Tuesday, 12 November 2013

oil candle burner with a /combo flower remedies

what you need :
 a candle burner with a large dish to which you have added H2O / herbal water  
up 5 drops of essential oils of your choice
 a good haphazardness free place to put it
 the tea light candle
a combo flower remedy i.e.
in addition [if you have it in flower remedy format that's cool]

  1. a drop comfrey oil
  2. a drop grapefruit seed extract [an essential oil] 
  3. and a piece itty bitty pieces of  Dandelion coffee
from my own experience  flower remedies bottle usually have a life span 2 and 1/2 months approximately  once you've opened the bottle that is.

comfrey , dandelion  and grapefruit if you refer to Gurudas book on flower remedies are noted for distressing muscles  and grapefruit  the head area

Pin pointed the bowel essence one 
  • digestion 
  • assimilation /2nd chakra
  • and the secret
with this  you can be quite versatile  you can add just about anything including small crystals into the dish [just don't use one that has too many nooks and crannies [ hard to clean] 
 to benefit from it

2 drops of the 5 drops essential oil would good idea if they had affinity for the lungs.

i.e. ceder-wood  eucalyptus,  pine etc  

if at any time your finding it hard press to get hold of flower essences 
 a substitute  is kali mur  Tissue Salt No. 5, not quite the same level but next best thing

enjoy bliss

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