Saturday, 30 July 2016

Quick Diary Update

As life been busy ... yawn away
 which i still think are the effects from  the vibes of   online subscription site that i paid one off payment for the year
call it transpersonal psychology :P
in short i have done such good job on my  emotional and intellectual  Being.

That i have done such an excellent job of being disqualified
From Employment Support Allowance [ESA]
And Disability Allowance –
Which is now called Personal Independent Allowance
Not sure if i should pat myself on the back
on that... or think shit what am gona do

side note before i continue
i did i an extended essay at university level
“On Mental Health And Employment”
Although i did exceptionally well on it
It also had a negative effect.

At the time short  version summary 2007 ESA was a Parliamentary Bill
The negative were:
 stronger realisation  than before  of what discrimination I would have to face from potential employers  from direct experience from previous employees  that may have had
 And there capacity to work  or  simply not being well informed  in all round sense of the word what we newbies actually are and have to offer  to the world community at large.
I was a timid teenager when i was diagnosd mid 90’s
And it  has been 18+ years since.
On my own initiative did do two work related courses one which I am referring to and other of course computing.
However I learnt it was of no advantage to be ‘over qualified’
Or obtain a degree as jobs requiring less, employers could simply say ‘you are over qualified’ for the job.
As the burden of proof  was entirely upon the newbie to prove discrimination took place
Never did any course again after that. At the time going round in circles without work experience to back you up.

Other than brush up on computer skills they were however done through social worker  type  people –
to keep one busy and active.
My only regret while on ESA and DLA was not being
Asked/sent or taken my own initiative
to see a career advisor 
by far so much better than from what i remember from my teenage years.
I have also unwittingly[did i?] barred myself  from any advantage  on how welfare system works  since the new benefit that i am on,  only came  in my local zone this Easter
Can you imagine my surprise doing the form for job seeker and send  you  universal credit.. i sat there thinking
“ I say what in God name is this” in American southern slang

Regardless never took any advantage  of this knowledge myself  
Example some time early 2000 stop filling in DLA form
Well embarrassing questions
Example 2 2003:
While hospitalised according to hospital shrink should appeal DLA since i do qualify I also realised one of nurses decided upon herself  to help me fill  the form wasn’t fit to do so. Realistion even more,  after doing that course.
How ever refused , saw no reason to have more income than British pensioners some of who were struggling on it.
However in “ ‘Rocky’  round  3” at the wards was allocated very good social worker; yea  got DLA

that was the summary version of that.
As for this year gone had taken up responsibility of looking  after my niece  between 12pm -2pm while my sister was at work
And some very difficult circumstances at home nought to do with aging parents  but a difficult sibling  [voldermot]
Creating an online course as in  course criteria , doing audio and pdf from scratch had to much of and over active mind effect as well [ harder to fall asleep for which to counterbalance added zinc oxide powder to candle burner method... not good long term    consider why ? big hint its Addressed.
 Neway Although i live in family home , its not much different to living in bedroom  bedsit[becuz of voldermot sibling.]

Until,  how should i put it?  ‘get my act together’

Some positive news apprenticeship are  now open to all ages  instead of 25 and under and i have applied for some.

For moment reserving opinion  on Universal Credit and job work coaches since i have never been to them before.

All very new to me

How ever i am finding i have an ‘over active mind’ hence harder to switch off and go to sleep at night.
And have had to double my efforts on how i apply holistic therapies. So much for patting myself on the back .
Since these are my new  daily current circumstances.
I naturally expect to adjust  in month or 35 days
As this is  about the same time it takes to mentally break bad habits or create good habits
To be on the safe  side did book in with local GP  doctor just to keep an eye on things

Other than that been pretty up beat and positive

Neway meant to leave a task list/ blog posts to do when am set and settled  in routine etc.
1)Hormone Address two- there are many types of hormones  all with different function  in the human body how many as lay people , Level 3 qualications  as Newbies  can you name ?
Should i leave a bleep at the end this time at the end this time :p
2) continue with incomplete post namely  application
Of crystal  therapy and dreamtime ... might be best address my own sleeping issues first or naturally falling asleep first again [under new circumstance ]before some insight into dream analysis.

3] minor updates 
a)Like looking into orgone energy/organite  devices this really is just crystal energy  which serves as input output
which is defo To be added blog post’ ‘pitfall of the occult’
and yet to create blog post  Detox for Newbies
b)sound therapy  and crystal therapy combined this really is key right in resolving my sleep issues
method old style headphones easily
{available in Pound shops [ by more than one for back up]}
gemstone mini bag {go to your local museum for that}
and glue tack [don’t matter between blue/ white]
and  and water proof plaster[ yep first aid kit ]

mmm ... lets see how well you guys do.
4) how Detox for Newbies [yes organite ]
5) Only after looking at academic  Psychology books
that are edition 2015 + more Psychology side of things .

6/7:) will go in both my two blogs
And idea/teaser of what this will be :
If I was education minister  {with an iron grip [:p]}
The new model of work force  will  be learning or updating skills to keep up with a competitive market
16 -21 year never take on full time  employment that does not provide academic qualification  as well.
How to approach education online  [formal  and informal ]and online safety
bit late for career ladder  but this is the digital world
within good[?]  writing I do as I please.

Laters Fazila