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Enhancing the Earthing Experience

A quote from book 

electric current in the brain produce magnetic fields, that result from thought, sound, movement,impulses and other types of brain activity

+Betty Shine observation of 
depression and negative thinking come to create an unnatural pressure on the brain. literally depressing it and compressing it, affecting the electro- magnetic field around the head if this continues unchecked it eventually cause congestion in the energy counterparts and alters the body chemistry

+An accidental discovery for a newbie condition  maybe positively affected by strong magnetic fields
extract from book:

in January 2004 Harvard Universality Gazette [in short] significant change had  can taken place when severely depressed people left  the MRI[magnetic resonance imaging] loling and joking, all those not on medication responded favorably if this proved to be conclusive  they were planning on increasing the intensity of the [magnetic] fields for those still on medication
i sat there for few mins pondering that bit of info.....
these lot cannot be that dense  to  increase intensity     would it have positive /negative affect on an  already altered body chemistry? 
wouldn't it have been  better to see how long the affect MRI[magnetic resonance imaging]  lasted? etc

my most negative thought on that was, why not just  go back to electric shock always wanted to try out dragonball  Z power up :P

on bright side this info is 10 years old almost exactly

[for more details refer to page 133- 134 tuning the diamond by Susan Joy Rennison]

side bit fascinating details:

 I did however learn  {although totally irrelevant to me blog}
it is not a proven fact as as we all learnt in basic geography  of how the clouds are formed to create rain , it has more to do with magnetism  than evaporation by sunlight 

electrical engineers in this book appear to be a fascinating bunch

for positive use on elctro-magnetic fields stick to earthing [refer to 5 point chain reaction note ]

how i   use it 

 I bought bed sheet one, and put that on first [the bit that connect it to the plug always at your feet end]

than normal fitted [{100% cotton} other material i.e. polyester i believe its synthetic and synthetic material has insulating/blocking effect] sheet on top 

as i do own crystals  placed under the pillow,[as they are elecro-magnetic conductors refer back to crystal note,even though incomplete still enough info there to get the picture]   providing they're not sharp edges anywhere else on bed  is fine too , your personal crystal  have tendency to find there way to  problem areas of your body. For example before getting my back sorted  a few of them always found their way to my lower back  when I've firmly placed'em  under the pillow.
do try this truly awesome 

haven't tested/tried   it out yet, but  see how you go by placing  magnetic crystals too, beside would be lot safer than fore mentioned  MRI[magnetic resonance imaging] at it lower / higher intensity 

if you received the extra plug with the sticky thing  that you can place where ever on yourself    a good place to stick it so to speak would be chakra/ meridian points etc  


 however do not fall asleep  with the plug sticky thing at bed time  with the earthing sheet as well ; it will be far too grounding your dream world will revolve around lower astral realms and not a good conciseness location   to be dreaming in [learnt that the hard way ]  

other Recommended reading

++Tuning the Diamond-  by Susan Joy Rennison

neway laters fuzz


 Those into crystal healing  , will already know that burying crystal in the ground/earth is well used technique in  cleansing  as well charging the crystal, from  does earthing book info we now know why !

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