Thursday, 31 October 2013

Is thy NUT well lubricated

A fact that may not be  common knowledge:

between each nerve "is a layer a fat" its purpose and function ?
i have no idea [clues to this may be found in the video link at the bottom of the note]
 and in cellar awakening book

Honestly believe 1000mgs a day or itty bitty capsule sufficient replacement a day
 for all them nerves? mmm

you need to educate yourself on the function fat/ essential fatty acids
play in the human body

The brain can only burn/run  on glucose, which is also known as blood sugar,
 unlike other tissues, the brain cannot switch  over to  fat or fuels, 
when glucose supply in the blood run dry- 
since the blood can only carry enough  energy/glucose in bloodstream,
results in immediate impairment of brain function- 
first symptom of mental impairment= loss of emotional control.

3 sources of glucose

  • 1st-glucose rich food i.e.  grapes and honey
  • 2nd -Broken/ down carbohydrate and refinement to glucose
  • 3rd source “ glycogen” produced and stored by the liver  from the breakdown of protein and fat.

When source 1 and 2 are depleted / exhausted than the third source in stored  form,
 kicks in to action; for the ever active & hungry brain

Fat is one of the best sources of food energy,

  1.  fat yields’  3x  the amount of energy as sugar
  2.  2x as much as protein-
  3. combust faster and more completely 

than  almost any other food- avoid incomplete combination,
when taken in correct combo in wholesome form- will not make you fat.

To increase essential fatty acids in  daily eating habits,
only omega 3 is ever mentioned
the book cellular awakening Barbra Wren
more than succulently addresses the role played by essential fatty acids.
Read back to the book cellular awakening
chapter 3 "light our thread connection"
understanding of how the human body breaks down essential Fatty Acid

In short; the body has or may have lost its ability to utilise essential fatty acids,  taking omega 3 and 6 is great, giving it back to the body in 'raw form,' however the need is to bring body back to the point where it can utilise more complex essential fatty acids into omega 3 and 6 from wholesome food

#without fat your body cells cannot cannot utilise  water properly #

whole food Sources: 

seeds and some nuts, fish, fish oil capsules, avocados an NON hydronated oils, coconut and sunflower come in cool/yin  category...
others come yang /warm, additional note  only almonds nuts have the alkalising affect.

Chollera is high in protein, fatty acids like GLA , sulfanolipids, minerals  and vitamins are trishodic (balance all doshas) 
Most chollera on the market has more than 23% fat - it's brilliant /+++ in topping up on EFA !

Food enzyme occur only in fresh raw foods so the following supplement maybe good to take in digestion of fat

Lipase -digest fat

further field of interest 

Ayurvedic- Panchakarma- "OLEATION" [key word search]
OLEATION is the ingesting of edible oils in the correct manner
a link for the lazy lot

not found abook me likes that reasonably priced 

since this one 

updated version book  from recollection, recall some of the information
to be not as adequate as it use to be DIY
probable place link to buy from/ better to buy from where you see fit:

borrowed it from library should got it when i had bought opportunity
 than  again know  oleation routine by heart

watch the link below and check out its related  website:


Depression is a disease of civilization: Stephen Ilardi at TEDxEmo

research the the Stephen dude instead if your  finding blank you tube

further recommended reading on blog notes

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