Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Gut Instincts

 the beginner’s chakra  Solar Plexus [SP ]  chakras  of personal development and individuation of the lower and higher astral [emotional ]and lower mental  vibrations; preservation of integrity of one self

SP  links from emotional and spiritual aspects  which come triangle umbrella of  “ issue of personal power” its affects become more notable during teenage years / puberty  asserting one self , or is one under the influence / whims of authority figures or victim consciousness

Passages from childhood into adulthood
Defining the boundaries of the physical body and back to self relation to external world

We  re-order our lives  as when we choose spirit  over emotion/ physical circumstances

Divine qualities of this chakra is  endurance and integrity  the human personality that is eternal and naturally aligned to all that is

Ultimate aim to become aware of sense of comfort that  the universe/ external environment;  being a nurturing place; which in turn affect the flow subtle of energy flow through the solar plexus  

At a symbolic level represents the element of fire … inner sun
Burning the energies of chemical oxidation I.e. digestion .
If improperly regulated  it can burn  a hole in  the wall of chakra of associated organs

Also known as the seat of anger  aggression and other emotions that again is connected to one sense of personal power…
The opposite expression  passive dependant and submissive
Associated Colour “yellow” opposite spectrum is “indigo”
Linked to major digestive.
Solar plexus supplies nutritive subtle energy to most of the organs of digestion and purification
Recap on what those are
Liver , spleen, lumber vertebrae , pancreas , gall bladder, adrenal glands, and the general digestive system [intestines, colon 2nd chakras ]

Solar plexus imbalance associated link to diabetes :- sweetness gone out of life; longing for the past , of what might have been, inner conflicts affect at deep unconscious level feelings that are not recognised or that do not get verbally expressed

The adrenal glands that are associated with  SP, have an energy line to root chakra have an important role in hormonal activation of the body systems  during times of  stress  blockages in SP can cause a degenerative affect on the adrenal glands leading to fatigue and weakness  which in turns  contributes to the outward vitality of the personality or individual

Which again in turn relates to personal power to the external world

Which to an observer is negatively displayed as over sensitivity to criticism fears towards rejection, looking foolish, failing to meet responsibilities, fear of physical appearance, obsession , other will discover our secrets

Internalisation of conscious partly [introvert ?]focus shift from how to relate to others around  us>>> to how  we relate to our selves
Awakens and refines system to higher vibration

Primary strength: self esteem, self respect and self discipline
Ambition ability to generate action , ability to handle a crisis, courage to take risk , generosity, strength and character
The unlimited potential in person to transform his/ her  life. Given determination and strong sense of responsibilities

Healing takes a long time  uh not true

Strength   developing self esteem holding an opinion  different from family or peers etc

Stage  two what else do I believe in?, know one self better  assess external worlds and how well it meets  our needs  … need to develop internal stamina  to handle consequences of self examining thoughts [ I remember this internal dialogue  in round 1  of newbie state  in critics state of one self one can form very harsh opinion of one self ]

Stage three narcissism and extremely  necessary energy  as we work to define ourselves   giving our selves  or creating for ourselves a new image and our boundaries
the following image to demonstrate wrong type of  narcissism

and  no the above is not me :P

Stage four internal revolution”hi this is me  :)
joking :p brains

Self examining questions

Willing to live life,
if blocked fear of living or really putting one heart into action
Inability to stomach /digest emotion eventually may physically manifest as re occurring constipation

Sorting /sifting  in newbie state maybe demonstrated as chucking everything in the bin
Excessive need of space  moving out or leaving ?
Drowning in other peoples energies

Guilt feeling implanted by negative programming or misunderstood memories>>> family data on old memory banks/tapes >… reload and update

Possible Avenues reload and update 

EFT emotional freedom technique  think i tried this way back  just didnt have strong enough positive memories  looking back have could improvise with favourite music
the child you the adult you dialogue  within your self /on paper
the sedona method/ type in sedona on in app  i prefer the book i'm also one of them weird half way through reading the book started laughing at myself  every issue was of past tense

find what suits you best

will come back to this note better another

laters fuzz

ps notes taken from  from carolyn myss books as well previously mentioned books

further recommended random blog note reading 


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