Monday, 28 April 2014

Owning your Five Star Badge

The three emotionally related  chakras ….? part 2 of  3{ Gut Instincts  note /post was part 1}

Issues of personal power, the issue is more highlighted now … apparently because at no other  point in time, in  human history that is [ as we have been thought] has personal freedom and ones ability to work one’s way up in the world  be easily obtained currently best demonstrated by western cultures / societies .

Conflict arises  when people have less than they want out of life and those that achieve position and material wealth - “exaggerated by media”

Personal power  and abilities  to work  co-operating in groups  home or at work  ‘basic development’ & ‘societal developmental integration’

The 5th  chakra is strongly influence by this type of Personal Power  and influences cover the major  glands and structure of the neck regions

All illnesses has a connection to the fifth chakra… can you explain/think why…?

Due to lack of expressing about what one thinks and feel

Maturation of the one’s will  from tribal to individual and that  in alignment to higher will/ god

primary fears have to be over come so that its  authority or power, no longer dominate the  choices within our lives .

.Hidden tendencies to project our own problems  and inabilities onto the world.

We are often afraid of owning up to our fears, anxiety and short comings .

Mental emotional struggles involves  learning the power of our  choices

The imbalance of the head and heart has the potential to turn people into addicts

Expressing ourselves in front of others over a wide variety of issues/ causes …expressions  getting stuck in in the human system  , may indeed manifest itself often at the throat as in most obvious consider/think ‘lost of voice’

Fear of internal growth qualifies  as an addiction… used to avoid pain or aha  moments into personal insights.

An example of me [to my absolute annoyance] found myself to be constipated in month of Taurus  which is directly linked to astrologically at least to neck hence the 5th chakra some of you may be thinking isn’t that Virgo for digestion… true however at the emotional /astral level I concluded  as usually can do [ other wise known as barking up the wrong tree] if the concept of not expressing one’s emotions in this case verbally than  your physical body will take it upon itself express it for you …In my case inability to digest emotion- hence constipation

sat there thinking so in your face /constipated thought :P

For further reading on how your body may express itself when you your self choose /unable to express
look up Louise Hay books… however do not take it literally  apart from being in your face [when ever anyone goes on and on about migraines I usually just keep quite] it addresses only the emotional level  with  mental level affirmation  which first steps to understanding and partial tools [the affirmations‘] to dealing  with stuck expression a more complete process  would be to apply Sedona methods as well as the note EFT and beyond + crystals

First steps to addressing the un expressed is to:
Make no judgements,
Have no expectation,
Give up need to know why things  happen the way they have [unscheduled events are a form spiritual direction]

Who/what  has control over your will power and why?
Do you seek to control others? who and why?
What makes you loose control of your will power/temper?

The following could be the shrinks favourite questions ; relayed differently :P

Do you trust guidance that has no proof
Fears associated  within divine guidance
Do pray for assistance with personal plans

The 5th  chakra has many major influences over the major  physical glands and structure in the neck regions

These include:
Thyroid and parathyroid  glands , mouth, vocal cords, trachea  as well as cervical vertebrae

And associated   parasympathetic  system is divided of autonomic system originates  at the 10th cranial  nerve also known as vagus nerve = which leaves  the brain stem that than travels  or it’s effects are received  in heart lungs and abdominal organs

Thyroid and parathyroid  glands - regulates calcium  metabolism in the bone dells

Thyroid and parathyroid  glands - affect growth of skeletal activity

And affects Psychic clairaudience astral level.

So its important to allow energy transfer flow to be expressed freely with discernment

The 5th Centre is that of  choice through thoughts and feelings. Exerting the will to communicate one true inner feeling .. The will activity affects one ability to

consciously recognise one needs
Accepting  what cannot be changed
Have Courage to make choices
And the wisdom to know the differences

The 5th  center is also that  of higher creativity i.e. word , songs, poetry etc.

p.s. update/after thought :  a friend of a friend, concerned  wanted to to know the welfare  of friend without prying into or being busybody  and asked for my advice/opinion  after giving it it some thought  said to ask what current favorite colour is [not the usual favorite ] from... the answer    that got back to me some time later  definitely in healing mode  no i don't ask people this question  apart from well trained answer :P  can be bit too informative for personal use refer i.e to understand the inner you what going on refer to color notes

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dream On..

 A good start is probably is to be able to fall asleep, 
quite  naturally of course or with a little help from natural remedies
check out chillax herbal and candle aromatherapy method  or music  refer to previous blog notes.

sleep depravation can be a major issues  and it will be of importance to know which aryuvedic type  you are  and how that relates in clock time to you or sleeping pattern

as well as the Chinese body clock and taking note what time middle night or  part way through the night you wake up,
an making point of  note of which organ body is related to that hour ding dong
as well as the hour just passed ding dong

some newbies have tendency  to be night birds or owls
if say  ayurvedic type clock
and just missed the ideal   natural sleeping time being between 9,30-10.30
chances are strong are strong you may have trouble till after 2am
however certain things about yourself can only be learnt by self observation and long term at that.

Those newbies on orthodox medication, although some you may sleep a lot strangely enough  may come of bit of a surprise to you, you  are actually sleep deprived meaning that when you are sleeping the body is still unable  carry out lot of sleep mode function key one being detox and repair posher  word being rejuvenate

those who fall asleep may naturally may consistently find themselves in nightmare zone  apart assumed causes of this being bad food or diet. Other explanation other than out right whacky to legitimate  are far to long winded to explain  simple effective solution  St Johnwort infused oil dab a bit say just upper chest.  does the trick every time.

those newbies who find themselves in nightmare consistently  probably best to skip dream yoga book mentioned until you get to bottom or root cause of nightmare

an art of dreaming tip: if an when you find yourself in nightmare / just bad dream  you might be adept enough to notice black pond ,ocean or watery zone   some thing like that. I usually  find this to be access back to waking/ awake  consciousness.

that should be sufficient  information to be getting on with

laters fazmax

what was previously written  on this blog note
Look into books

Tibetan yoga  dream  and sleep by  tenzin wangyal riponche ( pdf  just staring to read it )
Art of Dreaming  by Carlos Castenendo ( might be typo on author name)
plus the following book  author has website too, the dream book is more pragmatic  meaning more grounded again as to what your body /mind is trying to tell and less on prophetic dream interpretation.

Neway finish of note on another day dream  , still not finished crystal notes :/
On that remembrance :-optional crystal tapping option  on EFT and Beyond  note

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Reach for the Stars

Try meditating on Astrological signs, eg Aries, Virgo,Capricorn. 

as previously mentioned [in the art of timing -note]or already may know each sign is connected to a body part i.e. Pisces to the feet, Virgo to digestive system, Aries to head etc  
also take note of which element fire earth,  etc  

How to go about it: 

well for starters know your signs-to related body part!  its in art of timeliness note /search engine it
so lie down comfortably- like in yoga corpse pose,

breathe deeply minimum of four times 
and go through Aries first- through to Pisces [head to toe] 
and mentally telling your self i now breathe the energy of the constellation of,,, ??! 

focusing in on yourself and being aware 
maintain breathing in of each sign as long as you need to 
breathe gently four times at the end to finish off. 

function/reason behind this meditation: 

energy balancing , and relax 
we no longer get sufficient star light, due night light pollution, and likely to be indoors-unless of course your camping! 

Note :works in similar manner to nine planets that correspond to our chakras /meridian centers [more common in Indian astrology]
a similar meditation  can be done here as well  on YouTube you'll find the actual sound  planets make -yep news to me too, so you have the added option of having these sounds in the background on your devices 

it might as an option be good idea to know how in esoteric astrology and info on planets- intellectual info and redirect energies you want to bring in author :
 Alan Leo is good in this regard
 or A. A.Bailey Seven Rays [excellent all rounder ]

any way good luck if you choose to try either of the two!

[followed on from following notes  :
Does it Exist in Your Imagination
and body scan meditation 

yep from the other blog, just updated it a bit

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Tour on Development

[following on from gut instinct note]

***There are two major influences upon the human kingdom the Ray of love and wisdom[blue] and  the ray of active intelligence and adaptability -Yellow Ray

The potency of this Yellow Ray finds its expression through the 3rd major centre on this planet known as humanity [yep that's us lot back stage making racket: "are we on stage yet?"]

In its 'basic' manifestation:
is the development of thought
materialistic center , divine urge
tendency to inquire, ask question find out search, progress analysis- urge to evolve

 it is the  more 'finer' manifestation:
True thinker mental type, awake and alert
know plan purpose will of source/spirit
intelligence transmuted into wisdom

scientist , educator, writer[am I in their anywhere]
[Alice A. Bailey books]

The above was taken from source written some 60 /more years ago, more recent literature breaks this down into further components 
such as
IQ=intelligence Quotient
EQ= emotional Quotient
SQ=sensing knowing & telepathy
WQ=expansion beyond yourself Consciousness and creation: speed thinking, super creativity
QQ=Quantum intelligence[do not know :))]

It is the  spring board colour for the inner world and spirituality
Summary:adaption , evolution, development.

therefore each and everyone of us  has this color -ray, some more than others or draws it in at will ie students-
in terms of auric hues/ or as like to term it a particular shade of yellow, that resonates with specific meridian

yellow hues:
pale:- poor state of mind/ timid character, emotional scars
Primrose:-optimism , new learning, new career
lemon :-strength,sorting & sifting issues of importance
butter :- strictly focus
Golden elevation of mind, inspiration
mustard:- manipulative mind games
orange:-Excessive thinking, dogmatic
straw:- dream
 Yellow negative moods are characterized: Anxiety , out of control, fear, lonliness

So virtues to be acquired:
tolerance, sympathy, devotion, accuracy, energy, common sense

For the student the affirmation would be : I am open and willing to learn and to be guided in all my affairs

A ray that allows man, the capacity to a source of all requirements, & supplies every need.

so if you think you are a yellow think of yourself as:
daffodil:- Generous spiritual entertainer or
sunset gold: intuitive, articulate and funny or
Cadium yellow:Sexy, complex creative or
Artisan Gold: Expressive Artisan and Musical

How could you go about achieving such qualities?

Strangely by enforced Quiet, not through meditation but through the art of living.
to make the most of opportunities that come your way
to work within the context of divine order
to observe what need to be done and patience for it to be revealed, in its own timing.

You become like an Actor ... Set Scene Action
And weave your own magic in the light of day
And be as one with sage like superstars

And speak forth in nuggets of gold:

"What multi faceted jewel reflects light in all direction equally?
that fulfills every wish thee may have
& still showers the universe in its warm radiant glow?"

As an aspect of 3rd ray; money lies in the crystalised 'physical exchange form' -
Where 'test' of good will should demonstrated?
This ray will go on increasing and intensifying and will merge into a major root race. [global economy]

ps excuse spelling /typo am that not that yellow :))***

taken from my other blog:

purpose 1

some newbies tend to be stuck on traditional views  enforced by what ever authority figure family religion etc ... it is a slow progress you can't go back to who use to be .. time to own up to real interests and re-recreate yourselves you will indeed step on others avoidance is  inevitable  in which case make an art of  or just stamp about bit so to speak.  regardless of how old you are now

purpose 2

third chakra fourth chakra and  fifth chakra; are  interlinked in the beginning phases of individuation - to be your own person

purpose 3

time to an interest in inner and outer development.

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Like for Real Spiritual Emergancy

probably 2 of 5 important books that i  read that one term as "the salvation"

the Awakener that i  read first that summed  my experience[ the page pages at the back]
 regardless of clinical observations
or the mental health tribunal book : the law requires definition{ to one of us newbies reading, would find it quite damning wouldn't advise it]

 in case for the nosey people who want to know why i read it; it was part of my extended essay course work  "mental heath and getting back to work"  wasn't very promising WHY? the burden of proof,  that of prejudice is upon you { This i will address in another note]

 Even though i got distinction for it...  aren't i bright
didn't bother, doing any further courses after that either,.that included going to university.

I have actually got  half an A/S in Psychology  pulled off an E  under serious sedation [medication other wise known as butt injections ] to look of  absolute miracle on the face career advisor when i'd gone to see her after exam result,  didn't impress me much either; guess it was though looking back now.

Only thing i took note of that time was psychology degrees were omitting spiritual psychology things may have changed since than . I was totally disillusioned  the saving grace for the professional ,shrinks etc  in my non humble opinion is the spiritual emergency book that's it didn't look into matter any further.

For this blog i had to re-buy  the book [gave my original way to newbie met in college[  whilst getting computer certificate] had this weird thing about giving himself /talking at psychology uni  seminar about his condition - normally i would have called it noble  but knew him well enough  to come to realise it was form of sabotage  to put badly; look at me am freak

 Apart from  slacking off on revision  [even i knew my chances of getting good grade were slimmer than slim shady ]  i was totally immersed in" the global conspiracy by" David Icke that had just been published  it was good that it was one of the first of five  so i could look upon all future book readings with absolute skepticism

[this icke dude comes from same city as i do;  indeed attended the same secondary school ... do you think there was something in the water ? ...spooky enough i did do poem called the 'star of david' in round one of newbie condition 1995 at that time i had put it down  religious phase. I had totally missed the drama with Ick dude which had been on t.v.  god save all newbie from such public demos ]

Anyways realisation of all l important  ramification ..." if i got what the dude is saying I [we] have not been properly educated "  bugger

laters fuzzy


EFT and Beyond

since were looking at newbie condition from holistic perspective , it would unseasonable to miss out the emotional freedom technique following on from the note "do you know. how; to hack in to yourself"

a short summary of this technique  would be

"Tapping on key specifically targeted part of the body"-about 7-8 times  while:
a)affirming to first  release emotion /emotions  surrounding  an event or individuals
b)secondly affirming a positive statement in its place

information on finding these points can easily found on line books, PDF, YouTube etc

however i would like to leave with 2 additional  books both previously mentioned, one that to your left the other to your right. :)

your homework[no groaning please ]:
1. repeat EFT techniques with the 10 key questions Sedona  Method book  in there [yep it has been summarised somewhere in the book 

2.repeat EFT techniques on any of the on body major and minor chakras that are mentioned in the book kundalini and the chakras

see if you can reapply what mentioned in the note  "do you know. how; to hack in to yourself" which is summary of reflexology on ears hand and feet 
+++info on "musical notes" ... mantras , prayers from respective beliefs etc ***and tapping to rhythm of the  music...try it  to experience  it !
laters fuzzy

and same info on tapping can/may help improve eye sight; something i mentioned in Aries and what prompted me to this blog; your eyes can hold alot of emotion  refer to following book
short flashback: the optician was chattering away, as some do, had this firm yet dumb notion that if parents have bad eyesight the children will too ,i held back my  opinion by sheer will power :p
so barking up the wrong tree; that by the way is my specialty :)

the kundalini and chakras  book and one below will  will take you to the final frontier :)

shh don't tell anyone available as pdf  alas i already own the  book 

optional using crystal for  tapping on points  

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Body Scan Meditation

Update meditation skills re focus the attention to the auric bodies instead of the usual focus on  physical body

Apply you emotional and mental aura

Take any body scan video / audio, keep in mind the intent and exactly the same body part but with the emotional and mental  body in mind

i got Jon Kabbat Zinn on audio  that i got from borders book store ages  ago awesome dude 
there are many to choose from , like the one below; make ur own pick 

test run how i said to try it .. those newbies with higher level sensitivities may need to go onto work spiritual body 

important: it will still be primary after working on the already mentioned auric bodies to reground sequential order via etheric  and physical 

quick recap :

spiritual ground  down to etheric  and physical
mental ground  down to etheric  and physical
emotional ground  down to etheric  and physical

those who can record there own voices [ ur own personal voice does have specific personal healing value to to you ], there isn't body scan that goes into mind numbing details of body parts [ ok i haven't looked in some time  ] however it comes down to accepting/ acknowledging  every part of you ; it might indeed be a good idea to go into more detail for instance on digestive system.

for those meditating on  specific chakras  again differentiate upon which of the auric body chakra you are working on.

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[followed on from Is it in your imagination note i.e.  too long give it its own  space ]