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The Nutritional Deficit

Recommended reading:

Medicinal cookery - how you can benefit from natures pharmacy by Dale Pinncock

Chinese natural cures - traditional methods for remedy and prevention by By Henry C. Lu

You are What you Eat By Gillian McKeith[ mite be typo in surname here]

+ refer back to previous mentioned books and info you know /own 


newbie conditions  in short newbies are 'literally working on reserves' 
need to rebuild the nutritional or more appropriately the energy deficit

Recall / flashback one time all I was required to do at at home was pick that rolling pin roll out round dough's {chapati/rotli-Indian bread}.Just wasn't able to apply myself - under normal times can do it do in my sleep[so speak] annoying looking back at that.

Under these conditions best always to have good quality nutritional supplements [*concentrated and *micro key features to look for when looking for one to purchase]on stand by, even more so if that means your gonna be eating takeaway or junk food- do enjoy that :)

 AND  NO good quality nutritional supplements are not 'food / meal replacement'  

How to assess your nutritional  content 

It is more useful to know # 'how' the food works in the body and how it benefits rather than the calorie content#

#each food or culinary herb has an affinity for one more organs/ meridians#

#Some Chinese  recipe's use 7 culinary herbs that have affinity for all major organs.# I thought that was, well cool concept; and it tasted good too- considering i cannot make soup to save my life [still don't know haw to make tomato soup]in the above recommended  Chinese book.

An example of improvisation

 the humbled 'boiled egg' 

the egg/s 
soy beans 
and suitable cookware to bring to boil  and than simmer for an hour with lid closed
eat /store the extra away in fridge  [3 days max]

Didn't have 'soy in bean' form so improvised soy flour it was quite warming [yang] which was weird cuz soy is meant to be of yin nature 
which isn't quite right if i got my aryuvedic  type right pitta, up till not so long ago kept putting  myself down as kapha - only when i met someone  training to be   aryuvedic practitioner[ in America of all places!come to u.k. for the hols] had too think back at pre-newbie/ medicated state  use to be  baggy [clothes] u.k. size 10  OK [had to reconsider methods employed when i ever go through 'alternative' change of phase ] gives whole new concept to being hot tempered.

neway back to main point so on an intuitional whim, research through  the herbal books,  as well as  what herbs i had at home  exchanged soy bean to   'honeysuckle' herb .the effects were much more to my liking yep cooling :)

As beginners keep things simple 

This may be a tall order, but newbies will need to slowly integrate there nutritional needs into the their cuisine:
prerequisite :

Try to  make one of the dish of the day orientated towards to one organ and its complimentary organ 

Refer to zodiac body part signs as well as  theory of 5 elements 

The easiest start here would be with the  dishes you already make  yep time to 'analyse' them
 apart  from tasting good how the individual ingredients benefit you?

does anything to be added, detracted /changed?

plenty of recipe books on just about any cuisine on this planet so analyse and play and be creative!

there mite be even one type of dish / cooking method that  you excel at; that you can improvise in countless ways?

with me its these chili pancakes- I consider it  a hit, if mum likes it

no need to be master chef  quite yet--- well  aware there will or may have been bad times were the ability to engage the brain to to apply cooking skills  may not be there. 

how ever you can eat , will eat and do eat well 
.... most o f the time ;))

laters fuzz

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