Thursday, 11 August 2016

Re Familiarise Your-selves with the Periodic Table & Human Body

This blog  note is about completing the original  crystal blog note
which you will find in blog archive  December 2013 called

"Crystal Buddies"


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Any ways

I will not be focusing and expanding on individuals crystal,
and there metaphysical properties 
 as there is plenty of that online and in books

The focus here is on zooming into what newbies require 

There are Tissue Salts that have minerals
that are foundational makeup of human body
and human cell function
All  12 are vital for normal cell function.

But  again a side note one of them
I believe the first usually
No. 1 calcium fluoride is incorrect 

Flouride  the more  health conscious
will know that it is toxic /toxin 
so how did it  get there.
into how Tissue salts are known 
 to be the make up of human body ... 
 Yep ponder upon this.  
[Yep Homework for you.. just adorable aint it]
So instead look at flourine  or 
 in easy crystal  gemstone language flourite  
or  Chinese  gun powder tea
which also has naturally occurring flourine   

Flourine is very important for the function of the thyroid and pineal glands

also look into Phosphorus ...and
conclude what ever it is you want to conclude

some links Phosphorus

There are also trace minerals

that are also important for human bodily  functions 

Look into Himalayan pink salt  and it trace elements 

Regardless of taking them
in as food
or nutritionally absorbed supplements  
or even directly in some cases as herbal tea 

newbies must be made that it may not getting to where it is needed
in physical , let alone etheric and vibrational bodies
which are your emotional and intellectual bodies

Which for newbie holistic health is key to stability.

good site to look into for whole host of minerals
and how the human body uses them :

in regards to  crystal Refer back 'booklist'

which is blog note [look it up in blog  archives]

"read and cross reference information"

and look up:

Crystal Power, Crystal Healing:
The Complete Handbook by Michael Gienger,

He has ordered some commonly occurring elements
 in crystals in relation t
o the how the human holistic bodies
respond to them
physical , emotional  intellectual and spiritual properties 
 if you are borrowing book from library
make sure to photo copy them pages 

The second guideline 

Potassium  night  
calcium day  
magnesium 24 hours 

Refer to "cellular awakening" book by  Barbara Wren 

These are vital for brain nervous system function
Take note of there abbreviated periodic table name
Take note of key words from Michael Gienger crystal book on crystal mentioned there.

Now you are equipped to look at other crystal books/ online info
Look up same word or terms 
And other words that mean similar thing 

other key books of interest already mentioned in
crystal buddies  blog note

Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing: v.1: Vol 1 by "Gurudas",

Compare  and contrast your crystal metaphysical  properties
And what your personal needs are. 

Refer and to apply colour therapy when choosing crystal
refer back to earlier blog notes crystal buddies  and an EFT one

You will be more intuitively choose the right crystal for you
And you must like everything about your chosen crystal
in it appearance too. More so if your choosing online,  
and  does it's feel  'right' if  choosing it in store.

you may eventually get your  you own copy
of crystal volume 1 by Gurudas 
[as actual book eBook not available yet]

Eventually  the pdf that you can find online
 is like that saying
'the book was so much better than the movie'
but good enough for quick reference on mobile devices

For those not familiar or skeptical refer to my first blog on crystal  and how why it works.
 yep crystal buddies

Laters fazmax

further random recommended blog note reading