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Is Aries doing your Head in?

ps he is not the cause just  significant picture
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we are  non officially in the sign of Aries [ a fire sign]
and border line new moon,
 just kinda  finish this cycle of the  waning moon

importance of  above  infoiss that  in the waning moon; body gears are in detox mode, and since the emphasis is on the head region, means special attention  to should be given to calm the nervous system

we start the new moon as off to day [[may vary different moon calenders] that means in waxing phase for the upcoming two weeks; key words  absorbing , rejuvenating.

refer: moon time the art of harmony with nature and lunar cycles, by Johanna Paungger & Thomas Poppe, pages 50-59

good time to make use of best creams and eye products, me I've booked myself in for facial acupuncture  what can I say vanity my favourite sin

Headaches are caused by blocks and concentration of energy…..

….in which case in addition to the following you will need to learn grounding techniques….[or refer earthing note]

willow bark, ,  nature aspirin for headache[ salicylates] -herbal fore runners of aspirin[ does not cause bleeding problems, or digestive disturbances, ]

others in flower remedies that are good headaches fox glove  and by experience olive and and aspen [Bach flowers]work well

 the hair is the extension of the energy of the spine, it acts as an energy antenna and prana regulator to consolidate the energy coming through the chakras, it connects us energetically to the environment,
Damage , falling prematurely greying hair is sign of to much pitta{fire energy }in the head.

To keep your mind on track, use cooling oils for daily scalp care coconut, pumpkin, ghee[clarified butter] helps memory
Sesame and almond- soft and moist.
Use prepared  aryuvedic  hair oils

or alternatively book in for an Indian head massage!

home made eye treatment

  • two cotton pads
  • above mentioned oils
  • pure water
  • cotton material head band/similar

 soak pads in water[not too dripping-if so squeeze it off ]
 than only one side  cotton pads  in chosen oil,
place on eye , than head band over eye  to keep it place
relax for 30-45 min

alternative to water can be cucumber juice , if  you study your herbs well than than herbal water usual one that may have read about being placed as teabags over are chamomile, mint


base eye cream /oil /aloe gel 10ml/  or more [only to be used around the eyelid [never in the eye]

additional [optional]  1/2 drops essential oil carrot seed and juniper have an affinity for eyes / as well as brain ]or relaxing one like lavender etc [important  never use essential oil undiluted around the eye area+never in the eye ]

a drop of ginko bilbo extract[an affinity for eyes]

some background 

my own eyesight went quite bad after round one of 3  in the wards, some later  i tried juniper essential well diluted in water [one tea bag i.e. red bush tea  with 1 drop of it  ad brewed that in 1 liter of hot water ]
was expecting  a sleeping  effect  as i had tried in different manner  dozed off, however to my surprise had clearing affect and betterment of vision [that didn't last but intrigued me enough to relook the info on it, again its a stomactic - hence the clearing  affect and it derived from berries and most berries have positive nutritional value for the eyes [ important not be used if your for starters female and than pregnant / , or if are you diabetic ]

in round 3 after my short spell in the wards my skin had become extremely dry  so that when i was looking to update- my face  foundation i was told out right i  need hydration creams , [ recently went for facial and skins is top condition  hurray- you guys so need to try adya clarity water mist [purified water in spray bottle ]  and adding adya purified  water to all you lotion and potion

had the same affect   betterment of vision [that didn't last]when i tried skin doctor hydration cream  am like this is weird  the other cream 2nd cream didnt have that affect other  than after couple of days it too had same affect [you have to read celluar awakening by  barbra wren  to get the why? of it]  

in short my eyes were well stressed out , and one of the first area to accumulate stress is the eyes  there is an aryuvedic treatment  where dough placed firmly around one eye  and ghee[clarified butter] is poured into it  and you relax like that that for 45 mins, yes eyes do remain open  i did this at home think i did it with another oil, time back  [ note no essential oil was added ] it is amazing what memories the eyes can hold  the eye that's oil free may drop tear :/

hence i've included some improvised above eye treatments 

hair care 

[following copied from previous note] 
For those of you still loosing head hair over this:  
rinse hair in cooled down yarrow tea
/mix cooled yarrow tea to shampoo  and  use as usual
/or few drops of yarrow essential oil in to shampoo bottle  :)

neways some of you sensitives enough, will have noted changes in sleeping pattern as we aired in to this sign on 21st Feb this would be ideal to time to take chillax tea -refer to note  and enjoy quality chocolate  [I said enjoy not over indulge],

Note: chillax tea should be taken  when ever you've chosen to do a detox, needless to say newbie nerves can be easily aggravated.

since we are now in waxing phase  you might find you over ZZzz ... that's a good thing  :)

So  beneficial foods for the brain should be swotted up on  and applied/ put  into action

laters fuzz

p.s. remember candle burner method = refer to notes  and do add drops of extracts like ginko bilbo 
or ginseng etc 

latest blog note  further recommended reading

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