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Oats So good 4 U Congee

Oat Congee  from 
You may have heard of rice congee
why not try oats congee
What exactly is rice congee?
It  is a thin porridge or gruel hand full rice simmered in five to six time the amount of water 
 ideally on low heat for a warping 6 hours -so best to have added more water 
than less reasoning the longer it cooks the powerful it becomes

The similar thing in oats "oat water" tablespoon oat groats/flakes /rolled in 1 quart water and simmered on low heat 30 min -2 hours
Is anything other added to rice congee ?

Why yes ...

other grains,
meats (don't think meat be good idea for oat even though meat usually good source vitamin B12)

Oats being Rich in "B vitamins" which is excellent for the nervous system among-st other things  such good source of soluble fibre., also in phosphorus and silicon

I Don't personally have the patience for even 2 hour simmering, so cook oats as instructed , tha'ts bring to boil and lower heat and simmer 20mins

In this version might be best to try out variation of 
relaxant herbs,
 pre -papered soak nuts, 
as well dried fruit, 

If your gona add certain herbs in non powdered form 
herb seed  i.e. fennel , 
Or roots i.e.  angelica, ginseng best, in advance to pre-prepare 
For that:
You'll need thermos bottle  
Hot water
add chosen roots/seeds into it
Close lids 

Let sit for 20-30 min

You can separate herbal water - to have as herbal tea
And add seeds /root to pre cooked oats in blender

Other wise as proper oat porridge
All you need is oats groats /flakes /rolled (preferably not ready mix that can be done in microwave)  
1/2-1 tsp softer Herb or herb mix of your choice (refer chillax herbal tea note)
Dried fruit of your choice (optional)
The amount water depend entirely on thickness of porridge you want 

To bring to boil in a saucepan  and simmer,
I only do so 10mins cuz it's gona go in the blender

A dash of milk (optional) to give a creamier taste
Sweetener of your choice (optional )

Herbs that are in "powdered form" can be directly added to bowl you'll be eating in and stir well
If your gona sweeten with honey,  maple syrup  now the time add it and stir well 


and there even version of uncooked oats  just look it up on line  for recipes  and consider how improvise ...

or alternatively  add flakes to  some to your relaxing  herbal tea and still benefit from this overlooked B vitamin  super grain

Laters fuzz

ps oat cookies good to go too. :)

so let me recap Goldilocks and three bears  how do you like yours
hot ? cold  or cookied ... excuse the typo

further recommended blog  note reading

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