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Crystal Buddies

was updating this note and and web crashed on me  ...ahhh primal scream- above author triology books good  guide for any beginner in crystal lore  neways will be doing seperate crystal blog so its more tuned in.

below reference Gurudas books volume one and two back in print hurray :)  [and  flower essences one too ] 

In terms of actual physical tools this probably the last one to be addressed. Its also the one i know most about  
extract [from Gurudas gem elixir volume 1]...
P.S. sounded good when i noted  it down 
what the hec did all that mean in practical form ?

so i'll come back  to it ... still not as bad some psychology books :P 
came back to it & has been  modified  so it makes more sense :
"...the ability of gemstone to heal is based on transference of their stable form of molecular structure, permeating into the physical body down into the molecular level and bringing stability  to the bio-molecular level to where there this is sympathetic resonancy, the body is healed through energy - and "not through chemical reaction" but more on *molecular structures*

all things are in constant state  of vibration and in constant harmonics  \and resonancy , according to the point of stability within the ethers

Gemstonethese fields generate  fields of electromagnetic and electrical nature, but above all , the fields of  which  the ethers are activated

space is permeated within  ethereal fluiduim of the human body  that part of the body, physical that contains  crystalline and quartz like properties  
Gemstone stimulate healing within the body physical based on resonating harmony and vibration via the body's  body's own cell salts

Gemstone have direct collaboration wi-thin individuals  concerning the concepts  of vibration which are charged  or *sympathetic  molecular  structure *

behavioral modification can only become active  on the level of conscious decision making *behavioral illumination*  enabling  an individual   to "come into confrontation" with the source  of behavioral pattern  and than to make conscious and  intelligent  decision
this allows gemstones to  be applied onto the psyco-spiritual dynamics of the individual thus   psych-spiritual  structure of the individual is enhanced  *behavioral illumination* ' and not behavioral modification.
Are you semi enlightened yet ...


look up/key word  gurudas gem elixer on on Microsoft Word-Gem database / or apple device there a pdf brilliant for quick reference

Top methods of use 

  • elixir
  • laying them on specific part of bodies 
  • leaving a few under the pillow/ gridding four corners/post of the bed 
crystal are cost effective  as well as a delight to behold  and deserve equal care as you would for beloved plants/ indeed pets  gifts of nature and not to be abused 

laters fuzz


 Those into crystal healing  , will already know that burying crystal in the ground/earth is well used technique in  cleansing  as well charging the crystal, for those who have read the  earthing book info we now know
why !

+++refer to Enhancing the Earthing Experience note

suggested further blog note reading

Humpty Dumpty the auric egg.. it hatched :p

all the king men ... couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again

if the 'king' is considered the brain the 'men'  the body defense/repair system

another way of saying no longer in incubation mode  or self adjusting mechanism... kindergarten time up

like the rest of you aura needs to be looked after 
Background reading:

Direct methods: 

  • water i.e. bath
  • crystals
  • energy works 
  • meditation
  • parasympathetic type of exercises
  • the candle  method mentioned in an earlier note
  • psychic protection type of info an its application
for this note  water and crystal elixir 
water via bath refer to: 
  • water Magic by Mary Muryn
  • Gurudas books particularly the crysatal volume 1

 i'll quick mention of the 

combo gem list A

  1. malachite, dark pearl tiger eye stabilises  lower charas
  2. light pear; light opal -emotional stability
  3. ruby and turquiose-release of emotional pain
  4. lapis malachite topaz -enhances the ability to work with and express newly stabilised emotion
  5. diamond clear quartz rose quatrz - final clear out ant emotional negativity

combo gem list  2

  1. diamond, star sapphire. topaz
  2. all 10 gem elixir mentioned combo A + bloodstone , peridot and silver-activate and strengthen meridians 
  3. ruby malachite, star sapphire tger eye balanced and strengthen nadis / ethreal fluidum
  4. diamond ,  jelly opal, platinum silver =all round perfect alignment
  5. diamond , positive and negative lodestone, ruby  star sapphire
  6.  strengthen  auras and psychological states including procrastination !
  7. red coral , emerald, dark opal agood one for newbie states

ok does go on a bit in combo's 
so i'll finish off that bit later 

in short important to do one few things that alleviate newbie disorientation that always there / sneaks up on you there and no not  an a episode/ spell in ward state

yes i did all of them combo  and improvised meaning  combined more crystals in one go 
as i do own crystals  yep improvised on how to create combo elixir

my way to create your own combo elixir

a rounded /cylinder type wand crystal clear quartz
[ not hexagonal to my surprise i found this didn't work  for me...mmm it how ever works Micheal Gienger   a well known authority on crystals  so i thought am missing a step the following video may be the missing step but i haven't got round to testing it yet] quite happy with the other wand what can say less work!

your  selected  combo crystals 
clear glass container i.e.  jug water filled- optional amplified  via gong bowl+/[make sure u place a soft sheet i.e. folded kitchen roll sheets will do 
and clean, cleared surface i.e.  a window sill

The method 

u need a wand crystal clear quartz for beginners and  your well chosen combo crystals touching the two side of wand /heavier end of the wand , the tip end of the  wand  touching clear glass filled jug water leave to charge for minimum of two hours 

when ready follow preservation methods  mention  via Gurudas  books /Micheal Gienger  gem elixir book  

there are ready made combo on line to buy those totally new / not focused enough to create there own. Me  am not much of Gardner so tend to buy flower remedies  or gem elixir of crystals i currently don't own.
suggestion :
 buy a chakra bottle set   
  plus  up to  10 single flower/gem  elixir that you have well chosen after studying the info on them.

don't have more than 3 gem  /flower single/combo elixir remedy bottles open at any one time. 

looks like i'll be doing the other direct methods as separate notes 

reference info when choosing from the collection gemstone you own / on elixir available

most goods crystal books have index pages physical /psychological state etc  already allocated the hard work done; 

it may even be interesting to check the ingredients of any medication previously or currently on. 

laters fuzz

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Inverse Rainbow

Your reading list from previous note + the following below

seven rays of life  Alice  A.  Bailey book
[#for in depth knowledge on colours# ]

them mind numbing triangles you probably remember doing in maths trigonometry [yep finally/at last  a use  for them]
the distance away from the spine[the base of the triangle would determine from which vibratory body /auric  level you're working from.
to refresh your memory: 

in depth understanding of the spine i.e. 

Esoteric Healing: A Practical Guide Based on the Teachings of the Tibetan in the Works of Alice A. Bailey by Alan and N Hopking (1 Jan 2005)

I mentioned in the previous note 
visualisation [mentally/physically viewing  the appropriate shade]

 what was previously noted is what you can physically do  for yourself 
 to work on vibrational  level requires conscious application by you 

in its basic form 

visualising/ feeling  descending energy from the above the head center either in energy form or in chosen colour  and fousing on on a chosen vertebra in trigonometry style 

as you can see each vertebra / region of it can also be associated with the colours of the chakras/merdians 


you can change the order of the 'colour rainbow song' that one would dutifully sang in primary school  

7th chakra  red - actve ?
6th chakra yellow- intellect/logic?
5th chakra  orange -creativity
4th chakra green- same/harmony
3rd chakra purple - order
2nd chakra blue -calm
1st chakra white- cleared

it should also be noted applying the colour combo in  primary and secondary colours  via merdian/chakra

the  darker shades of the colour spectrum could be considered Yang-electric/ male in energy

the  paler shade of the colour spectrum could be considered Ying/magnetic/female in energy

laters fuzz

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Rainbow Energy Rangeela :)

Understanding where technology is heading is more than guesswork. Looking at emerging trends and research, one can predict and draw conclusions about

Before applying colour therapy it not only important to know the benefits of each colour  but also the associated colours of the chakras/meridians

Chakras - levels of human/soul consciousness of growth.  LOVE IT!!!!

loads free info all over check it out

links to associated colours of the chakras/meridians:

some  links benefits of each colour:
The emotional and psychological meaning of colors! - Google Search
Color Wheel Mandala

recommended Books:

Colours of the Soul: Transform Your Life Through Colour Therapy by June McLeod,

Colour Your Life: How to use the right colours to achieve balance, health and happiness by Howard Sun, 

The Little Book of Cosmic Colour (Little Book Of... (HarperCollins)) by Betty Shine,

The Aura-soma Sourcebook: Color Therapy for the Soul by Mike Booth,

#there are many methods of applying colour from#

  • decor .pictures, cushions  utensils etc
Lovely mug - I want one!!

  • charging water via coloured drinking glass

  • clothes/accessories
Slouchy Beanie Crochet Slouch Hat Gray Happy Rainbow Mens Womens Girl Teen Gay pride LGBT Grey Fall autumn winter accesories. $27.00, via Etsy.
  • visualisation [mentally/physically viewing  the appropriate shade]

    Colour Breathing by Alison Jane Bourne (4 May 2002)
    /7 circular colour disk  that you could create yourself

  • food
Beach Ball Pool party fruit tray

  • full spectrum lighting

  • via gemstones / crystals
  • coloured glasses, mind you just colour 
Rainbow Sunglasses

A recent book just looked into from the library  named :
magic of colour theraphy -holistic healing through colours By A. R, Hari

talks about using more than one colour  after another, usually up to 2/3 and focusing on the area of concern
for the duration of  15 mins each

you may even own colour afirmation cd /track 
if not an app like :
  • Ambiance
allows to record your own voice or that of another individual  with positive words

no, no,no's

avoid irritating colours  especially in decor 

hair do's 

Rainbow hair!rainbow!!

never  wear 100% black clothing that everything from under wear  to outer wear  you will feel sick
it  is an absorbent colour  where as white is de/reflective colour


he importance of sunlight / ultra violet rays=the invisible band long wave
 ultra violet light rays  refer to Tao Detox  
: chapter 7 - The Angel of sunlight Heliotherapy pg 172-181

Acient Chinese medical text sunlight is form o nourishment for the brain by stimulating vital essence... this essence being  referred to is pituitary[the body's master gland] hormones and essential neurotransmitters
new science photo-biology-  "oculo-endocrine system.... key word   research

it is excessive exposure short wave uv that damages eyes and skin

long wave ultra violet is is essential factor for maintaing human health- the eyes have special layer of cells known as epithelial cells that capture long wave utra violet rays if you dnt get sufficient amounts  weak immune response and low resistance
all glass blocks out long wave uv.

proper daily dose of sunlight is about 30 min before 10.30am 
or after 3.30 pm  in the afternoon

note: never between -3 pm sunlight to direct,  has an acidifying effect on the body 
the usual rule never stare directly at sunlight always indirectly like when your keeping an eye unobserved

sunlight therapy is therapy is also mentioned  in the Essene gospel peace .... there you go it religious god bless :)

some links

later's Rainbow  TARA*

o k I'll stick with fuzz

ps when looking under devices for App also look under/with  word chrome

books mentioned previosly help you improvise and be creative in the uses of colour, the first has integrated chapters as well diagram that you  wont find on line easily.

Vibrational Medicine: The Number 1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber,
Note:an excellent book of diagrams and bibliograpy 

Kundalini & the Chakras: Evolution in this Lifetime: A Practical Manual - Evolution in This Lifetime (Llewellyn's new age series) by Genevieve L. Paulson,