Thursday, 23 March 2017

Aluminium foil pillow & herbal pillow

Best cost effective way to use aluminium foil therapy,
 two pillows cases natural material ie cotton, silk , bamboo etc (& your pillow)

a)Cut piece of foil the size of one side  of your pillow (only)

b)Layer foil on the  pillow matt side foil facing upwards (cooling effect) , shiny towards downward pillow

c)Put pillowcase one carefully  over it.

d)Than pillow case two my (my 2nd one is  silk material) it help muffle the  sound from aluminium  foil.

Sleep well

Ps Also look up micheal gienger book "crystal power, crystal healing the complete hand book ".  and look up aluminium  in there .

1-4 days use pillow size  after that hand size aluminium foil is sufficient


Herbal pillow
Used the a zip Cotten pillow 1/4 Or 1/3. Full of your chosen herb in addition to bulk it up optional use hemp seed,flaxseeds. Brown rice etc

And any herbs  from chillax tea blog note:

and  this blog note too:

Zip it up play around to fit perfect position on you your pillow usually middle of the pillow
Than put your pillow case over it. 

Experience update of herbal pillow

The herbal pillow had finally decongestant/ opening  of the head to get the head circulation going.

Hence rushing through to feed brain and releasing pain from  malnourished brain cells

so some newbies may need to make /
Have to make salt pillow which should be made from the following:
Magnesium flakes
Eposom salt
Himalayan salt

Needed energetic level minerals  to swiftly deal with it.

in addition you may need to take herbs that vitalise the blood and reduce congestion in which case  research into following herbs

  • horse chestnut seed
  • stoneroot
  • Red root
  • Yarrow herb
  • Sheperd purse herb 
  • Partridge berry herb
  • butcher broom root
  • cypress tip
  • witch hazel leaf 9 this
  • has affinity  for the three chakras above the head]
  • redgrape vine leaf
  • madder root
  • octillobark
 cross check herb on  contraindication and availability on purchasing
these herbs can also be added  to herbal pillow

Sweet dreams

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