Monday, 19 October 2015

Embracing away; a way of being …

Simply put there are no short term or long term  fix
A new way of being is embraced by denial , reluctance  and even dodging 
and that could be you or the people around you 
guess that depends on location location  location ... Or maybe not

The choice as well wisdom to adjust will come in time 
The teething stage can be tough.

Whether you believe in enlightenment or not …
 I don’t know... 
come to think isnt even important

I remember going back to college
I remember  stumbling upon the word ‘enlightenment ’ 
apart from knowing initial  association lightning from sky, 
or a tree struck with thunder 
[this not is not a Thor - avenger moment]
my comprehension  of that word,  at that time, that was about  it.

Imagine my curiosity repeatedly  using that word
in my abysmal creative writing….
What am I trying to say to myself ?

Some newbies have awkward sleeping hours literally night owls 
[ is it possible to be avoiding sleep
 because dreams weird / nightmare zone]

Some very proudly gulp down entire big bottle fizzy drinks,
and not a thought, as to why?

Me I find myself mimicking sugar junkie mode
in  short when am in fear state
 [ usually down to some incident  or another with voldermort sibling]

Or doing the night owl thing on a full moon , 
or  unavoidable  nightmare  dream ,
 which basically stills needs to be dreamed through [don’t ask/ ok still beats me ] 

Occasionally I come across some newbie’s in the bookstore looking,
 & finally looking into ‘self help books’  [if not the mind, body spirit books]

Re learning  knowing thyself is just one, 
one of many positive steps  to reclaiming control

Knowing  how your stress patterns 
as well as natural body function fall into natural rhythms.

 I only refer to  zodiac  moon cycles 
as i  find it to be  sufficient 
to create observational records on you stress patterns,  [the causes or triggers]
 body function as well as sleeping pattern.

These personal observational records  upon yourself 
 should enable you to  put into practice counter measures 

Say you understood spiritual  as well as physical benefits  of a full moon day/night? 

How  would you counter measure ?

Yes it would depend  increasing knowledge  in spiritual sense … 
and acknowledging factors  that orthodox science / western medicine dismisses 
without  thought or consequence

So  how c/would we deal it ?

My easy answers 
For  some of  the questions asked above 

Trouble sleeping  due falling into nightmares zones 
[this maybe viewed by Chinese psychology as a quick fix category]

Dabbing on st john-wort infused oil- 
for the long winded explanation on why it works
 you’ll need to read  Gurudas  flower remedies books 

Trouble sleeping full moon night…
well you can make a marathon  movie night,  etc 
or  those  more spiritually inclined  can be quite profound meditation experience
if nothing else that definitely put you to sleep P

Last and by no means  least, 
the sugar junkie mode regardless of  trigger
best to have nutritionally dense  wholesome superfood 
‘but  simple to take/eat/drink’ on standby

Adjusting will depend entirely
upon your ability to digest information 
and adapting to ever changing internal condition.

I think in relation  to this note
the adaptation   of the spiritual term ‘gradual enlightenment’ 
might be most fitting. 

The gradual growing of  adaptable knowledge
leads to stable grounded way of being!

laters fuzzy


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mind over One’s Energy Centred

I guess I've procrastinated long enough  here, 
and contemplated how to proceed with future blog notes, 
The initial intention was to swat up on psychology
 easily available on  apple “U” app

 Where are endured dubiously two session of psychology,
 for starters  it was  really slow going…
never went  back …to it
 still on IPad gathering nano dust :P

Than I thought  how applicable or indeed practical 
is it in everyday existence ?

I also realised I should have taken a better observation of my fellow newbies 
while inward than I thought ‘self observation’
and keeping it ever so badly together; was more than enough to deal with… 
even with loads free time.

I have no idea what kind of person you were before , during , or after…

The crust of matter comes down ’to reaction’  
and those of you who have more ‘will power’ than they care to employ…
breaking away from habitual / instinctual reaction 
 and the evolvement  ‘to responding’ 

I can only classify us newbies  into; two variants, at each  end of the scales 

Group 1. Easily overruled [introvert?] in hindsight can save one a lot of grief

Group 2. God save the person who wrongs you, [extrovert?] 
really useful snapping, back in place s/he in your face types

Group 1 needs to rebuild self esteem, assertiveness etc 
Group 2 controlled discipline , focus etc.

I really hate the cliche ‘mind over matter’  lets rephrase this
Mind over one’s Energy Centred

Either way ‘end result’:
you neither berate yourself for standing down 
nor do you question yourself for standing up , and standing your ground 
And to never undermine your own decisions 

that’s enough blah blah blah from me 
Question am I undermining self  here?
or creating space for thought ? 

laters fuzzy/fazmax

Monday, 27 July 2015

Assimilate or be Assembled...?

 Really i should done this note when read  this book ....couple of months back
ok  summarised version [from a very bad memory banks ]
home work: go read book [pdf can be found ]and you can blame this dude
for homework
for those who do the homework  will may conclude :

"That at birth the assemblage point is located around sacral/ solar plex
and during adolescent years moves its way onwards and upwards to the heart region
 to about the thymus gland in some individuals   and that pretty much is  most of the human population "
if it falls{that's if you believe it exist}  pretty much below the shoulder line  'may'[don't be come pessemistic here ] end up any number of problems [refer to top first image]

the day dreamers  and distinctive thinkers among  you, may   indeed ponder upon  emphasise the *onwards and upwards*

at this point  I may indeed be barking up the wrong tree

I don't personally believe  that the
'shoulder line' that is where the assemblage point  is located in healthy individual is the final resting spot
any minor to major knocks of life especially in newbies  can easily displace it downwards 
for those who choose to do the following  via focus meditation, especially those of you,who are sensitive should feel it 
  will consider re- locating it ... me i decided to crown(chakra ) it 
[it make take while to get use to the  new location... you should be able to hone in ensure placement i.e. not moved  ... however whats crowned can never fall ]

laters fuzzy 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Oats So good 4 U Congee

Oat Congee  from 
You may have heard of rice congee
why not try oats congee
What exactly is rice congee?
It  is a thin porridge or gruel hand full rice simmered in five to six time the amount of water 
 ideally on low heat for a warping 6 hours -so best to have added more water 
than less reasoning the longer it cooks the powerful it becomes

The similar thing in oats "oat water" tablespoon oat groats/flakes /rolled in 1 quart water and simmered on low heat 30 min -2 hours
Is anything other added to rice congee ?

Why yes ...

other grains,
meats (don't think meat be good idea for oat even though meat usually good source vitamin B12)

Oats being Rich in "B vitamins" which is excellent for the nervous system among-st other things  such good source of soluble fibre., also in phosphorus and silicon

I Don't personally have the patience for even 2 hour simmering, so cook oats as instructed , tha'ts bring to boil and lower heat and simmer 20mins

In this version might be best to try out variation of 
relaxant herbs,
 pre -papered soak nuts, 
as well dried fruit, 

If your gona add certain herbs in non powdered form 
herb seed  i.e. fennel , 
Or roots i.e.  angelica, ginseng best, in advance to pre-prepare 
For that:
You'll need thermos bottle  
Hot water
add chosen roots/seeds into it
Close lids 

Let sit for 20-30 min

You can separate herbal water - to have as herbal tea
And add seeds /root to pre cooked oats in blender

Other wise as proper oat porridge
All you need is oats groats /flakes /rolled (preferably not ready mix that can be done in microwave)  
1/2-1 tsp softer Herb or herb mix of your choice (refer chillax herbal tea note)
Dried fruit of your choice (optional)
The amount water depend entirely on thickness of porridge you want 

To bring to boil in a saucepan  and simmer,
I only do so 10mins cuz it's gona go in the blender

A dash of milk (optional) to give a creamier taste
Sweetener of your choice (optional )

Herbs that are in "powdered form" can be directly added to bowl you'll be eating in and stir well
If your gona sweeten with honey,  maple syrup  now the time add it and stir well 


and there even version of uncooked oats  just look it up on line  for recipes  and consider how improvise ...

or alternatively  add flakes to  some to your relaxing  herbal tea and still benefit from this overlooked B vitamin  super grain

Laters fuzz

ps oat cookies good to go too. :)

so let me recap Goldilocks and three bears  how do you like yours
hot ? cold  or cookied ... excuse the typo

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Wind & Fire Qi- Stress Shortcut

Mmm… wasn’t Sure whether to bung this in as separate note, or add it on as an update to one of two previous notes [mentioned further down] than thought I can always update into a fuller note later

As the title suggest [ok still haven't figured title yet]as well as the over all theme on  this blog is to refocus the perspective that mental health is perceived not entirely to human bio/psychologylogy or environment.. Like whatever

But deeply connected to the responses in the vibrational bodies  where in comparison not so different from  how  blood is viewed and  is understood as the’ vital’ to life force.

Than qi / chi or pranic /or indeed etheric flow is the very sustaining force in holistic sense inclusive  to the biological body.. As well.  Which for those well versed know that qi stagnation  shows only as the outer physical symptoms  in the human body the dynamics going hay wire on the inside / vibrational bodies is totally missed.

Any this itty bitty in reference upon the above book and recommended reading . In short narrows down two elements from  the 5 theory of elements , also refer to ‘5 star chain reaction’ note as well ….. ‘States and their balance’ notes[ links at bottom of this blog note]

The book gives a very though look at how ‘qi stagnation’ causes stress

The two out of balance elements are usually “wind” first  followed by “fire”/ [heat ]

I my self is only part way / 50% through , after taking a break reading the  chapter 10 on ‘lung qi stagnation‘, even the author addressed it as a very long chapter…. Should have said would have left the best for last lol yep not gone back read rest of the book .

Just wanted to point another way to address  wind and  fire  elements. For those of you who did read the note how to ‘hack into yourself ‘ am referring more specifically  how each finger of the hand represents  each of the #five elements# and  mudras can be applied to alliviate the symptoms  of the two out of balance  elements

an additional book atleast according to the contents page  is the following by mantak chia, i stumbled upon it as pdf  so as of yet not breezed through it.., try not to get distracted by some of his other books  what can say but flammable Stress

laters fazmax

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#States and their Balancing#
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bubble bath time or is it footsie

Recommended reading
Water magic, healing bath recipes  for the spirit and soul
By Mary Muryn

Additional knowledge  from Gurudas
Books: from gem elixirs  and vibrational healing  vol.1 as well as Gurudas book on flower remedies
there are also few recipes   athe back of the cellular awakening by Barbara Wren 
not mention the vast  knowledge of herbs  and aromatherapy that will greatly assist  furthering unique recipes to you.

Bit over due this one
as its one of my favourites
Nothing more chillaxing than being submerged in water almost to be like a mermaid .. Not to much splash though

Skip or overlook most the ready to use over counter stuff- no matter how luxuriously expensive and deceptively scented to thy nose , that is so easy to bung into the bath tub 

Basics that are mentioned Mary Muryn  book such as bach flower remedies and homeopathic as well as crystals

The basic structure of what healing bath is laid bare  and extended knowledge. research and experience can be  improvised.

For those apparent  slackers this may sounds like work
You might be best off, to go straight into the pleasure and sexuality bath recipes , simply to get yourself[s] motivated  let me also remind you, it may be the opposite of having a cold shower.

You are looking to utilise not only the metaphysical properties  of water  but whatever you decide...  as I previously put it' as bung in the bath tub ',

to cleanse  aura,  clear away negativity and  help the elevate the vibrational bodies.

Am not going to go through the book  Mary Muryn book
Of enlightening recipies like I said recommended reading  
I will however add bit of my own extended experience, so that you skinny dip ahead on innovation 

First rule

 depend how much of scardy cat/ dog you are  or indeed time of day/ night... that is to bathe in absolute darkness yep no candle light. Right now don’t recall by memory theory or psychology behind it  but let your own experience  be the judge

Second rule 
Amazes me, neigh annoys me no end, how quickly some people come out of a bubble /healing bath... your not making the most it   minimum time span an hour Gurudas mentions two hours so  newbies work out your average. 

Herbal  blends, so has  anyone ever bought Chinese herb to chillax ? I.e. sleep tea, apart from very strong taste kinda got feeling you could have got more use out of each batch of tea
So this type of Chinese  herbal tea blend
 from  1 batch you should be able to  create a jug 1 litres worth
save two cups for drinking  as instructed
A]and rest to be used in healing bath [strained]
Or B] and  optional would be to blend the left over  mixture with the actual herbs used and  than strain.
[You don’t want to block the bath ]
I found this to work better than actually drinking the tea itself  it was  like the nutrients finally got to where they needed to go

Or create your own herbal tea  blend bath recap of chillax herbs :ginseng, nutmeg, ashwaghanda, chamomile, basil, coriander, lemon verbena, violet leaf, lemongrass, valerian, skullcap, passionflower”, lady slipper, wood betony, California poppy, black cohosh, hops, fennel, hawthorn, liquorice, juniper, linden blossom, elderflower, St johnwort etc

Some of you may already be putting crystals in your healing bath  or crystal essences 
 I  myself have only got round  to using the foot bath version of the  following [ this one preferably without sea salt ] 
remember earthing notes ? 
Look it up....
... so the plug with wire,  instead of  plugging into mat,  sheet  etc leave that bit that attaches to mat,  sheet  etc submerged 'that bit' in water with your chosen crystal[s] .
 keep in mind “only with the earthing plug”  as it only connect to earthing wire and safely non of the other two electrical wires [those two pins in earthing plug are plastic  hence will not conduct electricity] hence you leave the plug switch off.[ yep this not Aqua detox or variations of it }

So what’s my fuzzy wuzzy ditzy brain science  behind it or how it works
Part one
 crystals are naturally discharges and charges in the earth. So  by connecting the earth wire [element ] you are bringing it back to its natural power source  so will work natural optimum capacity safely

Part 2
 Every natural source of water  flows through in and around  the ground  I.e. earth element hence natural water itself is charged by earth,  hence increasing is therapeutic value

So does it work? depends upon newbie sensitivity level...
 In short yes.
 Unlike a normal footbath where you may after some time has passed add some more  warm water so your feet don’t go cold . You won’t need to with 'earthing +crystal  foot bath', you may however find as there isn’t that much water in a footbath, may need to change the water every 30-40 min  or so due to vibrational toxicity accumulated from you,  as this is still in experimental stage guess somat come back to an expand upon 

laters fuzzy

ps a Russian natural healer  whose famous name i forget  recommends bathing in  whole walnuts  water brew  in their shell
 saucepan with lid 
 6-8 walnuts still in their shell 
liter of water 

bring to boil,
 cover lid
lower  the heat to minimum  
allow to simmer 30 min
and bung it in the bath 

for greater understanding as to why it works on vibrational level look into bach flower remedies ...walnut , needles  to say if your allergic to nuts don't do this one  trial test bach walnut flower remedie    instead. ie hand water test  with 1-2 drops  

mmm... turned out to be very long note  and there i was stressing not enough to knit with.

laters fazmax

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