Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Do you know how to Hack into yourself?

Do you know how to Hack  into yourself? 

side note you :you will not be needing a keyboard  

what you do need; the basic
the feet
the hands 
the ears [if you do have Spock ears that's totally fine]

newhere you like on these three body parts as hard as you like 

 for those who want move on from johnny 5

engaging the CPU [last time i looked that meant the central processing unit] in short the human brain to next level up 

that's the reflex points to these 'key-body' parts that can be found easily online
look'em it up and you'll fine body organs related to specific points of hands feet and ears
with fingers or chosen type of crystals  [usually smooth]

press and hold x number of seconds let go and repeat X number of times 
or massage , circular motion usually the easiest.


good number android, as well as apple app available,youtube, books too

look it up under mudra/ yoga for/in the hands

some guidelines after doing mudras individually

choose  x No./four carefully chosen mudras  , allocate equal time for each one 
a breathing sequence 
and time allocated to level of your ability to focus /patience 

the following is an excellent demonstration how mudras can be utilised

 you will take note of the rhythmic use of breathing
her video( which i got from the library sale  was a real bargain , 
also now available as DVD)
in short: choose up to five well considered mudra hand gestures  to employ  the  rhythmic breathe more  consciously [with less effort to make easier on for yourself] use a breathing app on whatever device[refer musical notes] 
there are mudra app; but at last look but none that bring your attention to breath
one you get into  the routine of this regularly !
you may choose to apply colour therapy.

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