Saturday, 1 November 2014

Zodiac Diet 'to be or not to be'

The die…{to}try fads  
Thought I’d jump in on this one, might as well, 
finally jumping on the bandwagon 

Its been running around my head   like pinky and the brain
Than I thought hell why not 

Still wondering why a new age lot,  are not atleast talking  about it  
Than I thought am a new age lot  I can do this 
Present this with a bit of  embellishment

refer back 'art of timeliness' note. and the one month ahead thing 
That also reminds me good news UK medical establishment  
[whatever they call themselves officially acknowledged  the body organ daily bio logical clock]

So lets begin:

zodiac lunar signs  
Each sign of the zodiac has an affinity  for a particular food type/taste  which is well stated in  the 
“moon time” book by Johanna  Paungger and Thomas Poppe. 

a) With the type of food/taste in correlation with a specific part of  plant anatomy
b) the type of food/ taste is also most easily digested   in  zodiac month or related lunar zodiac days 

Protein fruits 

More emphasis fruit [smoothies maybe?] especially for those who have no patience to chew well, when ever I read protein I automatically think meat or them high in protein seeds 
zodiac sign :- Aries Leo Sagittarius

Salt..y tasting root

 sounds like a chippy day to me
zodiac sign :-Taurus  Virgo Capricorn

fat flower 

need somat weighty for the air signs?
I sat hear pondering with pinky and the brain doing orbits 
around my head
why or what is in common with fat and flower
Than I thought leave it simple both have  an affinity to hold/ absorb  light [refer back to cellular awakening book] and if any one wants to try out atkins diet maybe these following zodiac months are best to test it out or in reverse avoid fatty food 

updated :essential fatty acids are essentialto the body's ability to produce oxygen . if the cells are closed they will not recieve oxygen, so what causes  cell to close  'stress'
 yep sounds like catch 22 [ also refer to"how well lubricated is your nut " note]
zodiac sign :- Gemini Libra Aquarius

Carbo…hydrate[starchy?]  leaf- 

sponge like aint it though, good days to drink up 
zodiac sign :- Cancer  Scorpio Pisces’s 

The above  can be probably organised nutritionist better

Easiest way to put the above info into practise , 
or to begin somewhere …

Be clear on 
Protein , carbohydrate, fat, salty
Look at the usual ratio given for correct plate  portion Apply  or adjust plate portion by increasing / decreasing  lunar zodiac food taste /type of the day , to enhance absorption / to decrease it 

Confused ????
Excellent that what all diet fads are :P

Seriously though with thorough analysis and application  and prepared menu plans  should work a treat

And what was said in the ‘nutritional  deficit’ note 
For greater application when creating life enhancing menus,

laters fuzzy

side note: be like the french, take an hour just eat breakfast, its one custom i do adhere to :) they so got royalties of the day so right   

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