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The Nutritional Deficit

Recommended reading:

Medicinal cookery - how you can benefit from natures pharmacy by Dale Pinncock

Chinese natural cures - traditional methods for remedy and prevention by By Henry C. Lu

You are What you Eat By Gillian McKeith[ mite be typo in surname here]

+ refer back to previous mentioned books and info you know /own 


newbie conditions  in short newbies are 'literally working on reserves' 
need to rebuild the nutritional or more appropriately the energy deficit

Recall / flashback one time all I was required to do at at home was pick that rolling pin roll out round dough's {chapati/rotli-Indian bread}.Just wasn't able to apply myself - under normal times can do it do in my sleep[so speak] annoying looking back at that.

Under these conditions best always to have good quality nutritional supplements [*concentrated and *micro key features to look for when looking for one to purchase]on stand by, even more so if that means your gonna be eating takeaway or junk food- do enjoy that :)

 AND  NO good quality nutritional supplements are not 'food / meal replacement'  

How to assess your nutritional  content 

It is more useful to know # 'how' the food works in the body and how it benefits rather than the calorie content#

#each food or culinary herb has an affinity for one more organs/ meridians#

#Some Chinese  recipe's use 7 culinary herbs that have affinity for all major organs.# I thought that was, well cool concept; and it tasted good too- considering i cannot make soup to save my life [still don't know haw to make tomato soup]in the above recommended  Chinese book.

An example of improvisation

 the humbled 'boiled egg' 

the egg/s 
soy beans 
and suitable cookware to bring to boil  and than simmer for an hour with lid closed
eat /store the extra away in fridge  [3 days max]

Didn't have 'soy in bean' form so improvised soy flour it was quite warming [yang] which was weird cuz soy is meant to be of yin nature 
which isn't quite right if i got my aryuvedic  type right pitta, up till not so long ago kept putting  myself down as kapha - only when i met someone  training to be   aryuvedic practitioner[ in America of all places!come to u.k. for the hols] had too think back at pre-newbie/ medicated state  use to be  baggy [clothes] u.k. size 10  OK [had to reconsider methods employed when i ever go through 'alternative' change of phase ] gives whole new concept to being hot tempered.

neway back to main point so on an intuitional whim, research through  the herbal books,  as well as  what herbs i had at home  exchanged soy bean to   'honeysuckle' herb .the effects were much more to my liking yep cooling :)

As beginners keep things simple 

This may be a tall order, but newbies will need to slowly integrate there nutritional needs into the their cuisine:
prerequisite :

Try to  make one of the dish of the day orientated towards to one organ and its complimentary organ 

Refer to zodiac body part signs as well as  theory of 5 elements 

The easiest start here would be with the  dishes you already make  yep time to 'analyse' them
 apart  from tasting good how the individual ingredients benefit you?

does anything to be added, detracted /changed?

plenty of recipe books on just about any cuisine on this planet so analyse and play and be creative!

there mite be even one type of dish / cooking method that  you excel at; that you can improvise in countless ways?

with me its these chili pancakes- I consider it  a hit, if mum likes it

no need to be master chef  quite yet--- well  aware there will or may have been bad times were the ability to engage the brain to to apply cooking skills  may not be there. 

how ever you can eat , will eat and do eat well 
.... most o f the time ;))

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Do you know how to Hack into yourself?

Do you know how to Hack  into yourself? 

side note you :you will not be needing a keyboard  

what you do need; the basic
the feet
the hands 
the ears [if you do have Spock ears that's totally fine]

newhere you like on these three body parts as hard as you like 

 for those who want move on from johnny 5

engaging the CPU [last time i looked that meant the central processing unit] in short the human brain to next level up 

that's the reflex points to these 'key-body' parts that can be found easily online
look'em it up and you'll fine body organs related to specific points of hands feet and ears
with fingers or chosen type of crystals  [usually smooth]

press and hold x number of seconds let go and repeat X number of times 
or massage , circular motion usually the easiest.


good number android, as well as apple app available,youtube, books too

look it up under mudra/ yoga for/in the hands

some guidelines after doing mudras individually

choose  x No./four carefully chosen mudras  , allocate equal time for each one 
a breathing sequence 
and time allocated to level of your ability to focus /patience 

the following is an excellent demonstration how mudras can be utilised

 you will take note of the rhythmic use of breathing
her video( which i got from the library sale  was a real bargain , 
also now available as DVD)
in short: choose up to five well considered mudra hand gestures  to employ  the  rhythmic breathe more  consciously [with less effort to make easier on for yourself] use a breathing app on whatever device[refer musical notes] 
there are mudra app; but at last look but none that bring your attention to breath
one you get into  the routine of this regularly !
you may choose to apply colour therapy.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Digestion … assimilate / be constipated

Wasn't going to talk about  /specifically make a point about writing about  No. 2 how ever as follow…
Was avoiding watching the News as usual [how ever family members are addicted to watching News  like several times a day.]

the News:"A newbie  kick the bucket [passed away- may whoever it was be at peace] simply because the No. 2 just wasn't shifting… "was amazed this even made it to the news.

A typical stereotype for newbie’s are is some time perceived to have is  bad eating habits, but its not as simple as that.

All newbie conditions are stress related  for instance;

Anxiety on holistic level - blocks energy and  injures the lungs; impairs the circulation by inhibiting breath. Which lowers resistance by weakening body shield of protective energy
The large intestine tend to be affected first which leads to constipation, ulcerative  colitis etc
The stomach, spleen pancreas  also gets  affected which deprives the entire body systems of nutrios/nervous energy.

The easiest of option is to take laxative [preferably herbal tea form ..water] but this doesn't deal with underlying cause let alone solve the issue long term.

The below mentioned books [as well as other similar related books that you may already own]

Recommended reading:

Tissue cleansing through bowel management-
By Bernard Jensen
D.C. Ph. D., Nutritionist; with the ultimate tissue cleansing system co authored with Sylvia Bell

Colon health the key to vibrant life-
By  Dr Norman W. walker

The traditional healer’s hand book- the classic guide to the medicine of Avicenna
By Hakim G.M. Chisti, N.D.

Cellular awakening-how your body holds lights
By Barbara Wren

Tao of detox
 By Daniel Reid

Gives a thorough foundational basis of ‘how the digestive system works’ yep human biology that one can take practical note of..
 And importantly take the first tender steps towards keeping  an under stress colon efficiently working

The golden rule of Traditional Chinese Medicine should be observed {below modified }:-

Food laxative first choice that can be incorporated into daily menus- i.e. smoothies [not juice - yep you need the natural fibre}

Digestive herbs second choice  some these herbs  are naturally used added into cooking
Herbal digestive properties you are looking for when refering to herbal books :
Stomachic- acts as gastric stimulant
Purgative- activates peristalsis
Cholagogue-promotes discharge of bile
Aperient-acts as gentle purgative
Carminative [/Aromatic] -expel gases from stomach and intestine

Or alternatively the chosen herb say ‘mint ’ allow the brew to cool down and blend that into friut/veg smoothies
Or if you have the fresh herb in this case ‘mint’    just bung in a  few leaves in blender with chosen friut/veg for  smoothies
or herbs in powder form

Good choice for herbs in terms of  flavours to use in this  manner would be :
cant taste it,/ don’t mind it / love it.  :)

Third choice Previously mentioned herbs  for the nerves  should be looked at ,for the digestive system  too.
Many nervines  herbs include  digestive properties which will naturally relax loosen  tightness.

Fourth choice combined  herbal tea
choice 2 [digestive herb] and choice 3 [nervine herbs]

Fifth choice over the counter
Herbal digestive aid
Herbal laxative
Or go see your G.P.

That by the way was the  none invasive measure :))
At some point as part of future detox newbie’s will need to look into:

  1. Enema kits
  2. Colonics

Self care :
Should include stomach massages  from personal experience use coconut oil first allow it to absorb  which will than allow heavier massage oils I.e castor  or avocado oil to be absorbed well

following tapping points might be useful

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