Monday, 27 July 2015

Assimilate or be Assembled...?

 Really i should done this note when read  this book ....couple of months back
ok  summarised version [from a very bad memory banks ]
home work: go read book [pdf can be found ]and you can blame this dude
for homework
for those who do the homework  will may conclude :

"That at birth the assemblage point is located around sacral/ solar plex
and during adolescent years moves its way onwards and upwards to the heart region
 to about the thymus gland in some individuals   and that pretty much is  most of the human population "
if it falls{that's if you believe it exist}  pretty much below the shoulder line  'may'[don't be come pessemistic here ] end up any number of problems [refer to top first image]

the day dreamers  and distinctive thinkers among  you, may   indeed ponder upon  emphasise the *onwards and upwards*

at this point  I may indeed be barking up the wrong tree

I don't personally believe  that the
'shoulder line' that is where the assemblage point  is located in healthy individual is the final resting spot
any minor to major knocks of life especially in newbies  can easily displace it downwards 
for those who choose to do the following  via focus meditation, especially those of you,who are sensitive should feel it 
  will consider re- locating it ... me i decided to crown(chakra ) it 
[it make take while to get use to the  new location... you should be able to hone in ensure placement i.e. not moved  ... however whats crowned can never fall ]

laters fuzzy