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Sound Inclusion

It appears over all western oriented societies lack  this particular healing tool and has only recently got in touch with it again. Via  the hippe movement > mind , body spirit  movement

Like the link between science and art,  that has obscured over time, so has that of Euro languages; via its root Latin language

Therapeutic  use of sound is central healing tool;

Sound is *ether*
All element  and *senses* can harmonise  and control via ether

Sound control is conscious Ether  which is based on gross sounds:

  • Space consist of subtle form  sound > through meaning
  • Speech is the very power of the mind > elements which  effect sense, organ  and function of the mind.

Sound moves through heart and mind, which is why songs associated with positive memories / or up beat lyrics can  quite literally uplift us.

By changing the *energetic structure of the mind* which *dissolves* the problem.

Abstract  > sustains intelligence " nurture "[bhuddi]

sound vibration  of deepest feelings and intuition make up the inner mood or conscious " Nurture"; conditioning [chitta]

Each emotion creates a sound in the ether
The more intense the emotion
The stronger the sound
Which either enforces or releases energetic vibration

All conditioning  through  word/ sound is kinda mantra

Our spoken words also carry  an emotional force, that are Recorded in the memories of whom they are addressed too, hurts, fears etc is *undigested sound* that has been misunderstood or interpreted;

For example impact of same words to a child>  too teenager >
Too mature adult can  be interpreted differently.

In its most basic format  this sound  is than  left as vibratory scar, that cannot not be assimilated into the *vibratory body fields.* and cannot is linked to wrong movement *within vibratory body*

That remains  apart and produces “distorted  perception” to “wrong action”

Mantra [word] or sound  breaks up this embedded stagnation

Some newbie conditions are re-enforced by* negative sound /word conditioning*   occurs  through the medium of  communication and listening,  these deep impact can be felt deeply even when not intended.

Mantra is  sensory tool via meaning and feeling
It also affects the very nature  of mind and is part of the mind as well /itself
Mantra draw up *energies* and *ideas* latent in psyche.

Mantra repeated regularly  turn into tools  for psychotherapy  transformation
Mantra is an instrument of the mind which enhances/changes vibratory  pattern of conscious; Mantras are asnas for the  mind

Our words carry  an emotional force
Through mantra can; one can Master an emotion
Exercise our emotion.

*Sattvi mantra* >dissolves ego and promote self awareness

By changing the *energetic structure of the mind* which *dissolves* the problem.

Mantra creates an energy that can neutralise  the scars left from  our forgotten … memory archives,  that are still embedded within us .

And creates  a more powerful memory for/ or overriding the scar

Breath and mantra application

the use of  breath control known as  pranyama brings one entire being into greater alignment  which sustains the proper {energy} circulation in the vibratory bodies.

Mantra according to eastern thought is  simple words with the emphasis on the vowels which are accorded spiritual meanings; or focuses on a particular chakra or meridian that only by practice by praying, chanting, repetition can be felt  within the human dimensional field

Danger alert  mantra
Too focus on *success*  words are termed as  “disturbed  mantra” . This type of  disturbance is linked to wrong movement within vibratory body. Which leads to ignorance  and agitation.

The roots of healing sound for those fluent in western /Euro. Its imprecise  knowledge of  old folk lore, cryptology /from appears knowledge of the enlightened  group

But what unable to associate or is it not from different faith. Sounds like a spooky word, sure its safe ?

So  where do you  begin ?

Since newbie conditions are well documented in western speaking world. Hard to apply mantra? ; Not so, many of you are fluent in English language
You will need to look into next closes root language to Latin, that would be  Hebrew letters,
Where this knowledge has been kept alive and in use.

Refer to book / image.>>>

Quick letter analysis , as well word formation [combined letters]

Yep will take a bit of study and practise.

Purpose :

Create own mantra
Create in alignment  meditation audio
Create in alignment  affirmation / mantra

In addition 

When affirming meditating…  focus in, on a particular  vibrational field
I.e. emotion, etheric , astral etc to sense how it, is flowing

Some cheats :

Ready made Body awareness meditation , usually focus on the physical body, instead at the beginning of track make your  intent to  focus I.e. emotional body and note the difference!

s/he that makes the effort to  read
than lean to write
the path forms itself. 

laters fuzzy

 p.s.: refer to "musical notes"  as well  the notes that refer throat chakra notes

side note: internet connection not that brilliant at moment. was hoping to get through some i tunes u psychology lectures on the emotion was gona incorporate what learnt ,neway  can't believe prefer listening 1.5   audio speed yep its a first for me

and almost  forgot

those those with disposition any faith/ religion  can obviously use the name of  respective deity saint etc

i find combing an experience in itself . by all means stick to what your comfortable[ with some of you are very devout  and that is good too. :)

update :

search key word "mantra list" but doesn't give depth of meaning ,
 so look up Ayurveda and the Mind: The Healing of Consciousness by David Frawley, 
better insight into meaning and functions, [not available as an  ebook] 
you could find the mantra pdf under same author, however found a bit much to relate too.

Ayurveda and the Mind: The Healing of Consciousness 
chapter 14 the healing power of mantra
  key pages in that chapter "page 232-235" gives the best to points
 meaning and it  functions as well as pronunciation 

... om; let be a storm... o.k. that was lame

play around with how you pronounce it /say it 
English  unlike Chinese  or Arabic does not use the full vocal cords 
say any of above mantra  slowly  and emphasis on vowels as well 
as changing the vowels sound slightly you'll know when said correctly
most  of you you should getaway;  with no need to say out verbally..eventually.
stick to no more than 2-3 in a row;   for example:
hum, om, som

laters  fuzzy

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