Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Speak Well and Prosper


There are many ways to  self improve your selfies, learning them is one thing; applying them, in real life situations another.

You may find family  and friends consistently  undermine your responses / reaction. To what ever …they may be right

So what to, do about it, did do bit a of psychology even pulled off an  E, so lets see what, they have come up with

ok looked in my cupboards, cant be asked to get books I own out the cupboard so lets just start of with …yep the one within reach.

So the book is Law of connection by Michael Losier,

Quote from book:
Science of creating ideal personal and proffessional relationship,
The author has self assessments and work sheet available on line at

Book  talks you  through your communication style, its gifts and its challenges, and more importantly how other people communicate.
So that through  observation  and practice you can become a more flexible communicator
It is important know why we state things, or as questions the way we do
 in short its about communication skills

Anything winds me, I usually roar first … than think maybe that was a bit harsh[ yes exaggerating]

you may know people who are genuinely so nice that when talking with them, usually find that they are,  unable to form the unpleasant  words [ very easy words as well] when basically bitching ... to them a favour don't finish there sentences... allow them to struggle ; be patient :)  

you may inter weave the the info in this post with the one "Owning your five Star badge " post.

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