Saturday, 23 August 2014

Shake Loose the Chains

So where was i ?

As  i mentioned one set of books the  other set, am gona  talk about
i did indeed  spend, good part of ten years just 
glazing  over it, 
doesn't exist, blanking it ,  

a friend [who is no longer is my good  graces]  got in touch,  after  many years,   tried in vain, to point me in that direction, for a whole year.

the universe so to speak, took drastic measures  and had to bring in the opposite gender in


it literally took dude  for me to look into it. 
and why i hear [you  ask out of boredom :P] was that? 

 i had  "an action  replay , played out on me",

 i realised, i have tendency   to  go quite, the only  other time,  somat of similar nature,
  but slightly different played out on me
i had to think back, between the two incidents;
only one thing in  common, that stood out was being lied too. 

so what was the over all :
purpose and function of this of this heart aching drama, simply came down to, not knowing the info in those books and better choice in  female pals 
better swot /& look into this  and see where this branch is heading /headed 

so what where these books , no it wasn't witch craft and wizardry, which is a true shame would have called upon  the forces of voodoo or exorcism  :P

so these unnameable materialistic books on the bookshelf were :development psychology - business  NLP,   etc 
[ feel like renaming "neural lying please", yea did come up with somat better than that, right now don't recall it... now editing ;nope still dont recall it ]

 i really should apply the teaching of the late shakuntala devi   and others quick mind fit  into practice; than thought don't care to have a memory of an elephant.
  it is; at times good to forget.

neway in the most un -humblest view or in short manipulative psychology, knowing this kinda material [+being creative ] disallows giving others the benefit of the doubt just that much harder , you may indeed find loads of things in your face, that usually slipped by.
Will you exemplify tolerance or show them the mirror of karma ? 

yep can be tough

o.k. in positive light 

if one half of the books that  i took great joy in reading - deals with the 
*emotion via understanding chakras - mastery over the energy bodies* 

than these books that i'd been blanking, this whole time,  deal with the
* mental body aspect achieving in the concrete manner / mind over matter.*

live and learn the hard way, looks like there's me,
i was plodding / meandering along unknowingly; but very comfortably 
i know, I am such tortoise

latest worth while read, authors other books good too,yes read the whole thing last week

felt like  updated version  napoleon hill who can be found on youtube, books  etc  ].

so what  has this to,  with us newbies ?
some newbies including myself  sit there thinking:

 what deep seated trauma?
 is the cause of  being a newbie ?
you what?

its more like being stopped in your tracks,  from living life 
but you, now need to remember that, that you can consciously make a better choice instead of following the conformist rules and labeling 

for best results you need to be able :

  • know yourself  and your environment
  • clear energy bodies , 
  • affirm / positive thinking
  • practically apply intentions
  • follow through till achieved 

to know yourself  you need to understand that patterns are consciousness that have become so customary 

Breaking some patterns, that  have become unwanted habits, that are grooved so  deeply into our thinking, into our feeling and into our behavior patterns, that they become our ruts.

which blocks the *natural energetic  flow* has been bogging us  down . 
What happened?
Try to understand whence it came from?

Turn directly inwards to your center [which meridian or chakra center?], which allows for  innovative direction

Take a momentary pause... still here ? carry on reading than>

Stop borrowing  surplus or expanding energies  endlessly/ needlessly 
[ but feel free to waste time or zone out nap time, that by the way is is a way resting or rejuvenating  ]

This inward gaze will prove to be,* a process of navigational compass*

When you gaze inward towards the center, you are indeed contemplating your own higher values or unfreezing the blocked flow

This  perceptive energy releases ,  you from the mind cloud of confusion

this direction : allow for  the return; to open and provide what is needed

Make sure what ever intent,  work or action you commit to,
are understood by yourself and family friends, not for approval but for there support.
remember they want you to be the best you can be 

don't give too many details / too bogged down by thinking  about it 
step by step follow  swift instructions
don't give yourself too many choices
what you ask of your self always recall why  

Focus away from spending and consuming day to day or weekly 

begin to assess what you  know, value, what   your plans/ envision yourself  to be ?
what holds you  back  > why?


Prioritise <time> to let it be <time> than get going   

laters fuzzy

ps there is loads available on line here do your research  and be extremely selective :) 

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Life Does Indeed Go On...

To: Family   & Friends

In light of the previous note which was more my reaction,  this than in theory should my responsible response

In the event that you are someone who have suffered the loss of a loved one, in this manner 

Stop beating yourselves up . What's done is done , remember them in their happier times 
Let it be 

For those who have have genuine concern around the 'safety net' at critical times do not hesitate to inform / ask for help 

You even as whole family cannot deal with some with one track mind . 

First port 1a) : call the gp or an appointment with them , who should refer , as well as follow procedures swiftly 

First port  1b): emergency services- should be directly to the wards 

You guys will need to look into this. Should be available on line 

If medication is given,  be very thorough as to what it is and its side effects 

From this point on,  you guys may need to consider your 'approaches'  which also means swotting up
As in previous 'reaction' note primary consideration 

consciously, know what coping skills are, not only for them but for your selves as well , it will initially be tough and hard to see loved ones in that state. 

What we will discuss now will refer most type clinical newbies and there family friends . The two interrelate 

At some point a diagnose will be given such labels and associated stigma are never well received.

From my own experience / memory never once sat down to have condition explained or what explanation family were given. 

Things have changed in the last 20 years and so have opportunities 
One of the key factors  to consider in recovery process : 

Knowing what it is that you are dealing with,in all it details 
Clear communications between newbie, shrink and family 
Will power /determination/ motive -: of newbie to want to move on

From my narrow bias vision of the shrink system only purpose or function they serve is risk assessment to others as well as to oneself . Leave you on medication that's it

That leaves both newbie and family to deal with the bulk of it , which comes down to one of primary reason for even doing this blog. A major bulk of this blog so far is alternatives health theraphy 
as  I've only just introduced psychology 

Everybody needs to take the initiative , and research and apply 
there are some courses on iTunes only downloaded psychiatry ground from uni of Arizona . 
As I realised from this point onwards need to be in parallel.

Anything on my blog or other similar blogs sites etc if  holds your interest look it up , 
internet has loads of free useful info or content 

I haven't actually done an emergency kit note , 
alternative health tools that goes into it  / listed. Has to be individually tailored , 
yep you need to put your head down and study 
Pretty sure given head start here .

In parting chin up :)

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

matters highlighted

Wondering If I should  jump on the band wagon
Or give my 2p worth on the matter

Robin Williams, 

 have to admit i cried couldn't bring myself to that feel till Tue morning [ told my neighbor  said." felt emotional when it came to Micheal Jackson"]
o.k. some ways normal
other well known faces have passed away, some way or another in similar manner,
 felt no emotion what so ever
was i a raving fan? nope dont think so

so what's different  here , no idea

Similar thing happen to
performing art student round my end in the  U.K.

In short : heart break hotel, no desire to live 

Clear misuse of excellent talent

Some Normal abnormal psychology assessment ie body reading, language reading
You have to throw it out, the window.

In  Robin William case even how well the recovery program is going ,
clearly  knew it so well, nobody be any the wiser

Sensitive individual, Hollywood and all its trimmings not best residential environment
 ,looked at only few youtube videos on Robin William 

do people not recognise  and anguished pained face ?

as for questions being 'routinely' asked  by who ever is interviewing
if those questions:

were to be reversed to you by friends and family wouldn't you at some point at very least likely to have snap/ hissy fit /annoyed  / cry?

does it allow for emotional wounds to heal when others unknowingly keep picking at the scabs?

yes very easy to say  this that and the other after


Looks like for these kind a cases probably require ex / retired intelligence   people

In the latter case hood wink system so well, was out the wards within a month 
even though family showed  concerns'' protest on premature leaving/release were ignored 
Not sufficient time for female to recover from a Broken heart

If biorhythm applied

28 days emotional body
35 days mental body

Dependent upon tools used, probably require  3 cycles minimum to balance out
Ie 3 -4 months (safety net required )

than remembered  spiritual info learnt/read some  time back, if the connection is thought be on spiritual level and true love emotion usually is,[even if it is one sided ] to have someone totally out of vibrational system its actually 9 months

in common sense terms : do you know anyone who has recovered heartache[or grief /trauma ] in one month?

as for 'tools' being thought when negative thinking , patterns come into play
Personally don't recall any being thought as an option say to art classes/bit of cooking in the class kitchens (in the unit), 

Looks like shrinks system forgets if at the same time their studying us
We're studying them, for got human nature did you
 lucky for you most us don't consciously  realise that we do 

over all underlying lying thought, emotion  what ever am not pleased 

when newbie mind is set on doing harm to oneself 

your active shrink minds had better be three detectives in one 

swear words come to mind in closing  off 

laters fazmaz

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Introductions: Empowerment

“We can’t talk, we have, not been properly introduced,”
By Jane Austin

although I guess I am suppose  to introduce psychology and its practical aspects 

Wasn’t very good at psychology so to speak:
First psychology G.CS.E. class, first impression of the teacher he’s a bit bonkers [ yep was a newbie] shouldn’t able to tell that right?, mmm…

To some extent do not recognise, In its entirety, as to what it is I do that does  work  

How do I actually deal with difficult emotions, and endure difficult times 

I only got my act together around 2006 approx in terms in exactly getting my head down on  how the human anatomy  function as a direct result of missing pms
 [ after fasting  month was over , I know I’ve not  been up to  uhh no good  still under the age of 30 some thing isn’t right]
 [+ better note: was not on any medication , after light of round 3 meds ]

Did I go to the GP,,, no, don’t like wasting my time.

Simply put it came down knowing what a detox was, why one should do one,  and how to apply- with what’s available  to you.

But that is still physical body not the emotion , or the mind,

Prior to that what did I do: to uplift myself? [Minus crystal and aromatherapy] 

  • I love reading am an absolute book worm 
  • t.v. / or entertianment 
  • music 
  • On and off yoga + meditation

But don’t ¾ of these naturally come into zoning out or being  the escapist times 3. 

O.k.  so what exactly was  I reading ?

Short answer: mind body, spirit
So what exactly were these books doing  one half getting to grips with half million thought that went  through the brain [during episode 1] either confirming  or dismissing them.

The second half of the books dealing with emotion via understanding chakras 

Does that mean looking at everything from a perceived higher perspective  and putting it into context, helped?

o.k. lets leave that for a moment , lets look at next on the list t.v. /entertainment

So what was I watching here? 

Lets tick off what I didn’t watch first :

Friends , - didn’t relate or not my type of humour 
Dawson creek - don’t care
Titanic- for real? true love on and sinking ship know some girlfriends went to watch up to 5 times at cinema 

More recently in the I.e. in the last fiver years have cut out  t.v. serial dramas eastenders coronation st, etc [ I do miss Brookside though, that was finished years ago ] - watched it religiously like a lot people  so what changed?

Realisation don’t like high emotional dramas where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong! Human relations at there worse,  I know its only drama buts its on 3-4 times a week that’s  not including re-runs.  Cannot be wholesome in the long run. Maybe I found the internet ?, let me correct got myself a laptop.

Tedious Background : hands up; to those who remember neighbours in the 80’s Charlene and Scott getting married?

Totally missed it, and no idea who or what the big deal was [as it came on at school, and prayer class times]

Did finally get first glimpse of Neighbours the character Henry manages to get locked in a carwash with the windows open it clearly was meant to be funny , my problems at the age of 9 approx , here was gotton use to watching Hollywood movies 40’s, 50’s 60’s…  [yep wasn’t much of kids channel than] it was a real disappointment- soon as I reached teenage years, watched very happily including home and away and 90210

 Ok so its important to value  what your watching so what did I, as well as do watch?


 sci fiction

, I.e. stargate ,eerie Indiana star trek , sliders etc  clearly fiction but was  the value?, teamworks, human relations and its ideals in contradiction in unrealistic settings… hold on the word should be stage.

Murder mysteries/ crime scene investigations , Colombo , NCIS, Sherlock [old and new] etc 
ok what’s the value factor here? to some extent its watching psychology / an several   intelligent human minds in action, excellent use of resources and deduction from clues and the absolute look of shock on the murderer face  “ your not as smart as you think you were , take that” [for the record totally abysmal at cludedo games].

 Humour , 

I.e. red dwarf , cosby show, fresh prince belair ,jasper carrot , Ali G, mrs Brown , waiting for God etc 
A good lol , snapping out of looking at serious issues, seriously,  seriously.  and   laughter  breaks up negative energy and is always uplifting 

{Note :generally  humour in important things should be kept to   minimum or else devalues it priorities. }

bollywood [that really comes down in music category]

Might just be Asian women thing we sit there crying  our eyes out while family members [the men/boys ]have good lol [ might be  picking up on  / releasing deep ancestral genetic truama here ? Or just weird ]

Music  [refer to musical notes] depending upon the  lyrics   will pin point relate to emotions currently being felt 
As  it will be recorded / downloaded so that it can listened to time  and time again usually .
\One  stop listeing when done with that emotion [s]

There are some truly :p taking track names out there 
“Like why does it always rain me” ; let me guess u forgot ur  brolly
“This is the closes thing to crazy I have ever been”;  you really have no idea do you 
“Miss you like the desserts miss the rain “- contradictory[ but good song]
“Who let the dogs out” ; you find out and I will hunt them down . 
“Wasn’t me”  ; 

think i'll do :P note to for this on the other blog.

More me would;

“Some track of Bryan Adams”
“Girls just want to have fun”
“Shine, shine like the star that you are”
“Can’t touch this”
Everything Abba, Ricky Martin , Gloria Estefan , Gabrielle

S club 7 :)

It’s an extensive list

My mushier taste is probably more in bollywood tracks

Neways go and check out memory lane and try and recognise  what did/ does  empower / uplift you ?

laters fuzzy 

Friday, 8 August 2014

What Gives ?

was talking to some one , to get over /cope with the stresses in there life , was totally, at the drop of hat, without too much of a  thought about the negative consequences take up drinking again as  a form not so much of  dealing, but to numb down the emotional pain  and  the buzz it gives  , sat there listening this heavy duty listening

[note :in short alcoholic substance key components work similar to morphine within the human body which what is what gives the  buzz/ numbs you out.]

neway my first naive thought how about suggesting some of the things i mentioned in my blog,
answer was
no get the idea

than i thought does person put everything in that category  too weird even ifs its affordable  ?
extreme level drinking versus trying something alternative [ no not recreational drugs etc..i know some of you thought it ]

is it down  to whether the individual not knowing any differently?
, the right support network, family /friends? just thought about it, role models ?
 or that you have the responsibility of loved one to take care of?, hence you literally grit through each hour of each day?

at the end of the day  i don't know what eats at you, what causes you sorrow , and what would you  bring time and and time again to negative habits that come in the category of destructive

but i do know that as newbies especially if your written off [ say work  as an example] our everyday existence  is not gona be same as everybody'else s.,  and it is foolishness to compare.

there are/ will be times, where you can't relate to the working lot and other areas of life  why would you make their/ this  "standard" or way;  yours ?

what i do know is that you are only semi educated/ equipped  [ and that's at is  best] on how to deal  with some of the smalls up and downs of life as well bigger up and downs of life.... there impact is stronger on, us newbies.

 binge drinking /recreational bleep bleep. will only bury itself  deeper into vibrational human body , the un- dealt with negative emotion in line with  mental attitude  surrounding it  will only create a negative
 " magnetic vibration" that may flare up even stronger; the longer you sedate,numb out [that includes medication ].

is trauma of the education system, that bad? hold on  a minute it can be , i know this one!
[come to think no need to put an exclamation mark , its not like it somat to be excited about ]

being with a class were you were more or  less of the time  the  odd one out ,  that i literally befriended few girls/ ended up creating group of girls [left out by other classmates in there groupy gangs ] we were aged 11- right  up to 15/6   we; all just all hung and just be,at lunchtime/ breaktime.

do remember making conscious choice at one time  that it  looked like  more accepted in class groupy  this was two years into secondary school, that weighed up pro and cons and  some the episodes of the" wonder years" came to mind  i could be genuinely happy in that  1hour . 15 minutes that was lunch and break  or full  6 hours approx of the school day of being this cool and this is not.
i don't regret my choice

 by the time one  my sibling reached sixth form college, said  you know your actually cool here , i am ? that's news

by the time i got round to  doing  mature classes  to learn computing[ true horror stories one button on the keyboard an the computer freezes on you] , one or two incidents pointed out that  i may indeed be giving some  others an inferiority complex, nah this is  un- real

never realised life could go go so down hill

recall a teacher just calling me  just saying " here comes bollywood" , ok so i did wear alot of pink and seriously cool pink cap  hat [ ok i thought it was cool].

it was incidentally the year the Quan Yin  energy  came through apparently her  ray is  pink ( and fuzz is back being odd one/ weird  out again)

point and purpose apart from reminiscing  do not let the memories of your past expediences  be the basis of what you choose learn / relearn, or  you don't have what it takes  to change

it may even in some areas come down to addressing/ perceiving  a few things from  a more educated / wiser/ experienced you. ...or yes it was awful ,   but it does not define me.

laters fuzzy

ps from last Monday gone, i officially classed myself as procrastinating  ,  so i better do something today  your guess as good as mine if did this Friday/ Saturday  no doubt, it will tell me when v I publish it  :P

ok according to publishing time 8/08/2014 5.30 pacific daylight times . in short Friday

as with all errors,  typos , grammar  and other faults  will be corrected one day , but this is not the day :)

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