unknowingly; but very comfortably 
i know, I am such tortoise

latest worth while read, authors other books good too,yes read the whole thing last week

felt like  updated version  napoleon hill who can be found on youtube, books  etc  ].

so what  has this to,  with us newbies ?
some newbies including myself  sit there thinking:

 what deep seated trauma?
 is the cause of  being a newbie ?
you what?

its more like being stopped in your tracks,  from living life 
but you, now need to remember that, that you can consciously make a better choice instead of following the conformist rules and labeling 

for best results you need to be able :

  • know yourself  and your environment
  • clear energy bodies , 
  • affirm / positive thinking
  • practically apply intentions
  • follow through till achieved 

to know yourself  you need to understand that patterns are consciousness that have become so customary 

Breaking some patterns, that  have become unwanted habits, that are grooved so  deeply into our thinking, into our feeling and into our behavior patterns, that they become our ruts.

which blocks the *natural energetic  flow* has been bogging us  down . 
What happened?
Try to understand whence it came from?

Turn directly inwards to your center [which meridian or chakra center?], which allows for  innovative direction

Take a momentary pause... still here ? carry on reading than>

Stop borrowing  surplus or expanding energies  endlessly/ needlessly 
[ but feel free to waste time or zone out nap time, that by the way is is a way resting or rejuvenating  ]

This inward gaze will prove to be,* a process of navigational compass*

When you gaze inward towards the center, you are indeed contemplating your own higher values or unfreezing the blocked flow

This  perceptive energy releases ,  you from the mind cloud of confusion

this direction : allow for  the return; to open and provide what is needed

Make sure what ever intent,  work or action you commit to,
are understood by yourself and family friends, not for approval but for there support.
remember they want you to be the best you can be 

don't give too many details / too bogged down by thinking  about it 
step by step follow  swift instructions
don't give yourself too many choices
what you ask of your self always recall why  

Focus away from spending and consuming day to day or weekly 

begin to assess what you  know, value, what   your plans/ envision yourself  to be ?
what holds you  back  > why?


Prioritise <time> to let it be <time> than get going   

laters fuzzy

ps there is loads available on line here do your research  and be extremely selective :) 

latest blog note

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Life Does Indeed Go On...

To: Family   & Friends

In light of the previous note which was more my reaction,  this than in theory should my responsible response

In the event that you are someone who have suffered the loss of a loved one, in this manner 

Stop beating yourselves up . What's done is done , remember them in their happier times 
Let it be 

For those who have have genuine concern around the 'safety net' at critical times do not hesitate to inform / ask for help 

You even as whole family cannot deal with some with one track mind . 

First port 1a) : call the gp or an appointment with them , who should refer , as well as follow procedures swiftly 

First port  1b): emergency services- should be directly to the wards 

You guys will need to look into this. Should be available on line 

If medication is given,  be very thorough as to what it is and its side effects 

From this point on,  you guys may need to consider your 'approaches'  which also means swotting up
As in previous 'reaction' note primary consideration 

consciously, know what coping skills are, not only for them but for your selves as well , it will initially be tough and hard to see loved ones in that state. 

What we will discuss now will refer most type clinical newbies and there family friends . The two interrelate 

At some point a diagnose will be given such labels and associated stigma are never well received.

From my own experience / memory never once sat down to have condition explained or what explanation family were given. 

Things have changed in the last 20 years and so have opportunities 
One of the key factors  to consider in recovery process : 

Knowing what it is that you are dealing with,in all it details 
Clear communications between newbie, shrink and family 
Will power /determination/ motive -: of newbie to want to move on

From my narrow bias vision of the shrink system only purpose or function they serve is risk assessment to others as well as to oneself . Leave you on medication that's it

That leaves both newbie and family to deal with the bulk of it , which comes down to one of primary reason for even doing this blog. A major bulk of this blog so far is alternatives health theraphy 
as  I've only just introduced psychology 

Everybody needs to take the initiative , and research and apply 
there are some courses on iTunes only downloaded psychiatry ground from uni of Arizona . 
As I realised from this point onwards need to be in parallel.

Anything on my blog or other similar blogs sites etc if  holds your interest look it up , 
internet has loads of free useful info or content 

I haven't actually done an emergency kit note , 
alternative health tools that goes into it  / listed. Has to be individually tailored , 
yep you need to put your head down and study 
Pretty sure given head start here .

In parting chin up :)

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