Friday, 8 August 2014

What Gives ?

was talking to some one , to get over /cope with the stresses in there life , was totally, at the drop of hat, without too much of a  thought about the negative consequences take up drinking again as  a form not so much of  dealing, but to numb down the emotional pain  and  the buzz it gives  , sat there listening this heavy duty listening

[note :in short alcoholic substance key components work similar to morphine within the human body which what is what gives the  buzz/ numbs you out.]

neway my first naive thought how about suggesting some of the things i mentioned in my blog,
answer was
no get the idea

than i thought does person put everything in that category  too weird even ifs its affordable  ?
extreme level drinking versus trying something alternative [ no not recreational drugs etc..i know some of you thought it ]

is it down  to whether the individual not knowing any differently?
, the right support network, family /friends? just thought about it, role models ?
 or that you have the responsibility of loved one to take care of?, hence you literally grit through each hour of each day?

at the end of the day  i don't know what eats at you, what causes you sorrow , and what would you  bring time and and time again to negative habits that come in the category of destructive

but i do know that as newbies especially if your written off [ say work  as an example] our everyday existence  is not gona be same as everybody'else s.,  and it is foolishness to compare.

there are/ will be times, where you can't relate to the working lot and other areas of life  why would you make their/ this  "standard" or way;  yours ?

what i do know is that you are only semi educated/ equipped  [ and that's at is  best] on how to deal  with some of the smalls up and downs of life as well bigger up and downs of life.... there impact is stronger on, us newbies.

 binge drinking /recreational bleep bleep. will only bury itself  deeper into vibrational human body , the un- dealt with negative emotion in line with  mental attitude  surrounding it  will only create a negative
 " magnetic vibration" that may flare up even stronger; the longer you sedate,numb out [that includes medication ].

is trauma of the education system, that bad? hold on  a minute it can be , i know this one!
[come to think no need to put an exclamation mark , its not like it somat to be excited about ]

being with a class were you were more or  less of the time  the  odd one out ,  that i literally befriended few girls/ ended up creating group of girls [left out by other classmates in there groupy gangs ] we were aged 11- right  up to 15/6   we; all just all hung and just be,at lunchtime/ breaktime.

do remember making conscious choice at one time  that it  looked like  more accepted in class groupy  this was two years into secondary school, that weighed up pro and cons and  some the episodes of the" wonder years" came to mind  i could be genuinely happy in that  1hour . 15 minutes that was lunch and break  or full  6 hours approx of the school day of being this cool and this is not.
i don't regret my choice

 by the time one  my sibling reached sixth form college, said  you know your actually cool here , i am ? that's news

by the time i got round to  doing  mature classes  to learn computing[ true horror stories one button on the keyboard an the computer freezes on you] , one or two incidents pointed out that  i may indeed be giving some  others an inferiority complex, nah this is  un- real

never realised life could go go so down hill

recall a teacher just calling me  just saying " here comes bollywood" , ok so i did wear alot of pink and seriously cool pink cap  hat [ ok i thought it was cool].

it was incidentally the year the Quan Yin  energy  came through apparently her  ray is  pink ( and fuzz is back being odd one/ weird  out again)

point and purpose apart from reminiscing  do not let the memories of your past expediences  be the basis of what you choose learn / relearn, or  you don't have what it takes  to change

it may even in some areas come down to addressing/ perceiving  a few things from  a more educated / wiser/ experienced you. ...or yes it was awful ,   but it does not define me.

laters fuzzy

ps from last Monday gone, i officially classed myself as procrastinating  ,  so i better do something today  your guess as good as mine if did this Friday/ Saturday  no doubt, it will tell me when v I publish it  :P

ok according to publishing time 8/08/2014 5.30 pacific daylight times . in short Friday

as with all errors,  typos , grammar  and other faults  will be corrected one day , but this is not the day :)

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