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What Blocks/ Enhances Vibrational Medicine

Quick note 

following info from Gurudas Gem Elixir Volume 2

What blocks gem elixir? :

  • Stress lol-[keep in mind elixir form]
  • Lack of B vitamins and weak spinal column, steroids( blocks spleen and heart chakras muscular and nervous system )
  • Caffeine and other stimulants, constricts meridian / chakra flow as well circulation flow/ system
  • Poor diet, mint( [same for caffeine products ]), garlic (blocks throat chakra abdomen and spine- ) and strong perfume

The crystalline makeup of many crystal parallels the mineral makeup of specific organs
Gem elixirs alleviate miasms by activating chakras -rejuvenating isolated organs , glandular tissues and genetic tissues in specific part of the body

Flower Essences 

 create clear state of conscious :- that affects personality , physical genetic code plus an eliminator  affect upon the physical and subtle bodies- redirected to remove bio-molecular and cellular level of miasm it's pushed into ethers for dissolution.

Homeopathic remedies

rejuvenate the entire body more than isolated organs plus work upon the ethereal fluidium

Music- [also refer to musical notes]

Individual May notice, by the varying of the seasons
Summer months deepening effects
Winter months heightening effects

Human voices / ultra sounds
Marine life > higher properties for healing organic tissues via ethereal fluidium

Gemstone Elixir that enhance other remedies 

Got the below from crystal melodies  book:

Convulsion stone 297,349, 393,[ got this down - couple years back forgotton what its about sos]
Goethite , wonder stone, magnesite

Flower Essenes enhancers 

Rosenbuchite flourentite, and fire agate

Herbal enhancers 

Faustite, / fuchite, galena, Brunea jasper


Amozonite, jasper-

there are probably more , at the time was looking for what was available in my gemstone collections

laters fuzz

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