Friday, 27 June 2014

Getting Started

Those newbies still on medication / in between / looking for more tools

Your Priorities 

Start researching into anything that holds your interest from previous notes, and making your own notes, /data collection  so that it is there when your clearer ready state to intake info, no more than half hour reading at a time unless you really get into it  

You own your human body and mind start learning or figuring out how uniquely yours  work ... Yes that does mean reading  do not groan or moan 

And some of you quit buying fictional books that you will never read (you know who yea are , stick to audio on those one )

Actual things to do 

1)Improving the quality of the water  you drink [refer back to five elements notes ]

2)If you haven't as of yet bought an essential oil (E.O.)  consider doing so.
Ideally go by fragrance that you like as the saying go, the nose knows - to use for 'now' in diffuser / oil candle burner. 

needless to say some stores do not allow you to savour the fragrance in sample bottle in which case a little research is called for on your part, if you were doing an aromatherapy course  you'd be told to buy 12 essential oil, how ever I'm aware some of you may be on budget. So improvise and get three for now. if your really pushed than *geranium essential oil* is  quite versatile 

One citrus  E.O.  Your probable options are grapefruit, bergamot , orange( I prefer mandarin )lemon , lime (if your gona be using a diffuser, it doesn't allow for citrus E.O.[ Choose another i.e. lemon grass or spearmint  (Note, not Peppermint maybe too warming), citronella ...

One E.O. That has breathing / lungs, your options eucalyptus , cypress  , pine, thyme etc...

The third E.O. Should be the pricier one ideally be the grounding / calming E.O. 
Frankincense , patchouli , vetiver , lemon balm, lavender , basil  etc

Use them individually first to use for 'now' in diffuser / oil candle burner. ,
 than consider combining a drop from two E.O.  each  ... 
Than using a drop from all three E.O. Adjust to how you see fit

2, b)As for flower remedy - just go for Bach rescue remedy for now, and add two drops of that in addition into diffuser / oil candle burner. 

in addition to two authors previously mentioned on the subject of aromatherapy  found a very good link that downloaded as pdf :

book is available to buy too; and looks like a very good read,  and qick informative recap, covers E.O. from an eastern  healing philosophy, in relation to the meridian system.

3) You third priority I was gona say herbs but if you've corrected your water quality than you won't need as much herbal teas , so I'm gona say crystal stones , no you did not misread ;

I still get a lot grief for buying gemstones , family be like " so you paid for stones ...
 Like how much did you pay ? " :p

local museum should still sell them ,  so go check out you nearest one , depending on affordability i  tend towards buying 2 of each type 

give them a good wash in cold running water,  leave them chill out on sunny windowsill for bit -that optional 

A lot info online about how to cleanse and use  crystal .

Simple but effective way that I began with. Is to hold your new crystal in your hands and have a quick afternoon nap  20 -45 min,  than leave under your pillow  for overnight - will need to be cleansed once a week. 

4) as i was gonna mention herbs another simple formula 
1 tsp /teabag green tea 
1 tsp / teabag of your well chosen herb

Neway I have the fasting month coming up as of today/ tomorrow I will be procrastinating 

looks like its tomorrow so might as well finish this note off proper

5) priority number 4 is line with  two and three which is to bring calm to the mind and body, which in turn allows for the meditative quality, or alternatively simply soundly sleep.

Which is the correct mode to apply psychology or self improvement techniques, a nutritionally deficient body or aggravated mind  is unable to concentrate adequately.

Laters fuzzy

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