Friday, 17 October 2014

Who am I?

Well we can cross off Jackie Chan from the list ( unless of course your parents named you ... Just that) When one experiences the newbie state [the first time]  
you may find your self Loosing more than one many "identities" 
you have always known your self to be Respect from people who you yourself respected 
on some level and cared for And their change of behaviors towards one self Change in others attitudes, usually result from 
following life changes in life:
Surviving break down in relationships Surviving in emotional crisis Transition from college to work place to retirement Transitions from ill health and back wellness no longer living up to the perceived perceptions of you. These people Who are family, friends even authority figures  
on some Level valued your opinions,  
may have done completely entire U turn in this…
can be quite self defeating. whose opinion either boosted your self confidence 
and re affirmed your identities This state of shock ! 
Can be, for some of you , 
like having the rugged being pulled from under you Learning to fail is an art, 
[To treat this awesome failure as a stage and not end of road] Side mutterings: -
if I messed about letters of my real name 
'fail' is word that come up
should I take that as universal sign, 
and than take it to heart  
and than be miserable? 
hell no
so how I do reshuffle the letters 
to humour and boost self esteem ? 
I look across full spectrum of languages and take nothing but the best
In my quest along these lines found that first two letters ‘fa’ [can’t remember how] in Chinese language means ‘heart‘. and that was just the beginning Interpretation of failure ‘the right way‘ is going to an 'important skill' to learn and re-adapt many times over,
avoid generalising from a single incident in any arena of life As newbies , 
man we can be masters at highlighting failures, 
but.. yes and yes there is always a butt ( somewhere). Learning from this type of perceived failure can 
indeed be a revelation To navigate successfully 
through this ‘testing period of lost identities .’ It is probably long over due and the first time,
that you explore more consciously "self acceptance" you will need to redefine "self acceptance" Towards Yourself that is not reliant on others:
feelings , words or behavior. 
that you may have been using as a measuring tape 
thus defining your self Regardless
Keep your relationships with others 'in good shape', your newbie state was equal shock to family and friends.
They too needed time to adjust,
and time; to time to be reminded/ indeed reprimanded 
(tactfully to more forcefully ) on perceived / actual misconducts
and in reversal being too touchy .. ouch One of few times I have endeavored to talk about it
to a sibling of mine, not sure quite how it happen ,
always come back to how it was for the sibling … 
well that was tough for me listen to... repeatedly 
Wish for /pause /mute button sometimes Let go of confirmations from others and instead focus on you Create your own barometer of standards, to assess your self by. Some newbies: stick to religion as glue 
others sod it , others still think they heard God 
{uhh Best to drown that one in rock music} the fourth makes me raise an eye brow to covert to something, [Than again I do come in the 'sod it' category] However The power of faith that is grounded, that practically empowers one from within; oneself.. can only be good Entirely your call. It often pays to give attention to / reclaim 
and reflect upon 
not only on achievements of the past , 
no matter how great and small, 
but also upon physical, emotional , mental  
and the [more sensitive newbies] psychic boundaries 
that not only need to be defined but maintained, 
refer back note: art of timeliness ...
and understand and calculate biorhythms Cycles
physical, emotional , mental peaks 
[some sites / app may include psychic which is usually 40 days ]
And go forward with these as your initiating platform.

as for who you are... allow sweet time to play its role  
to even create what you will be made off.
and that does not mean burning candle at both ends.

laters fuzzy

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