Monday, 19 October 2015

Embracing away; a way of being …

Simply put there are no short term or long term  fix
A new way of being is embraced by denial , reluctance  and even dodging 
and that could be you or the people around you 
guess that depends on location location  location ... Or maybe not

The choice as well wisdom to adjust will come in time 
The teething stage can be tough.

Whether you believe in enlightenment or not …
 I don’t know... 
come to think isnt even important

I remember going back to college
I remember  stumbling upon the word ‘enlightenment ’ 
apart from knowing initial  association lightning from sky, 
or a tree struck with thunder 
[this not is not a Thor - avenger moment]
my comprehension  of that word,  at that time, that was about  it.

Imagine my curiosity repeatedly  using that word
in my abysmal creative writing….
What am I trying to say to myself ?

Some newbies have awkward sleeping hours literally night owls 
[ is it possible to be avoiding sleep
 because dreams weird / nightmare zone]

Some very proudly gulp down entire big bottle fizzy drinks,
and not a thought, as to why?

Me I find myself mimicking sugar junkie mode
in  short when am in fear state
 [ usually down to some incident  or another with voldermort sibling]

Or doing the night owl thing on a full moon , 
or  unavoidable  nightmare  dream ,
 which basically stills needs to be dreamed through [don’t ask/ ok still beats me ] 

Occasionally I come across some newbie’s in the bookstore looking,
 & finally looking into ‘self help books’  [if not the mind, body spirit books]

Re learning  knowing thyself is just one, 
one of many positive steps  to reclaiming control

Knowing  how your stress patterns 
as well as natural body function fall into natural rhythms.

 I only refer to  zodiac  moon cycles 
as i  find it to be  sufficient 
to create observational records on you stress patterns,  [the causes or triggers]
 body function as well as sleeping pattern.

These personal observational records  upon yourself 
 should enable you to  put into practice counter measures 

Say you understood spiritual  as well as physical benefits  of a full moon day/night? 

How  would you counter measure ?

Yes it would depend  increasing knowledge  in spiritual sense … 
and acknowledging factors  that orthodox science / western medicine dismisses 
without  thought or consequence

So  how c/would we deal it ?

My easy answers 
For  some of  the questions asked above 

Trouble sleeping  due falling into nightmares zones 
[this maybe viewed by Chinese psychology as a quick fix category]

Dabbing on st john-wort infused oil- 
for the long winded explanation on why it works
 you’ll need to read  Gurudas  flower remedies books 

Trouble sleeping full moon night…
well you can make a marathon  movie night,  etc 
or  those  more spiritually inclined  can be quite profound meditation experience
if nothing else that definitely put you to sleep P

Last and by no means  least, 
the sugar junkie mode regardless of  trigger
best to have nutritionally dense  wholesome superfood 
‘but  simple to take/eat/drink’ on standby

Adjusting will depend entirely
upon your ability to digest information 
and adapting to ever changing internal condition.

I think in relation  to this note
the adaptation   of the spiritual term ‘gradual enlightenment’ 
might be most fitting. 

The gradual growing of  adaptable knowledge
leads to stable grounded way of being!

laters fuzzy