Thursday, 31 March 2016

Music to Chinese body clock

The following classical music tracks 
 can be looked up on YouTube,
any typos by me
no doubt  search selection will point you in the right direction

Music by sebastian bach      7pm-9pm: circulation  - : Yin

Pines of rome by Respighi
Malher's symphony resurrection  No2.    9pm -11pm : triple warmer: Yang
Wagner the ring

Capricco Espagnol by Rimsky-Korsakov  11pm-1am: Gallbladder: Yang

Sonata in B by Bach:-
Flute.                                             1am -3 am: Liver Meridian: Yin
Sonata in A & E  by Bach      

Mozart                          3am -5am: Lung Meridian: Yin

Concerto  for 2 mandolins in G Major
By vivaldi.                                                 5am -7am: Large Intestine Meridian : Yang

Concerto 2 violin  in D minor by Vivaldi
Concerto in D Major by Mercadante.     7am- 9am: Stomach Meridian: Yang

Music by Telemann:-
In suite A minor for flute                   9am- 11am: Spleen/Pancreas 
Meridian: Yin
Trumpet concerto in D

Applalachain Spring by Aaron Copeland
Waltzes.                                                       11am-1pm: Heart 
Meridian: Yin
Baroque styles

Pathetique symphony No. 6 in B minor
Op  74 by Tchaikovsky.                           1pm-3pm:Small Intestine 
Meridian: Yang
Peer Gynt Suite No.1 by Edward Grieg

Shererazade by Rimsky-Korsakov
Sonato in E Major for lute.                      3pm-5pm: Bladder 
Meridian: Yang 
Basso by Bach

Beethovan                                              5pm-7pm: Kidney Meridian: Yin

specified tracks within the allotted time  with overtime at best 5-7 minutes  will chillaxing
run pass the allotted time  and it  will be annoying

notes for healing music
further knowledge of five Chinese elements and 'corresponding nature sound' the following are just suggestions
water - ocean waves, raindrops ...
fire- fire place
air - wind ,chimes
wood -forest sounds
earth- singing bowls .... etc

  may be fun to tweak about it
for the right musical  blend for you
may have download/ purchase the track to  this / on free or paid apps

and refer to blog note:

if you haven't read it yet

laters fuzz/fazmax

PS information   Chinese body clock  and ideal music is from  the  following  book
Chinese Power Animals  Archetypes of Transformation
by Pamela Leigh Powers

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