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Crystal Buddies

was updating this note and and web crashed on me  ...ahhh primal scream- above author triology books good  guide for any beginner in crystal lore  neways will be doing seperate crystal blog so its more tuned in.

below reference Gurudas books volume one and two back in print hurray :)  [and  flower essences one too ] 

In terms of actual physical tools this probably the last one to be addressed. Its also the one i know most about  
extract [from Gurudas gem elixir volume 1]...
P.S. sounded good when i noted  it down 
what the hec did all that mean in practical form ?

so i'll come back  to it ... still not as bad some psychology books :P 
came back to it & has been  modified  so it makes more sense :
"...the ability of gemstone to heal is based on transference of their stable form of molecular structure, permeating into the physical body down into the molecular level and bringing stability  to the bio-molecular level to where there this is sympathetic resonancy, the body is healed through energy - and "not through chemical reaction" but more on *molecular structures*

all things are in constant state  of vibration and in constant harmonics  \and resonancy , according to the point of stability within the ethers

Gemstonethese fields generate  fields of electromagnetic and electrical nature, but above all , the fields of  which  the ethers are activated

space is permeated within  ethereal fluiduim of the human body  that part of the body, physical that contains  crystalline and quartz like properties  
Gemstone stimulate healing within the body physical based on resonating harmony and vibration via the body's  body's own cell salts

Gemstone have direct collaboration wi-thin individuals  concerning the concepts  of vibration which are charged  or *sympathetic  molecular  structure *

behavioral modification can only become active  on the level of conscious decision making *behavioral illumination*  enabling  an individual   to "come into confrontation" with the source  of behavioral pattern  and than to make conscious and  intelligent  decision
this allows gemstones to  be applied onto the psyco-spiritual dynamics of the individual thus   psych-spiritual  structure of the individual is enhanced  *behavioral illumination* ' and not behavioral modification.
Are you semi enlightened yet ...


look up/key word  gurudas gem elixer on on Microsoft Word-Gem database / or apple device there a pdf brilliant for quick reference

Top methods of use 

  • elixir
  • laying them on specific part of bodies 
  • leaving a few under the pillow/ gridding four corners/post of the bed 
crystal are cost effective  as well as a delight to behold  and deserve equal care as you would for beloved plants/ indeed pets  gifts of nature and not to be abused 

laters fuzz


 Those into crystal healing  , will already know that burying crystal in the ground/earth is well used technique in  cleansing  as well charging the crystal, for those who have read the  earthing book info we now know
why !

+++refer to Enhancing the Earthing Experience note

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