Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sounds Good with Crystals

What you need

Pondering on why the book crystal volume 2 by Gurudas
[Look author up on Amazon/ google it]  for those with no idea who I am taking about]
as to why there was  a section on music
I was well disappointed when it  hardly covered additional crystal gems and there properties.
The section itself  talked about like on sounds  and crystal
the closes thing I found
on YouTube were the following




the section which  included expansive talk on aquatic animal sounds mammal, obviously dolphins, whales  others possibilities could be hippopotamus...?

Point being the crystal/gems sound vibration has therapeutic qualities.

Apart from crystal gong bowls

Some sounds instrument created back in  the 18th century but were dismissed since frugality or more specifically lead glass immediate results beneficial but not long because of lead.

So why have section on it?

 And what Orgone energy cleanser
Depending on how vibrationally affected you are by your living , working environment  it is very important to correct this key factor for holistic health anyone still having doubt here should consider again what feng shui / vaastu is at the end of  day and apply it.

Mobiles phone waves (others ie  anything that uses electricity ? ) are proven fact in affecting the human brainwaves and not in the positive manner either.
(could this be altered by mobile manufacturers?)

All this electro-magnetic waves around us ,  in how it affect human body , mind  and Maybe even the genes.

Yet what is over looked that it also affect sound waves and how the hit your eardrums or it would have naturally hit your ear drums without interference hence reducing sound therapy "quality" and "it's healing affects"

I know this from having sound therapy (crystal gong bowl) once  and listening to a live orchestra.

The vibrational difference   is immense  from listening at home on speakers or head phones.

In addition  bought #orgone# devices , and now realised should have bought asap , no newbie should be with out them. noticed a difference in my environmental space energy right away

Although I all manner soothing music , I notice a difference in my sound energy right away  after placing orgone devices around my room /personal space... Which was well cool.

Initially just put / stuck on crystals onto speaker
 I used first aid waterproofs plaster (didn't want any sticky residue on speaker by using sticky tape and than glue tack , to stick small to tumble size crystal on to that stay in place place not falling off.)

Had very calming chill out effect

Due to over active mind or body that is going through diet or fasting detox I needed further improvisation

So used #crystal# the similar in size to headphones or smaller and smoother edges and stuck that on, depending on hair length might get away with glue tack stick it on, if longer  will have place cyrstal on head wrap waterproof plaster

Note you may need to lower volume sound.

Affect full body (deep?) relaxation and mind,
Some affect you may note will be dependant upon
a) type of crystal
b) how tense your body muscles are/facial  muscles are

 since this a a new improvisation not tried out many crystal

naturally blue coloured crystal are a good start!
as the colur blue has affinity with throat chakra  which includes the ears -

i.e. blue kyanite, blue lace agate, blue topaz etc

Could use or try out for bigger crystal  with them larger headphones
such roundish agates
Yep Next list to get.

Those who're familiar with crystal are probably thinking  wicked ...endless possibilities  crystal  therapy and music variety

Those who are just into   Music will be curious an expansion in the music quality

The skeptics  it ain't that expensive to test out you don't even need to buy orgone devices for the headphone version.

Natural audio nature sound  will  be more healing

laters fazmax

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