Saturday, 11 October 2014

Finding Incentive... Persevere

Some newbies like my self may come in the category of too much time on their hands, which is entirely up to you, to do, what you see fit.

That easily be squandered in over sleeping , my favorite
mind level blowing  hours in playing computer games
guilty as charged did play bejewelled 6-8 hours straight,
think my mouse been um over worked,  so is not as satisfying as it use to be.

Some of you, do more or less may begin a project

and initiate quite well ,
but may  find or loose motivation to complete  or follow through,
so never *get back*, the taste of satisfaction of things done well.

Which indeed at times question one capabilities
And relaying false perception of yourself.

How to counter balance? 

you really do need to re-educate  or
take second glance and what it is knew / were taught than and
know;  now how to  re-apply

the following  underlined excerpt taken from

Success your way why you’re meant to  by g. Richard  shell,

[refer to other pre…innovative writing blog
 on note “stepping up motivation” for image of the book,
don’t roll over yourselves with the other book image that’s there]

Making yourself accountable- social accountability

Friends and family,
or good start evaluation how day spent  and than allocating time
that is constructive to than  after to do  more chilled out activities

Connect with role models

this might be bit hard harsh as some / few of our famous outshining counterparts
over dose or top themselves L
Am one of them people who don’t read obituaries
Did Winston Churchill in English class, yep put me off for life,
do recall  the distinguished pompous gentleman  did pendulum swing thingy
to determine what to revise for his history exam
and  lo and behold that’s exactly what came up in the exam.
That was either well impressive?
Do you think the family staff  were spying on him?

Neway Looking back now,  was that a good thing or bad thing.
don’t like story yarns; prefer bullet point information.

Create motivational rituals

to create a consistent habit:

a) before you begin[ making sure everything is in place - before you begin] ,

b) during [music] or after  the completion of the task
    by promising yourself a treat/ or somat enjoyable / relaxing or fun

c) Compete with yourself - this does not mean self punishing,
    but more along reward penalty plan similar ie
    by promising yourself a treat/ or somat enjoyable /
    relaxing or fun  but being more restrictive or challenging - within reason

Prove someone wrong

alright right this one makes me laugh at the moment ,
 one individual dude whose  blog I do read with reckless abandonment  goes on and on on he how proved some female college in ancient his history wrong… I wonder how many times he done her over in thy mind
yep there are times even I cant be bothered being clear and clean minded

Channel your strongest emotions

your basic instincts and drives- channel them appropriately
 for short periods “only”. if this natural mode you go into ‘cool’
or else for time being skip it for now.

It is; as it should be, entirely your responsibility to regulate  yourself
from being a complete slob  to the other end of the scale overly productive.
The in between's  are for,  you to decide  and persevere  in


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