Thursday, 19 December 2013

Inverse Rainbow

Your reading list from previous note + the following below

seven rays of life  Alice  A.  Bailey book
[#for in depth knowledge on colours# ]

them mind numbing triangles you probably remember doing in maths trigonometry [yep finally/at last  a use  for them]
the distance away from the spine[the base of the triangle would determine from which vibratory body /auric  level you're working from.
to refresh your memory: 

in depth understanding of the spine i.e. 

Esoteric Healing: A Practical Guide Based on the Teachings of the Tibetan in the Works of Alice A. Bailey by Alan and N Hopking (1 Jan 2005)

I mentioned in the previous note 
visualisation [mentally/physically viewing  the appropriate shade]

 what was previously noted is what you can physically do  for yourself 
 to work on vibrational  level requires conscious application by you 

in its basic form 

visualising/ feeling  descending energy from the above the head center either in energy form or in chosen colour  and fousing on on a chosen vertebra in trigonometry style 

as you can see each vertebra / region of it can also be associated with the colours of the chakras/merdians 


you can change the order of the 'colour rainbow song' that one would dutifully sang in primary school  

7th chakra  red - actve ?
6th chakra yellow- intellect/logic?
5th chakra  orange -creativity
4th chakra green- same/harmony
3rd chakra purple - order
2nd chakra blue -calm
1st chakra white- cleared

it should also be noted applying the colour combo in  primary and secondary colours  via merdian/chakra

the  darker shades of the colour spectrum could be considered Yang-electric/ male in energy

the  paler shade of the colour spectrum could be considered Ying/magnetic/female in energy

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