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Digestion … assimilate / be constipated

Wasn't going to talk about  /specifically make a point about writing about  No. 2 how ever as follow…
Was avoiding watching the News as usual [how ever family members are addicted to watching News  like several times a day.]

the News:"A newbie  kick the bucket [passed away- may whoever it was be at peace] simply because the No. 2 just wasn't shifting… "was amazed this even made it to the news.

A typical stereotype for newbie’s are is some time perceived to have is  bad eating habits, but its not as simple as that.

All newbie conditions are stress related  for instance;

Anxiety on holistic level - blocks energy and  injures the lungs; impairs the circulation by inhibiting breath. Which lowers resistance by weakening body shield of protective energy
The large intestine tend to be affected first which leads to constipation, ulcerative  colitis etc
The stomach, spleen pancreas  also gets  affected which deprives the entire body systems of nutrios/nervous energy.

The easiest of option is to take laxative [preferably herbal tea form ..water] but this doesn't deal with underlying cause let alone solve the issue long term.

The below mentioned books [as well as other similar related books that you may already own]

Recommended reading:

Tissue cleansing through bowel management-
By Bernard Jensen
D.C. Ph. D., Nutritionist; with the ultimate tissue cleansing system co authored with Sylvia Bell

Colon health the key to vibrant life-
By  Dr Norman W. walker

The traditional healer’s hand book- the classic guide to the medicine of Avicenna
By Hakim G.M. Chisti, N.D.

Cellular awakening-how your body holds lights
By Barbara Wren

Tao of detox
 By Daniel Reid

Gives a thorough foundational basis of ‘how the digestive system works’ yep human biology that one can take practical note of..
 And importantly take the first tender steps towards keeping  an under stress colon efficiently working

The golden rule of Traditional Chinese Medicine should be observed {below modified }:-

Food laxative first choice that can be incorporated into daily menus- i.e. smoothies [not juice - yep you need the natural fibre}

Digestive herbs second choice  some these herbs  are naturally used added into cooking
Herbal digestive properties you are looking for when refering to herbal books :
Stomachic- acts as gastric stimulant
Purgative- activates peristalsis
Cholagogue-promotes discharge of bile
Aperient-acts as gentle purgative
Carminative [/Aromatic] -expel gases from stomach and intestine

Or alternatively the chosen herb say ‘mint ’ allow the brew to cool down and blend that into friut/veg smoothies
Or if you have the fresh herb in this case ‘mint’    just bung in a  few leaves in blender with chosen friut/veg for  smoothies
or herbs in powder form

Good choice for herbs in terms of  flavours to use in this  manner would be :
cant taste it,/ don’t mind it / love it.  :)

Third choice Previously mentioned herbs  for the nerves  should be looked at ,for the digestive system  too.
Many nervines  herbs include  digestive properties which will naturally relax loosen  tightness.

Fourth choice combined  herbal tea
choice 2 [digestive herb] and choice 3 [nervine herbs]

Fifth choice over the counter
Herbal digestive aid
Herbal laxative
Or go see your G.P.

That by the way was the  none invasive measure :))
At some point as part of future detox newbie’s will need to look into:

  1. Enema kits
  2. Colonics

Self care :
Should include stomach massages  from personal experience use coconut oil first allow it to absorb  which will than allow heavier massage oils I.e castor  or avocado oil to be absorbed well

following tapping points might be useful

Laters fuzz

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