Thursday, 31 October 2013

Is thy NUT well lubricated

A fact that may not be  common knowledge:

between each nerve "is a layer a fat" its purpose and function ?
i have no idea [clues to this may be found in the video link at the bottom of the note]
 and in cellar awakening book

Honestly believe 1000mgs a day or itty bitty capsule sufficient replacement a day
 for all them nerves? mmm

you need to educate yourself on the function fat/ essential fatty acids
play in the human body

The brain can only burn/run  on glucose, which is also known as blood sugar,
 unlike other tissues, the brain cannot switch  over to  fat or fuels, 
when glucose supply in the blood run dry- 
since the blood can only carry enough  energy/glucose in bloodstream,
results in immediate impairment of brain function- 
first symptom of mental impairment= loss of emotional control.

3 sources of glucose

  • 1st-glucose rich food i.e.  grapes and honey
  • 2nd -Broken/ down carbohydrate and refinement to glucose
  • 3rd source “ glycogen” produced and stored by the liver  from the breakdown of protein and fat.

When source 1 and 2 are depleted / exhausted than the third source in stored  form,
 kicks in to action; for the ever active & hungry brain

Fat is one of the best sources of food energy,

  1.  fat yields’  3x  the amount of energy as sugar
  2.  2x as much as protein-
  3. combust faster and more completely 

than  almost any other food- avoid incomplete combination,
when taken in correct combo in wholesome form- will not make you fat.

To increase essential fatty acids in  daily eating habits,
only omega 3 is ever mentioned
the book cellular awakening Barbra Wren
more than succulently addresses the role played by essential fatty acids.
Read back to the book cellular awakening
chapter 3 "light our thread connection"
understanding of how the human body breaks down essential Fatty Acid

In short; the body has or may have lost its ability to utilise essential fatty acids,  taking omega 3 and 6 is great, giving it back to the body in 'raw form,' however the need is to bring body back to the point where it can utilise more complex essential fatty acids into omega 3 and 6 from wholesome food

#without fat your body cells cannot cannot utilise  water properly #

whole food Sources: 

seeds and some nuts, fish, fish oil capsules, avocados an NON hydronated oils, coconut and sunflower come in cool/yin  category...
others come yang /warm, additional note  only almonds nuts have the alkalising affect.

Chollera is high in protein, fatty acids like GLA , sulfanolipids, minerals  and vitamins are trishodic (balance all doshas) 
Most chollera on the market has more than 23% fat - it's brilliant /+++ in topping up on EFA !

Food enzyme occur only in fresh raw foods so the following supplement maybe good to take in digestion of fat

Lipase -digest fat

further field of interest 

Ayurvedic- Panchakarma- "OLEATION" [key word search]
OLEATION is the ingesting of edible oils in the correct manner
a link for the lazy lot

not found abook me likes that reasonably priced 

since this one 

updated version book  from recollection, recall some of the information
to be not as adequate as it use to be DIY
probable place link to buy from/ better to buy from where you see fit:

borrowed it from library should got it when i had bought opportunity
 than  again know  oleation routine by heart

watch the link below and check out its related  website:


Depression is a disease of civilization: Stephen Ilardi at TEDxEmo

research the the Stephen dude instead if your  finding blank you tube

further recommended reading on blog notes

Monday, 28 October 2013

Tissue Salts

What  Tissue Salts are look up up these site/ other similar sites/PDF

Recommended reading- to add clarity and depth for the lay person

cellular awakening- Barbabra Wren for clear understanding Electrolytes
tissue salts for healthy living by  Margret Roberts
Spiritual Nutrition  for spiritual life and Awakening of the kundalini by Gabriel Cousens, MD
[chapter 28; pages 414-474]
Crystal power , crystal healing : the complete handbook by Micheal Gienger

& slight refer too
Radical Healing  by Rudolph Ballentine, M.D.
[pages 53-63]

Tissue Salts and Electrolyte

refer cellular awakening- barbra wren for clear understanding Electrolyte pages 25-34

best the book available as an  ebook under £2.

following sites  explain some what

n briefest of relay:

sulphate- 'job' it the helps move thing from inside out
nat [chloride]- 'job'it attracts water

sodium +calcium  = day OR  Nat +calc
patasium +magnesium /  =night OR  phos.+

if converted to tissue salts

day ;-

calc fluor
calc phostate
calc sulphate

sodium chloride[nat mur]
sodium phostate [nat phos]
sodium sulphate [nat sulph]

night :-

ferrum  phosphate[ ferrum ='iron' phos]
potassium phosphate[kali phos
potassium chloride [kali mur]
potassium sulfate[kali sulph]
magnesium  phosphate[mag phos
silica dioxide[just added / bunged it here equals it out  i.e. 6 tissue salt in both day and night]

that how i have organised it, needs a bit more adjusting though.

Tissue Salts And crystal knowledge

 this is important to understand how tissue salts work in the subtle bodies, best to go through
Crystal power , crystal healing : the complete handbook by Micheal Gienger

And note the individual properties of the following 'Elements' of periodic table
Iron , potassium, magnesium, silica, sodium, sulfur, calcium, hydrogen

newbies are likely to be deficient in all 12  tissue salts an  all "12 in one" will be found under name
'bio plasma'

links astrolgy:

however those who get round to reading  gurudas gem elixir and vibrational healing  vol 2 [mite be best to borrow this one from the library]
in short we all been allocated the wrong star sign[ in terms of month ] you have to move one up
so if your cancer its leo
    if your leo its virgo ...etc
didn't take much note of at first like whatever

best way to check for yourself is the month prior to official Pisces month- like said before the body absorbs better in Pisces
[Note: no changes in lunar zodiac days ]

 on briteside u can now check  not one but 2 astro signs : for the horroscope of the day ;)

Pin pointing 3 important minerals :- potassium, magnesium, calcium

very important  for nerve function /relaxation.
every'body' is unable is unable to utilise calcium if there is not enough magnesium in the body.
magnesium also plays an important role in the creating body food enzyme to help digest food

look up 'magnesium flakes' and its reviews on how best to use it

laters fuzz

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Guide Lines on Herbology and its Data

How to choose book/ information itself:

Avoid those that have continuous  studies on 'lab rats'. 

Confounds me know no end when a herbs have  been used by humans, the 'noted'  old and newly re-discovered herbs  alike...
... especially when they have been used for untold number of centuries by the human species.

always compare old herbal books to the new ones information on same herb differ 

For example in clupeper book the herb that got bad press  was 'wormwood' yet at the same time praised :/
in Micheal terria western herbology book the latest herb getting bad press is comfrey- namely its roots 
its leaves are fine to use  nicked  name 'knit bone ' very good source of calcium ... definitely for the golden girls 

[ meandering thoughts : most women foot wear unless its a gym foot wear are truly pitiful  when it come to grips on the sole of foot wear has no grips , being slippy aside, hardly built to last seriously sad  when it come to winter wear boots] 

Neway keeping in mind the  #herb 'properties'# one should always consider 
what has changed in the average human conditions  to come  to a conclusion
and whether that should be kept in mind/ disregard  when using alone or in blend

does the book give  the more sciency info as in what the 'make up' of the herb is, 
do you know how understand that ?/ learn to do so?

information online can be good  but contradictory to one another ;
may confuse you silly unless its  herb, food etc coming back into public attention i stick to the information in books - 

how to test out  herbs  your trying for the first time or ones you already tried & use them more efficiently

It's  much easier  to understand how to use herbs if you find out /work  out
 what body type you are in  the Ayurvedic   system than proceed from there in choosing the suitability of the herb

use the herb in manner indicated all by it self , the time of day may have significance too, not to mention zodiac moon cycles anything taken Pisces days has a much stronger affect this includes full moon days,  so observe your body responses 

with combo of 'assistant herbs' in short these are herbs that ensure  the key herb [s] to needed part of the body

over all as general analysis i find assistance herbs  either one or more of the following properties:

  • digestive 
  • circulatory
  • an affinity for the lungs

refer to Chinese herbal books  for more info

a quick an easy example 

1 cup of Hot water
 1tbspn/2tsp 1 or 2 key herbs  
¼ -½ tsp of  garam masala tea powder {i use this as easy version of assistants herbs combo mix]

To increase the medicinal properties steep for 5 hours or over night/pre -prepare in the morning for evening use

For those who grow their own herbs /buy them fresh it mite be good idea  to take few sprigs/leaves etc  of the herb of choice;  blend it in a blender with cup of water  strain and than drink

you can/ is it may {?} as alternative option blend with pre-prepared cooled down herbal tea water instead 

for those of you have tried Indian masala tea-[that's with milk]  that may or may not have a dash mint in it   and bored with taste why not try using a different herb [s]?

just avoid herbs that curdle the  milk from experience usually  floral herbs with exception  being chamomile there could be more 

aromatic herbs are a good choice to start of with

to make flavoured milk tea:

you will need saucepan 
water- dependent on number of cups you want to make 
add the herbs 
add one black tea bag /teaspoon black tea

bring to boil = lower heat cover with lid 
allow to simmer for atleast  5 -15 min [max 20 min]

than add milk about the same amount you would in diluted drinks
another 1min -5min or so of  simmering 
than bring  to quick boil  and  pour in to mug/cup   sweeten sugar, honey etc

ps some teas will taste great for  dunking with biscuits  others... what can i say don't waste your biscuits

laters fuzz

ps will correct typo later