Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mind over One’s Energy Centred

I guess I've procrastinated long enough  here, 
and contemplated how to proceed with future blog notes, 
The initial intention was to swat up on psychology
 easily available on  apple “U” app

 Where are endured dubiously two session of psychology,
 for starters  it was  really slow going…
never went  back …to it
 still on IPad gathering nano dust :P

Than I thought  how applicable or indeed practical 
is it in everyday existence ?

I also realised I should have taken a better observation of my fellow newbies 
while inward than I thought ‘self observation’
and keeping it ever so badly together; was more than enough to deal with… 
even with loads free time.

I have no idea what kind of person you were before , during , or after…

The crust of matter comes down ’to reaction’  
and those of you who have more ‘will power’ than they care to employ…
breaking away from habitual / instinctual reaction 
 and the evolvement  ‘to responding’ 

I can only classify us newbies  into; two variants, at each  end of the scales 

Group 1. Easily overruled [introvert?] in hindsight can save one a lot of grief

Group 2. God save the person who wrongs you, [extrovert?] 
really useful snapping, back in place s/he in your face types

Group 1 needs to rebuild self esteem, assertiveness etc 
Group 2 controlled discipline , focus etc.

I really hate the cliche ‘mind over matter’  lets rephrase this
Mind over one’s Energy Centred

Either way ‘end result’:
you neither berate yourself for standing down 
nor do you question yourself for standing up , and standing your ground 
And to never undermine your own decisions 

that’s enough blah blah blah from me 
Question am I undermining self  here?
or creating space for thought ? 

laters fuzzy/fazmax

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