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The purpose of starting this blog is to offer  an integrated approach for the mildly depressed to those who come into the category of out - patients.

some methods that will be discussed  is not recommended for in-patients simply because:
either the ability to focus isn't there
or interference from orthodox medication.
[ I shall come back readdress this]

100 % of the info here is for those Who:

Don’t want to go on to, or remain on orthodox medicine
are off medication
or weening off medication -which should always be a  gradual process:- for instance …..3 -4 months sticking to whats is prescribed, and than asking/ demanding decrease in dosage and gradually implementing alternative medicine/approach

The focus will be to bring vibrational  vitality back into the body and focusing attention on the nervous system. Than bringing discipline to the mind. The information imparted can be used when ever the the need arises or for grounding purposes or working at optimal level in  your daily world

What the role of orthodox medicine should be Or be working towards in mental health:
It is there to help those at crises point/or during an episode period.
Not to be taken for life; since the long list of side effects are simply not worth it.
There are certain triggers that result in crisis point- and other factors , these do not happen/occur  everyday of  existence.

The out-patient / newbie needs to take a more:

  •  active and responsible role 
  •  become more familiar with psychological terms, 

be aware types of orthodox medication and it limitations [and to keep an eye on addition/removal of any of the ‘side affects’ listed On the medicine information pamphlet]

the term 'newbie' let me explain it in fuzzy context :
is a person recovering from crisis point and knowing thyself  from scratch in the holistic sense of the word +

all information here is take it or leave it basis
if you dare to take it :p

remember the terms active and responsible to yourself. your own research into what works best for you
comes with observation monitoring and experience these may need to be written up for quick refer

further recommended or random blog note reading

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