Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Does it Exist in Your Imagination

As far as research/ history  goes all men great and small endevour  to contemplate 

if you don't believe that you are a vibrational being  than please don't read any further [and adding to my page view statistics simply don't care ] in fact go back to sleep

from here on end you have to be at least be open minded 
am gona need both hemisphere of your brains engaged   regardless of system software  failure in progress or rebooting

 vibrational being to be familiar with the term:-

go back to your what little backup memory you have of lessons "in science namely physics " 
if a hard physical substance ie  piece metal , wood rock etc  is still nothing more than assembled condensed  atoms in precise geometric form or whatever 

you as sentient being  3 +1  
gaseous[oxygen]  liquid [ water[, solidified[ice] 
what is the +1 is the bio energetic  matter that interacts with the environment more commonly referred  to as aura /subtle bodies

[side note: incidentally those of us  still eating junk food fizzy etc  that has whatever added to make look and taste  still edible ponder  gaseous  liquid ,solidified to your digestive tract yes do think of that science experiment that went wrong a bit extreme but as long as you get what image  am conveying]

when you meditate it is the bio energetic  the +1  that is being acted upon  that in turn influences mental neurological aspect [ brain frequencies]] that can than be measured in  form of impulse  such as slowing down of heart beat from agitated level to calm 

what than is 'visual imagination' the simplest format of connecting with and talking to both conscious and unconscious part of the brain again turn influences mental neurological aspect [ brain frequencies] that can than be measured in form of impulse - change
[ dream world is usually the one way communication of subconscious mind]

two  app mention in musical notes interact with - brain frequencies
music again influences the mind

i hope I've just introduced[ shallow as it is ] to what mechanisms are at play when one meditates   if not take a look at the Buddha above
lie i said in introductory note it your conscious active   participation 
meditation is like music  you can have all the theory on  the world you can only know by listening /practice in this case 

recommended reading yep been mentioned before 

Vibrational Medicine: The Number 1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber,
Note:an excellent book of diagrams and bibliography 

Kundalini & the Chakras: Evolution in this Lifetime: A Practical Manual - Evolution in This Lifetime (Llewellyn's new age series) by Genevieve L. Paulson,

as meditation book go i only got the one, who else but the Dalai Lama
 a condense book written under grave circumstances 

opening of the eye of new awareness revised edition translated and introduced by Donald S.Lopez, JR.

other than that your best off investing in meditation cd / downloads  [maybe a few] 
yeh that is cheating  if your not in system software  failure in progress or rebooting :P
excellent to fall asleep to  me i love falling asleep to art war  by  sun zoo dude 

laters fuzz

ps the end bit of this audio explains the importance of protein

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