Saturday, 30 November 2013

I can Blank too :P

A lot of self help books rightly or otherwise usually have disclaimers

let me cry or laugh about this


nah cant be bothered 

Neway can be off putting when searching  for information that  one can utilise in a responsible manner

recently went to see sound therapist who was told 

'  may not be correct for working with newbies' 

 which she was like  i don't think so ...'and argued against the decision and won 
{good on her :) }

I is recalling but  not so well the Brit somat have up coming  sound/ music  therapist for newbies.. or general health.

hey don't have a memory of elephant

Let me bore you with following :

The most profound knowledge  is often only available through direct experience  and perception

When it is firmly entered/ rooted in your consciousness you can withstand  all the challenges of life  you can than make decisions  with integrity  for the highest good. 

 Remember that relaxation  goes hand in hand  with vibrant health  and peak performance 

 Act with responsible  awareness  and wisdom  as the choices ; exacted upon  may hinder  as well as assist  the fulfillment  of your purpose .

 Make sure you are steeped in  knowledge,  honesty and  self worth 

 Read carefully without judgement accept  whatever resonates  at your core level 

Wisdom guides you to alter  consciousness  from  the currant  point of power, when you can change your destiny

Universe arranges it self..  so ultimately what you do , stand up and resolve  so that  everyone can benefit.

you may  ponder, sleep on it  or do what i do with some disclaimers blank'em

Thursday, 28 November 2013

States and their Balancing

Its about Perspective 

GLUTTONY- affects digestion> over indulgence

SLOTH- affects circulation>  procrastinator we will unite tomorrow 

LUST- affects reproduction> ....

SPEECH -thyroid>   so that basket case./ beech

ANGER -brain>   appropriate expression

FEAR- breath>  flight/ fight response  versus shut down

PRIDE- perception>  who me / my favorite 

[otherwise known as the seven deadly sins]

Emotional  Agitation 

inhibits the secretion of endorphin's and enkepttomls [typo] in the brain if emotional allowed to continue for days / weeks on end. creating energy blocks  which are caused by locked in attitudes or feelings  or old emotional scars. [poor posture and injuries  can also create  energy blocks ].

in voluntary release:  through drug use, overwork, severe blow or injury to tail bone  area; grief trauma or excessive fear. excessive meditation growth practices or age old favorite  sex :P

my tick  boxes :overwork [ hard to believe ?]injury to tail bone area,[ slight disalignments further up  {happen when i was kid }was in in pain for two days and nights after finally getting  round to chiropractor to to sought it two years ago]  excessive meditation growth practices, grief trauma 4 out 8 not bad  damn shame missed out on the last one 

depression means somat is 'being dug up' because energy is literally depressed down into the body for edification

The seven e-motions

(from internal medicine classic)

Excessive joy and laughing- 

injures the heart and scatters the spirit; slows down the heart energy-: the body loses function over vital organs


injures liver and yin energy- which controls blood, bile and other fluids associated with the liver; permits over yang energy to flare up  causes  headache, dizziness, blurred vision and mental confusion, frequent outburst; damages liver hence more prone to anger- a self perpetuating cycle of destructive emotional energy.
-wood energy- 


blocks energy and  injures the lungs; impairs the circulation by inhibiting breath. 
Which lowers resistance by weakening body shield of protective energy {refer to aura section... not done it yet]

The large intestine tend to be affected first which leads to constipation, ulcerative  colitis
The stomach, spleen pancreas  also gets  affected which deprives the entire body system nutrios/nervous energy.


meaning obsessive mental fixation on a specific problem which constantly pre-occupies the mind[ {excessive} - workaholic]- injures spleen  and pancreas energy 


injures heart and lungs  and the triple burner , grief causes vital energy to dissipate  rapidly


damages kidney energy if it is already weak  i.e. prone to chronic fear and paranoia can cause renal {eye} and permanent kidney damage
Solution foods and herbal tonic which boost [water  energy].


a shock to the system  alarms the spirit and causes energy to scatter- primarily injures the heart if it persist and becomes chronic fear moves to and injures kidneys too/as well.
[water  energy]

for these states of emotion you need, in  addition to what ever else you are doing;  to incorparate  flower  remedies .

the  most obvious sources would be:

# Bach flower remedies #,  info can be found  on line such as PDF I personally find Apple devices easier to down load PDFs with straight forward no brain'er. 
" Bach correctly perceived  that the illness of the personalty was an out growth  of dysfunctional  energetic patterns within the subtle bodies. subtle energies  of flower essences work their way through physical circulatory system and nerves to nadis to reach the #meridians / chakras# these major and minor points  allow the energies to be properly utilised by the cellular systems of the body.

one i mentioned previously  Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas  
on page 240-251 are table charts of flower remedies of #psychological states #covering state awareness as cynicism , anxiety , fear of food, dying aging etc, illogical , moodiness of artist, self esteem /centered critical etc, nervousness, mental clarity, self nurturing , courage to name just a few [ still available but no longer being printed which is weird no book covers it so well  try recommending it for kindle/ eBook]

and from Gurudas  bibliography  you'll flower remedies handbook; emotional healing and growth with Bach and other flower essences by Donna Cunningham [ does have a blog, but the book is far better] an old book but brilliant

newer books  i'll get back to you on that

laters fuzz 

note: Beech is flower essence :P

do checkout following blog  it is related:
5 star chain reaction

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

ultra grumpy skin

o.k. there are plenty of blogs out there,  as well as other information
'on how to skin care' do  check out Korean Skincare

I have  even put one or more for the slackers [still uniting to procrastinate tomorrow.... good]

I think the blog creators call it reading list you can always go ahead and find your own may be by  tomorrow... good  :)

Some newbie #skin# can be hypersensitive as well as  dry skin 
the default is usually outlined as: 

  • hormone imbalance 
  • and the un-welcomed ones bacteria that infect the skin and cause white spots
  • diet 
lets us now rephrase that thought pattern [a bit]
Nerve endings that are aggravated may give out heightened mix responses  info back to the brain , the brain than responds back in kind

calm nerves give better feed back to the brain  so the brain can say '
'so that what go on.'

So what did I just say?

facial skin nerves need calm down ingredients  in facial care 

the immune system is over reacting responding by under/over  hormones which in turn creates a welcome habitat for bacteria

making an essential oil base cream may be too strong for 
you at this time, you need to go down a notch on the healing level and go herbal 


Step 1

 A garlic & aloe  gel  base

what you need 
  • ittty biity [small ]cleaned jam jar/ or container of equivalant size  with screw on lid
  • a garlic chopped in one half and no more[or else sensative skin be irritated]
  • and enough aloe gel to fill in container

give 20-30 min to infuse  before putting on aggravated/spoty skin 
leave it on for half hour atleast put on  3/ more time a day 

discard any left over after 3/4 days

that get rid of  infected /acne skin

Step 2

what you need

ittty biity [small ]cleaned jam jar/ or container of equivalant size  with screw on lid
  1. aloe gel 
  2. 1/2 tsp  OR 1/3 jar of the of single herb / combo herbs [those mentioned in the chillax tea ]of cooled down herbal water 
  3. OPTIONAL a facial oil of choice 

give 1&2 a good MIX if your gona add  oil; better leave some space for it.

and see how you go 

Water Spray Bottle

another  option for #dehydrated# skin is  water spray 
what you need:

  • the clean spray bottle 
  • up to 20 drops of echinacea tincture drops [ remember immune response has gone over board]
  • and 6-9 drops of your chosen essential oils 
  • and water distilled/ purified ? to fill the spray bottle up

and shake well before use , you may use this water to wet the face before facial wash, than was off with normal tap water.

A clay mask once a week 

good idea  would suggest making the mask more fluid[but still stays on the face] what can i say the action is in the water ! yep that means you keep it on longer but don't wait for the face to crack 

with maybe a pinch or two  of magnesium sulfur ?
dissolved in the mask [look up healing properties of magnesium sulfur... usually used in healing baths to draw out toxins]

Astro- month ===

officially; in official astro sign we're in Sagittarius remember to move that forward  so we are actually in Capricorn perfect time for skin care as well knee , bone and joints the care of them that is

Observation of the moon /lunar cycles 

From 'new moon to full moon' maximise the use of rejuvenating hydrating home made/products

'Day 16 of lunar   till new moon day'
focus more on detoxing  i.e. steam facial , masks 

Learn to improvise to your needs

later fuzz

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

The 5 Star Chain Reaction

Earth Element  
normally that would mean bare foot and walking on un-cemented ground i.e sand, grass

for those of who did check the video in "in how well lubricated is your nut"that  inflammation in the brain cells was well noted, strangely enough no video there now when i check on youtube :/ do check out to dude name instead

some of you may  have  cottoned on to the thought that some global cuisines  such as the Chinese don't have that much fat in there diet, so what go on?  a clue may lie in "grounding" look up info /videos etc   is truly important for newbies

additional info from gem elixir  volume 1 on silver (  some clarity on some of the sensations felt)

would be interesting to know how it would effect  Acupuncture , the result of it treatments

Update bit: take a look at plugs in use and see if the 3rd pin [the earthing pin refer back to science lessons/ D.I.Y. book on household repair/ word search web] noted as well as realised  that plug for my mobile that 3rd pin is ruddy plastic that like so beats the point, always make sure whatever thing you buy that requires plugging in that all three pins that go into the socket are are metal

++refer to Enhancing the Earthing Experience note

Water Element  

although mentioned briefly in last note
key feature in water quality to be looking

  • Alkalising
  • Micro-clustered
  • and i think the the other was ionic

refer to Tao of Detox   for  for fucntions and purpose of good qualtiy in the body
a  good video to look into is ADYA products

for more theory Tao detox chapter 2 water Hydration and hydrotherapy[pg 21-53]
spiritual Nutrition... by Gabriel Cousens M,D [chapter 29 living water pg 475-497]

+++Experts Share Their Views on the Benefits of Drinking Pure Water
look up dude named Steve Meyerowitz 

Air Element

5 mins at a a time say 4 times a day  on focused deep diaphramtic breathing is good start

Or Alex Theory  AIR cd album/ or from full spectrum sound healing that in the background and refer to oil candle note

+ refer to Pranyama Ayurvedic breathing exercises as well as Tao of Detox book  again
on info on air quality or what ever you can find online

further reading in Tao of Detox Daniel Reid chapter 4 [page76-112]

Wood Element - Your nourishment.../ FOOD

Fire Element - That's You and how your body system{s} operates that ranges from the absolute stillness of the mind to body physical movement  

further reading as well as chakra book previosly mentioned  :

A complete guide to Chi -Gung  .. Harnessing the power of the universe

   by Daniel Reid

Sunday, 17 November 2013

What Prompted little me to Create This blog

well was something at the back of my mind
looked at the authors of the books i enjoy ed reading like repeatedly 

they all wrote somat worth while to totally  remarkable  by  middle age, i still got few solar years  ahead of me 

which gives me time come up. hone in on to somat substantial  or indeed
not bother. pretty sure its all covered  even though it well scattered for the moment any way.

looked at the nutritional side well daunting so glad found the links [check link note]

like  true weight off my shoulder 

what truly sealed it was watching Stephen Fry DVD on his newbie his condition the 'coping  skills' of some others who were brave enough to  feature on this film

'coping  skills' truly in short supply among other things that rang alarm bells [no not jingle bells]

another contributing factor a group of people i just nicked  named 'fellowship of the ring'

gee thanx am now currently preoccupied  

few more summaries on the physical body

Keys areas for recovering newbies to look into

work on circulatory system  ... blood is the ever flowing life force 
which means you need to also look into the quality of the water you drink, as well purification  as well as improving circulation

partially covered previously  is the correct function of the digestive system

correct alignment  of spine  do, do this once if never again after that- 

lastly and no means last look into 
brain food,  

Nu tropics- living through neurochemistry  Like longevity Intelligence is not predetermined at birth can be enhanced  by nutrients and anti oxidants  

Nu tropics  meaning to influence the mind  is a class of cerebro-active compounds 

It improves memory , learning, enhances alertness, cerebral energy, stimulates cerebral circulation  and mental mobility, protects brain from free radical damage, increase synthesis and the acting of neurotransmitter

Nutropics  - function in 3 ways 
Stimulate production , rhene cerebra circulation, nutrient and oxygen, stimulates the synthesis of complex proteins{ refer to cell biology}

In food form choline - available in fish , vitamin B3 and DMAE {rlook it up}-available in sardine and anchovies.

Herb form:- horny goat, Ephreda, ginseng and ginko bilbo


what will bring it back into optimal  or at-least functional condition...

which is important not only for newbies but future notes i intend to do
  an under nourished brain is able to maintain focus 
which is prerequisite in maintaining  mental disciplin

 as some newbies before me will have discovered the hard way ,the answer lies in energy management

For those of you still loosing head hair over this:  
rinse hair in cooled down yarrow tea
/mix cooled yarrow tea to shampoo  and  use as usual
/or few drops of yarrow essential oil in to shampoo bottle  :)

for those still taking medication may noi work as well but will still minimize some  loss.

laters fazmax

further blog note reading

Friday, 15 November 2013

Art of Timeliness

yea the usual

From the hour of the day. the days them selves, biorhythms  and the astrological month remember what i said about astro month move up one to the one your officially born into[western zodiac signs}

Alot things fall much better into place

[+ convert astro info on  tissue salt note]

most of its on line
in my opinionated manner the best book

Moon Time: The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar Cycles [Paperback] 

even cover western form feng shui /Vaastu

to Decipher from old herbal books  and  crystal books...& others?
planets refer to each of the chakara /meridian points 
Referral to four elements  the Humors 

as for modern Astronomy  taking out a planet so speak you will have to consider their Jurisdiction to so 

purpose refer back to title :P

to create a routine that you can follow  / when evere you fell you need to

android app  tend to have more lunar cycle  app only found one, two  in Apple app

after reading cellular awakening , struck upon a thought [mentioned there too]

the sign one is born under  [ lets rename it the new one ] + th 3 that come after it  are the blue print you don't get from mother why ? you weren't Conceived duh  

therefore the Referred to body parts for those Star-signs may [in Theory] not function as well As the others  

than i thought this could be quite far fetched 

however in the Event  any truth to the thought  might be good idea  support these body parts 

hey leave no stone un-turned  never know what you might discover

o.k . not sure what go on With the key pad  every new word begins with  a capital ... come to think of it i like it 

later fuzz
hey back to normal :))

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

oil candle burner with a /combo flower remedies

what you need :
 a candle burner with a large dish to which you have added H2O / herbal water  
up 5 drops of essential oils of your choice
 a good haphazardness free place to put it
 the tea light candle
a combo flower remedy i.e.
in addition [if you have it in flower remedy format that's cool]

  1. a drop comfrey oil
  2. a drop grapefruit seed extract [an essential oil] 
  3. and a piece itty bitty pieces of  Dandelion coffee
from my own experience  flower remedies bottle usually have a life span 2 and 1/2 months approximately  once you've opened the bottle that is.

comfrey , dandelion  and grapefruit if you refer to Gurudas book on flower remedies are noted for distressing muscles  and grapefruit  the head area

Pin pointed the bowel essence one 
  • digestion 
  • assimilation /2nd chakra
  • and the secret
with this  you can be quite versatile  you can add just about anything including small crystals into the dish [just don't use one that has too many nooks and crannies [ hard to clean] 
 to benefit from it

2 drops of the 5 drops essential oil would good idea if they had affinity for the lungs.

i.e. ceder-wood  eucalyptus,  pine etc  

if at any time your finding it hard press to get hold of flower essences 
 a substitute  is kali mur  Tissue Salt No. 5, not quite the same level but next best thing

enjoy bliss

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Does it smell good/ a bit whiffy?

I got into essential oils just prior to year 2000, i was lucky enough to have two weekly subscription [ in  parts, ]in three folders ,was available at WHSmith; it was that or House Invader folder collection ]where an itty bitty diluted essential oils of many therapeutic oils were given as samples + wealth of other health and nutritional  information

Did join an aromatherapy class, an adult class  i was like the youngest there. It was the year 9/11 my religious background and being open about newbie condition   & dad's  weird notion on women bikini massaging  middle aged white dudes just wasn't going down to well, [ i blame American tele for this one ]probably with all the above reasons  didn't work in my favour  plus  having hard time finding guinea pigs i mean subject studies [people] 

Only course i never finished , it was slow going class took right up to Christmas to learn about top, middle and base notes, after taking general over view  decided to quit

o.k. story time over 

generally find ,when #essential oils# are recommended for newbies conditions  usually come in the uplifting category [top notes] i.e. citrus notes 

partially right 

newbies need grounding / base notes essential oils these are for example vitiver, frankincense , sandalwood etc
base essential oils usually have meditative /spiritual quality about them

when looking into which essential oils to buy, use in a blend  again you need look into healing properties like you would with herbal plants.:

recommended reading by following authors are:
 Julia Lawless and 

Valerie Ann Worwood

but not the fragrant mind book [valerie}
++++ Gurudas flower remedies 

gives far greater insight into vibrational  level on some of the essential oils than aromatherapy books referal to mind healing  

hence more conscious participation  on user part 

are exceptionally multi functional from baths to air spray, prfumeand all time favourite in an oil candle burner  with a /combo flower remedies which brings it to the highest healing level which brings the experience to the auric level

 if you really don't like an essential oil fragrance  'don't use it' some of you may have an aversion say lavender .it was only after reading the plant properties of lavender in culpeper book  did understand as to my personal dislike.
update as i now  stand :
the brand noted in the above image is the only lavender i like

if you do make a whiffy blend make it the bin fragrance !

the only downside if indeed it a downside?  you may find ye may be be more snooty when it come high street perfumes 

middle notes in essential oils to go for would be

geranium, lemon verbena

and it is true the nose knows :-)

laters fuzz

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Who owns the mind? - The Critical Psychiatry website

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