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Tissue Salts

What  Tissue Salts are look up up these site/ other similar sites/PDF

Recommended reading- to add clarity and depth for the lay person

cellular awakening- Barbabra Wren for clear understanding Electrolytes
tissue salts for healthy living by  Margret Roberts
Spiritual Nutrition  for spiritual life and Awakening of the kundalini by Gabriel Cousens, MD
[chapter 28; pages 414-474]
Crystal power , crystal healing : the complete handbook by Micheal Gienger

& slight refer too
Radical Healing  by Rudolph Ballentine, M.D.
[pages 53-63]

Tissue Salts and Electrolyte

refer cellular awakening- barbra wren for clear understanding Electrolyte pages 25-34

best the book available as an  ebook under £2.

following sites  explain some what

n briefest of relay:

sulphate- 'job' it the helps move thing from inside out
nat [chloride]- 'job'it attracts water

sodium +calcium  = day OR  Nat +calc
patasium +magnesium /  =night OR  phos.+

if converted to tissue salts

day ;-

calc fluor
calc phostate
calc sulphate

sodium chloride[nat mur]
sodium phostate [nat phos]
sodium sulphate [nat sulph]

night :-

ferrum  phosphate[ ferrum ='iron' phos]
potassium phosphate[kali phos
potassium chloride [kali mur]
potassium sulfate[kali sulph]
magnesium  phosphate[mag phos
silica dioxide[just added / bunged it here equals it out  i.e. 6 tissue salt in both day and night]

that how i have organised it, needs a bit more adjusting though.

Tissue Salts And crystal knowledge

 this is important to understand how tissue salts work in the subtle bodies, best to go through
Crystal power , crystal healing : the complete handbook by Micheal Gienger

And note the individual properties of the following 'Elements' of periodic table
Iron , potassium, magnesium, silica, sodium, sulfur, calcium, hydrogen

newbies are likely to be deficient in all 12  tissue salts an  all "12 in one" will be found under name
'bio plasma'

links astrolgy:

however those who get round to reading  gurudas gem elixir and vibrational healing  vol 2 [mite be best to borrow this one from the library]
in short we all been allocated the wrong star sign[ in terms of month ] you have to move one up
so if your cancer its leo
    if your leo its virgo ...etc
didn't take much note of at first like whatever

best way to check for yourself is the month prior to official Pisces month- like said before the body absorbs better in Pisces
[Note: no changes in lunar zodiac days ]

 on briteside u can now check  not one but 2 astro signs : for the horroscope of the day ;)

Pin pointing 3 important minerals :- potassium, magnesium, calcium

very important  for nerve function /relaxation.
every'body' is unable is unable to utilise calcium if there is not enough magnesium in the body.
magnesium also plays an important role in the creating body food enzyme to help digest food

look up 'magnesium flakes' and its reviews on how best to use it

laters fuzz

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