Sunday, 29 March 2015

Wind & Fire Qi- Stress Shortcut

Mmm… wasn’t Sure whether to bung this in as separate note, or add it on as an update to one of two previous notes [mentioned further down] than thought I can always update into a fuller note later

As the title suggest [ok still haven't figured title yet]as well as the over all theme on  this blog is to refocus the perspective that mental health is perceived not entirely to human bio/psychologylogy or environment.. Like whatever

But deeply connected to the responses in the vibrational bodies  where in comparison not so different from  how  blood is viewed and  is understood as the’ vital’ to life force.

Than qi / chi or pranic /or indeed etheric flow is the very sustaining force in holistic sense inclusive  to the biological body.. As well.  Which for those well versed know that qi stagnation  shows only as the outer physical symptoms  in the human body the dynamics going hay wire on the inside / vibrational bodies is totally missed.

Any this itty bitty in reference upon the above book and recommended reading . In short narrows down two elements from  the 5 theory of elements , also refer to ‘5 star chain reaction’ note as well ….. ‘States and their balance’ notes[ links at bottom of this blog note]

The book gives a very though look at how ‘qi stagnation’ causes stress

The two out of balance elements are usually “wind” first  followed by “fire”/ [heat ]

I my self is only part way / 50% through , after taking a break reading the  chapter 10 on ‘lung qi stagnation‘, even the author addressed it as a very long chapter…. Should have said would have left the best for last lol yep not gone back read rest of the book .

Just wanted to point another way to address  wind and  fire  elements. For those of you who did read the note how to ‘hack into yourself ‘ am referring more specifically  how each finger of the hand represents  each of the #five elements# and  mudras can be applied to alliviate the symptoms  of the two out of balance  elements

an additional book atleast according to the contents page  is the following by mantak chia, i stumbled upon it as pdf  so as of yet not breezed through it.., try not to get distracted by some of his other books  what can say but flammable Stress

laters fazmax

recommended blog note:
#States and their Balancing#
#5 star chain reaction#

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