Monday, 10 June 2013

Musical Notes

Most of the information below was scattered all over various sources  that i did at one time own, 
since sifting through what i found useful or found of practical value.  
Or plain interesting gave it way to charity- no bibliography for some it.

The information # should shed some light on how or why music works#  as well as being the easiest;
 tool to apply
[with earphones if you happen to share a room]

Sound produces measured vibratory feeling through out the human body depending on the frequency & amplitude
They influence the geometric patterns and organisation of cells & the living organisms/systems
The key is to apply the correct sonic waves.


= associated with physical life and the function of the body for example:
Specialists in the field of drumming are unable mimic Drummers of a native tribe that could have up to/more distinctive rhythms. Drums sounds have hypnotic effect; every neuron vibrates to in unison with drums, a clearing affect on all bodies,
all medical lines be to conventional to tribal check for the state of health via the human pulse beat or indeed in modern C.S.I/ .chat shows is interpreted via lie detector!! In India; human pulse is called ‘the drum of Shiva’


= includes rhythm, simple tones in structured form; that is agreeable to the ear Influences Psychic being, emotional and mental


= Totality of his /her spiritual essence; is a combination chords and the laws governing harmonics which is strongly influenced Pythagoras theology

When the life force vibrates at greater speed finer level of conscious is achieved, lower rotation the more grosser levels within; correct notes can be therapeutic /inappropriate notes just as damaging

Sound has been used in many cultures to change clear and move vibration

Many great philosophers sound doctrine in regards to music and ‘the art regarded as indispensable to the health of the soul; Socrates and Plato’s

Medieval physicians including dentists used music either as anaesthesia / played or sang to convalescing patients

A key theologian of his time and still well renowned ‘Pythagoras’ called the ‘human body a board that responded to the effects of sound’ .To release the soul of excesses of mental and emotional nature or to inspire, relax/ strengthen the soul

The Chinese system, of five elements –placed their foundation 12 year cycle the famous ancient calendar ‘sign’ and in due fashion devised notes into octaves of 12 parts. They were concerned with ‘great tone/Kung’ which is associated with middle “Fa” resulting from the sound of nature & voices here focus was maintaining the balance between heaven and earth. This tone is forever pressing into man {is it the same in urban environment?}

From music a different source of value is derived. Because unlike good book/ classics/ scriptures, which engages the sight, than inner hearing than process of what is understood. The undisciplined mind can be easily distracted and pass onto other readings. Which is why we buy/download music, with the full intention of playing them repeatedly!! Hence the use of affirming CD’s;

Continuous engagement of the brain requires the ‘silence of the mind’ ‘As on demand.’ Appreciation of music changes with growth of character and the unfolding inner life. Great music isn't immediately acceptable to all. Gradual selectivity is based upon appreciation-of his/her own psychics awareness/ requirement. We begin to explore our inner recesses & contribute not just our current desire to listen, but to our ‘whole being’ as we begin heal, realign & expand

Music expresses the flavour of social pressure, some defensive, and some escapists. Harmony within an integrated being can translate experience of music as art.

The keys of Enoch the biblical description of how the Almighty sounded the sound “Layyooesh-Shakeenah”- means the pillar of light
All school of thoughts appreciate the sacred sounds
The Gregorian chant used by Christians
Dhikir [pronounced zhikar] employs the sacred use of the 99 names of Allah
By those of who call themselves Yogis called mantras
…. Etc

They create specific vibratory frequencies that stimulate the mind producing changes in thinking processes.
Jonathan Goldman in his book ‘shifting frequencies ‘ He writes about the language of light a primary creative force that is encoded into our very being, that help & unblock chakras.

We each have our ‘own note’ once found we can harmonies like the ancients did start searching for it some clues for this can be in letters of your name.

Temple bells encourage focus attune the mind
Mayan bells clear the aura field
Drums and gong affects earth energies and the colour red
New age music mostly key F links to the colour green and heart centre
Thunderstorm can shatter negative energies
Howling wind has a dispersing effect
Water has washed and penetrating refreshing

There will be a time in researching the condition of the soul. That it will not be termed by Psychologist but will be spoken of in musical terms, as one would speak of a piano out of tune

The below  is summary [because I never find it in one source]

Musical Notes & chakra/meridian  center associated:

C= BASE [stimulates the growth of plants!!]

E=SOLARPLEX [cleansing effects, strengthens the intuition faculties and assist digestion]
G=THROAT [reduces fevers, prompts religious and devotional attitudes, soothing Chillaxing]

deeper spiritual books such as Alice A. Bailey think is 'meditation on the occult '[still in the process of reading it]refer to different Musical Notes when discussing chakra/meridian in holistic bodies

the influence of music is increasingly powerful yet does not reveal its full significance. The use of continuous repetition, used to amplify its effects. Music; If we are to invite its meaning, dwells into ourselves it draws on our own understanding, We are often inspired from within ourselves

Some composers & therapeutic value: of there masterful creations:

  1. Bach= powerful integrating and universal 
  2. Beethovan=Psychic integrating 
  3. Chopin= stimulates imagination 
  4. Handels= Hallelujah chorus; brings in angelic forces 
  5. Mendelsson increases sense of security and emphasis living well 
  6. Richard Wagner=universal [Bhramanic] 
  7. Scriaba- spiritual 
  8. Schuman=great for kids /adult learning 
  9. Struass= for those who are who need to be more assertive 
  10. Alex Theory -full spectrum sound healing 

Modern music i.e. pop, rock, step up the vibratory beats. Bringing the awareness outward. Great to have on when doing physical activities calms the inner chatter. Has a releasing affect.

Where as some classical and some new age brings the awareness inwards. Useful for unwinding & silencing the mind/ /parasympathetic exercises such as Yoga or Ti chi

Cymatics is a termed coined by Dr Hans Jenny comes from the Greek word ‘wave’
Cymytheraphy-vibrational device uhh look it up/

fear not how ever in the modern age 'The Key is to apply the correct sonic waves.
this where i sincerely thank the Apple dude [Steve Jobs] and his band of merry staff-
 +app developers ,others
yep brainwave frequencies- should be available on other devices too.

the app  i downloaded  as an example 

  • brain waves 30 programs
  • sleep stream two
  • Ambiance
  • relax M.O.P.
  • sleep pillow

a good drumming one in app
  • shaman magic 

world music  good app/iTunes

  • Chinese folk music
  • calm radio  [a good all rounder to find out your tastes and than specialise]
  • and classic FM[ however i don't like the news breaks]

  • +Pranyama-[re learn to breath correctly]if you  sleep next to some one and they've fallen  asleep already just follow there breathing pattern if your having a hard time falling asleep-  just try it
  • + in pod cast inner health studio [is also site]
  • or an audio book

some tips or notes when checking them or other app reviews and star rating if they have a 'lite'-a free sample to the full payable version test it out first.

I've referred to more calming apps.
so  when it comes to time duration of how long the app/ music should be played for it does depend on the chatter of your own  mind like  i said in my intro note observe, monitor your experience
additional notes :

  1. how loud you like it for sleeping or having played  in the background for daily activities 
  2. is one you don't mind on repeat if so how long for ?
  3. follow a particular sound in the track  and note what it is you feel/ or how your mind responds

That should be enough to get started with, a music application in meditation will be blogged about in another note.

Music is friendly, lovable and intimate; we turn to it in Sorrow and Joy. Music is the total pure symbol, of beauty that appeals directly to the soul.

So however you end the day, end it with silence
laters fuzz :)

suggested similar notes


The purpose of starting this blog is to offer  an integrated approach for the mildly depressed to those who come into the category of out - patients.

some methods that will be discussed  is not recommended for in-patients simply because:
either the ability to focus isn't there
or interference from orthodox medication.
[ I shall come back readdress this]

100 % of the info here is for those Who:

Don’t want to go on to, or remain on orthodox medicine
are off medication
or weening off medication -which should always be a  gradual process:- for instance …..3 -4 months sticking to whats is prescribed, and than asking/ demanding decrease in dosage and gradually implementing alternative medicine/approach

The focus will be to bring vibrational  vitality back into the body and focusing attention on the nervous system. Than bringing discipline to the mind. The information imparted can be used when ever the the need arises or for grounding purposes or working at optimal level in  your daily world

What the role of orthodox medicine should be Or be working towards in mental health:
It is there to help those at crises point/or during an episode period.
Not to be taken for life; since the long list of side effects are simply not worth it.
There are certain triggers that result in crisis point- and other factors , these do not happen/occur  everyday of  existence.

The out-patient / newbie needs to take a more:

  •  active and responsible role 
  •  become more familiar with psychological terms, 

be aware types of orthodox medication and it limitations [and to keep an eye on addition/removal of any of the ‘side affects’ listed On the medicine information pamphlet]

the term 'newbie' let me explain it in fuzzy context :
is a person recovering from crisis point and knowing thyself  from scratch in the holistic sense of the word +

all information here is take it or leave it basis
if you dare to take it :p

remember the terms active and responsible to yourself. your own research into what works best for you
comes with observation monitoring and experience these may need to be written up for quick refer

further recommended or random blog note reading