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read and cross reference information

This is something i summed up via text back in 2008 [yep should have saved it]
 the basics:
the usual what they allow to check out  when previewing a book on line
what i usually look mostly at  'with the actual book'. 

  • check out other people reviews  online can be invaluable
  • content, [ to get quick idea as well as repetition of data]
  • bibliography an excellent source  for further information 
  • skim read 1-3 chapters  depending on the type book maybe repeating foundations so  you maybe well versed in already
  • or 1-3 paragraphs of each chapter the beginning or at the end to get a better gist of it
  • the publishing  company, you may find you have affinity for a few of'em check out their online catalog
  • go with your gut feeling/ divination tools :)

in regard to books with similar information, that you  already own that is for personal use i.e. herbal /nutritional books

for example cross check information of a particular herb/food
it properties + holistic properties or vibrational effects
how it works in the body
its uses across the medicinal range i.e. western , tibbs, ayurverdic, eastern

updated bit:

case studies versus sciency know how 

sciency=on the HOW  & WHY it works in the human auric bodies, knowing all you can in theory, so as not be  caught off guard so to speak

case studies = the positive or indeed total no, no, no, can be inspiring and follow in their footstep till you find your own feet/beat[maybe adapting in own way/ style ]

to greater degree done with case studies, as for sciency side on subtle bodies is clearly  a must being informed 

you may wonder why one would to need to know in such great details
a) appreciation of nature 
b)knowingly  eating what your consuming..power of the mind , to know when the mind rule and when body instincts should kick in.

good link for books on herbs:

books from  authors  that I reference from mostly for personal use:

Micheal Tierra C.A., N.D an excellent all rounder book by this dude =Planetary Herbology

culpeper's complete herbal, wordsworth series reference series
[note updated version=Culpeper's Complete Herbal: Updated With 117 Modern Herbs,]

The Traditional Healer's Handbook: Classic Guide to the Medicine of Avicenna by Hakim G.M. Chishti,

other books
newly added:++Tuning the diamond by Susan Joy Rennison
Vibrational Medicine: The Number 1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber,
Note:an excellent book of diagrams and bibliograpy 

Kundalini & the Chakras: Evolution in this Lifetime: A Practical Manual - Evolution in This Lifetime (Llewellyn's new age series) by Genevieve L. Paulson,

Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition by Paul Pitchford,

The Spiritual Properties of Herbs by "Gurudas",
Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by "Gurudas",
Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing: v.1: Vol 1 by "Gurudas",

Crystal Power, Crystal Healing: The Complete Handbook by Michael Gienger,

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