Saturday, 23 August 2014

Shake Loose the Chains

So where was i ?

As  i mentioned one set of books the  other set, am gona  talk about
i did indeed  spend, good part of ten years just 
glazing  over it, 
doesn't exist, blanking it ,  

a friend [who is no longer is my good  graces]  got in touch,  after  many years,   tried in vain, to point me in that direction, for a whole year.

the universe so to speak, took drastic measures  and had to bring in the opposite gender in


it literally took dude  for me to look into it. 
and why i hear [you  ask out of boredom :P] was that? 

 i had  "an action  replay , played out on me",

 i realised, i have tendency   to  go quite, the only  other time,  somat of similar nature,
  but slightly different played out on me
i had to think back, between the two incidents;
only one thing in  common, that stood out was being lied too. 

so what was the over all :
purpose and function of this of this heart aching drama, simply came down to, not knowing the info in those books and better choice in  female pals 
better swot /& look into this  and see where this branch is heading /headed 

so what where these books , no it wasn't witch craft and wizardry, which is a true shame would have called upon  the forces of voodoo or exorcism  :P

so these unnameable materialistic books on the bookshelf were :development psychology - business  NLP,   etc 
[ feel like renaming "neural lying please", yea did come up with somat better than that, right now don't recall it... now editing ;nope still dont recall it ]

 i really should apply the teaching of the late shakuntala devi   and others quick mind fit  into practice; than thought don't care to have a memory of an elephant.
  it is; at times good to forget.

neway in the most un -humblest view or in short manipulative psychology, knowing this kinda material [+being creative ] disallows giving others the benefit of the doubt just that much harder , you may indeed find loads of things in your face, that usually slipped by.
Will you exemplify tolerance or show them the mirror of karma ? 

yep can be tough

o.k. in positive light 

if one half of the books that  i took great joy in reading - deals with the 
*emotion via understanding chakras - mastery over the energy bodies* 

than these books that i'd been blanking, this whole time,  deal with the
* mental body aspect achieving in the concrete manner / mind over matter.*

live and learn the hard way, looks like there's me,
i was plodding / meandering along unknowingly; but very comfortably 
i know, I am such tortoise

latest worth while read, authors other books good too,yes read the whole thing last week

felt like  updated version  napoleon hill who can be found on youtube, books  etc  ].

so what  has this to,  with us newbies ?
some newbies including myself  sit there thinking:

 what deep seated trauma?
 is the cause of  being a newbie ?
you what?

its more like being stopped in your tracks,  from living life 
but you, now need to remember that, that you can consciously make a better choice instead of following the conformist rules and labeling 

for best results you need to be able :

  • know yourself  and your environment
  • clear energy bodies , 
  • affirm / positive thinking
  • practically apply intentions
  • follow through till achieved 

to know yourself  you need to understand that patterns are consciousness that have become so customary 

Breaking some patterns, that  have become unwanted habits, that are grooved so  deeply into our thinking, into our feeling and into our behavior patterns, that they become our ruts.

which blocks the *natural energetic  flow* has been bogging us  down . 
What happened?
Try to understand whence it came from?

Turn directly inwards to your center [which meridian or chakra center?], which allows for  innovative direction

Take a momentary pause... still here ? carry on reading than>

Stop borrowing  surplus or expanding energies  endlessly/ needlessly 
[ but feel free to waste time or zone out nap time, that by the way is is a way resting or rejuvenating  ]

This inward gaze will prove to be,* a process of navigational compass*

When you gaze inward towards the center, you are indeed contemplating your own higher values or unfreezing the blocked flow

This  perceptive energy releases ,  you from the mind cloud of confusion

this direction : allow for  the return; to open and provide what is needed

Make sure what ever intent,  work or action you commit to,
are understood by yourself and family friends, not for approval but for there support.
remember they want you to be the best you can be 

don't give too many details / too bogged down by thinking  about it 
step by step follow  swift instructions
don't give yourself too many choices
what you ask of your self always recall why  

Focus away from spending and consuming day to day or weekly 

begin to assess what you  know, value, what   your plans/ envision yourself  to be ?
what holds you  back  > why?


Prioritise <time> to let it be <time> than get going   

laters fuzzy

ps there is loads available on line here do your research  and be extremely selective :) 

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