Sunday, 14 July 2013

Chillax Herbal Tea

was gona title this post 

"Move Over Coffee"

After reading some of the reviews on line - on night time /sleep herbal tea
to help one  nod off .
some of us  seem to be a bit confused 

i'm like mmm i find it also true 
as to is it working? 
guess am expecting to drop everything and fall asleep on the spot

have a whole bunch relaxing herbs not really been using them 
[yep am quite happy with crystals under my pillow]
clearly am not utilizing herbal tool  well

so took a closer look at relaxing combo blends as well as individually

Herbs : what properties to look for?

The first easier answer  :
What ever decreases anxiety, stress and promotes sleep. Sedatives and Nervines 

Tranquilizers are strong sedatives are  minerals which can effectively weigh down and calm the mind

The second category mild sedative herbs- usually posses tonification properties- calm and nourish the heart that regulate the heart.[think emotional stress or worries- heart merdian]

Calmative: tonic and nutritive- increase nerve tissue and cerebral spinal fluid=

For those who have looked into herbal books to the light to heavy duty ones, you need /good idea to to be able to understand the jargon terms.

If you can find it n  herbal tea / powder form the better- herbal online sites is your best bet- or grow your own

Some key herbs
“ginseng, nutmeg, ashwaghanda, chamomile, basil, coriander, lemon verbena, violet leaf, lemongrass, valerian, skullcap, passionflower”, lady slipper, wood betony, California poppy, black cohosh, hops, fennel, hawthorn, liquorice, juniper, linden blossom, elderflower, St johnwort etc.

yep i looked at list and thought are some of these available locally?

at best some combo blends have 3 herbs that have anything to with helping you unwind, 

the western herbal usually say 1 teabag, usually cammomile [still do'nt find it tasty-on its own ]

an aryuvedic book  two -three teaspoon OR 2 tea bag brew
thought that's  interesting tried. it .. it does work

however like bit of variety and better to taste buds as well

so took out all relaxing herbs i had stored away... had quite a few decided to add ginkgo bilbo and comfrey  too. 

and made a brew of just 'one' teaspoon to my brew 
to my absolute surprise tasted good and chillaxing


create you own blend - up to about 9 herbs  use 1 teaspoon of this mixture

Try not to take herbs that have diuretic effect as part of night blend tea-  
best to drink within the hour of making it to benefit from the aromatc flavours

anyway laters fuzz

p.s. note on herb the nutmeg personally prefer to use alone or leave well alone

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